Sunday, November 25, 2007


八运是指2004年至2023年, 八运的正神在东北, 因此东北方弁不适合养鱼. 如有鱼池在东北方, 那你可要破财. 东北方适合有山石. 水为财, 山为丁. 因此, 如家的东北方见山石, 那将有利于你家人的健康, 而且可能添丁.


2008年的财位在东方, 如果你的大门, 厨房或睡房刚好正处于东方, 那你明年的财运将会不错. 如何使到你明年的财运更好呢? 答案是放一杯水在东方. 当我说2008年, 那是说农历新年立春后才算2008年. 因此之前所说的’五黄’将出现在南方也是2008年立春后.由此可见, 如在2008年立春后, 常用东方, 那你的财运将是一本万利

Monday, November 19, 2007

Let The Windchime Helps You

Put a gold windchime at the south side of your house/office in 2008 as the south side is a bad location in term of feng shui next year. It is called as 'five yellow' in the flying star of feng shui. The 'five yellow' has earth element. As earth grows gold and we put a gold windchime there is like a mother (earth) gives birth to a baby (gold) and we can control the mother (earth) by controlling her child (gold). The wind can make the windchime come out with beautiful sound which can break the 'five yellow' too. If your main door, kitchen or bed room is located at the south, YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

Of course, normally people do not put windchime in the bed room, you can replace it with a gold/silver music box instead. Do not put electronic music box as electric has fire element and fire grows earth instead. Let the music box makes beautiful music from time to time.

Please go and buy gold/silver windchime and remember to hang it at the south.

Can I find my love soon?

How to find your love one soon?

The answer is to to put a vase at the location as indicated below according to the year of your birthday. Put some real flowers with water. Change the water everyday. The color of the vase is as illustrated below. The vase is actually a good thing in term of feng shui to enhance your luck in love.

Tiger, horse, dog - East - Green
Monkey, rat, dragon - West - Gold, white
Pig, rabbit, goat - north - black, blue
Snake, rooster, ox - south - red, pick, orange, purple

Gold Fish to Enhance Your Wealth Luck

For period of 8 i.e. from 2004 to 2023, an aquarium with 1 or 6 black color gold fish at the south-west and east of your house could enhance your wealth luck.
You may want to put the aquarium at the enhance of your main door if there is no place for an aquarium in the south-west and east of your house. If the main door is located at the right side of your house, the aquarium should be located at the left hand side of the door and vice-verse. If the main door is located at the middle, then put the aquarium inside the house facing the main door. If not, then put it at the left hand side (the place of green dragon)

Unwanted Spirit

Normally if the main door of your house is located at the south-west, normally it is easier for any unwanted spirit to come to your house, especially if your house does not have enough sunlight because south-west is the location of strong ying. The way to overcome it is to switch on a light 24 hours at the main door.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Clock Can Enhance Your Wealth

Do you know that the clock can enhance your wealth? Yes, it will as the clock will move non stop. It will move the chi. The below list illustrates where should you put the clock. It depends on the year of your birth.

Rat/Pig - North East
Ox - North
Tiger/Rabbit - North West
Dragon - West
Snake/Horse - South West
Goat - South
Monkey/Rooster - South East
Dog - East