Monday, April 30, 2018

Why Jack Ma is so successful? 为什么马云如此成功?

Chinese is very good in counting and mathematics. We are very good in business. Our ancestors said everything can be calculated and Confucius said we can count everything, including one life, destiny and luck. Later, our ancestors developed a life, destiny and luck calculation system which is called bazi, 8 characters calculation. It means use your year, month, day and hour of your birthday to calculate your life, destiny and luck.

Take the year, month, day and hour of Jack Ma birthday to calculate his life, destiny and luck. He is born on 15 Oct 1964 3-5pm (estimated time) He is Ting yin fire and there are only 2 plants in his bazi. He is weak fire and thus, he needs more fire and also he needs more plant to produce fire for him. 

Yi Ching said everything in this world need balancing. Too much or too less of something is bad. If you have too less of something, you need more. If you have too much of something, you reduce it. Jack Ma needs fire element hence online internet industry helped him to excel.

In Jack Ma 10 years life circle, 2002 he entered into his 10 years luck with strong 寅(tiger) plant which also create the fire that he needs. The plant comes and it helped. In 2002 also was the year of 午horse which is fire and together with the month 戌 dog and the 10 years luck of 寅 tiger, the 3 combination of horse, 戌 dog and 寅 tiger actually created a lot of fire for him. Therefore, in May 2003, he launched his which he made him now the richest man in Asia. He also launched it on May which is on Summer, thus a lot of fire element for him.



易经说,这个世界上的一切都需要平衡。太多或太少的东西是不好的。如果你的东西太少,你需要更多。但是如果你有太多的东西,你可以减少它。所谓的“水能载舟也能覆舟”, 物极必反, 适可而止。马云需要火元素,因此在线互联网行业帮助他脱颖而出。

在马云十年的大运里,2002年,他进入了他十年的强寅(虎)木运,木生火,这也造成了他所需要的火力。来了,它帮助马云飞黄腾达。 2002年也是马年,,与马云月支戌(狗)和寅(虎)十年大运,午(马),戌(狗)和寅(虎)三合,实际上为他创造了许多火。因此,2003年5月,他推出了他的淘宝网,这使他现在成为亚洲首富。5月份夏季,因此对他来说有很多火元素,成就了他 。

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