Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Conceive a Horse Baby in 2014?

I have just come back from Kuala Lumpur after a long, tiring but fruitful working trip. Met someone and remind myself that I have to share the below article again. Hope the article will help some couples who are having problem to conceive baby to enhance their chances to have their baby.

Recently, I have been visited to feng shui re-audit a house and was over delighted to find out that the client who was having problem to conceive baby in the past have managed to overcome the problem after consulting me.

To conceive a baby, you may try to refer to my book " HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI?" page 166.

In fact, there is another method to enhance the luck of those ladies who are looking forward to conceive a baby. It is by boosting the flying star no 9 as it is a star of happiness 喜庆星 or having happy events 喜事. This year the star no 9 is at the North and what you have to do is to place the following items at the North of your house for 9 days:-

1. Two eggs.
2. Nine 红枣 (hong zao) dates/jujube.
3. Nine peanuts花生.
4. Two ang pau 红包with the details and wishes of the couple in both ang pau红包.Take a piece of paper and write the birthday and birth time, name and wishes of the husband and wife in both ang pau 红包.

Place those items at the North sector of your house for 9 days and then boil the eggs and consume them.

Also, don't forget to place 9 bamboo plants at the North to enhance the star no 9 as per my previous blog.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


地山谦卦 311.5/313 degree 是易经中其中一个最好卦象. 这个卦六爻皆吉, 君子之卦, 仁德之卦, 代表聚财聚德, 但在易经中它属于六运, 已经是退运因此您可以发现现在的社会风气不再谦虚, 不再礼让, 大家认为自己很厉害, 但这个卦象仍然是被认为是个好卦, 而且它位于九宫飞星NW2 307.5 - 322.5旺财旺丁之中.
希望大家谨记满招损, 谦受益”. 不要自满, 要默默耕耘因为人非圣贤. 很多事情都非人之能力能控制的, 即使是有了成就, 也不应该自满, 别做土豪. MH370的事件是一个很好的教训.
Di Shan Qian Gua 311.5/313 degree is one of the best gua of the Book of Changes, Yi-Jing/I-Ching. This is a gentleman gua, It is considered a good gua. However it is a 6th period gua which is a gua of the past. Hence, you can find that the current social climate is no longer humble, no comity, all will think that they are very smart. Furthermore, it is in the degree of the NW2 307.5 - 322.5 of the flying star which is where the 旺财旺丁 is.
旺财旺丁 which means apart from prosperity, it will create harmony, talent, efficiency and great health to the people who stay in the house.

I hope you remember, "Do not be complacent”. We should not think that we are above everything because we are not saints. There are many things that not to be able to be controlled by the human ability. Even with the achievements, nor should be complacent. Don’t over-confident. The incident of the MH370 is a good lesson to be learned.

Friday, March 21, 2014

近来似乎有很多负面消息,多事之秋,我整理了一些风水贴士, 希望借此带给大家一些正能量,步步高升!

近来似乎有很多负面消息,多事之秋,我整理了一些风水贴士, 希望借此带给大家一些正能量,步步高升!

·  客厅不适宜挂猛兽图:如虎、豹、鹰、狐、熊等,易使家人健康运势受损;引起家庭成员不和与不必要是非.

·         不宜在屋内摆放假花假草,影响恋情婚姻和财运;

·          室内植物要选用大叶,阔叶类值物,不宜用小花, 尖叶.

·         床头不宜装镜子,影响恋情婚姻和健康。


  卧室属阴,卧室的灯光应柔和。凡事要阴阳调和适中, 卧室也不可太阴暗, 影响健康也使人变成懒散因为卧室太舒服, 使人提不起劲出外工作.




·         鱼缸不宜过大;尤其是生辰八字忌水者.

·      办公室墙上可以挂上瀑布、大海之类的照片象征财源生生不息而且瀑布是冲击力大的水因此员工可以向前冲’.

·         家里的水图要用平静清澈的水图而非瀑布, 因为家是休息的地方.

·         常开窗户:增加阳光;

·     点长明灯:家里经常开灯增强光线,特别是每月的初一和十五夜里10---12点的时候,在家里点亮2个小时左右;

·         调节颜色:装修房子时多用暖色调、阳性色调;

·         多邀请朋友到家聚会:增加人气的同时也增加风水方面的阳刚之气;

·         勤打扫卫生,及时清理死角。















Friday, March 7, 2014

Lets Pray for Peace

In my blog dated December 17, 2013 “Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 3)”, I said Broken army 破军 star no 7 is at the North East, hence the dissatisfaction among the 维吾尔族 Uighur Ethnic Group will continue to grow and there will be violent in China.

What happened at Kunming Railway Station, the violent by the 维吾尔族 Uighur Ethnic Group is really a broken heart tragedy. Let’s pray for the victims.

In my blog dated December 3, 2013, “Prediction 2014 (part 2)”, I said There are two (羊刃) goat at the edge of blade in the bazi of li chun, it means there will be wars, disputes, demonstrations, violent crimes everywhere.
Also, in my blog dated November 13, 2013 “Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 1) , I said The warrior star no 6 is the West. It means the West and the United States may declare war against other countries.
Hope that the West will not declare way to the Ukraine

In my blog dated January 17, 2014 Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 4), I said The strong fire and two (羊刃) goat at the edge of blade cause the disputes between countries like China and Japan, South Korea and North Korea even more serious than before. War may occur anytime.
Passenger jet passed through trajectory of N. Korean rocket, South ... Lets us pray for a peacefully world.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The feng shui of the 2nd Penang Bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge.

Glad to see we can finally use the long waiting 2nd Penang Bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge. I love the great engineering construction which is in S shape. It is actually follow the theory of the environmental study, the study of feng shui that believe in 直水无情, 曲水有情 which means “Ruthless straight water but affectionate curved water” In feng shui, straight road or river can cause fast and vigorous flow of traffic or water current, whereas curved road or river could slow down the flow of traffic and water current and make the flow more gentle.
As the matter of fact, I always say that the study of metaphysics and feng shui is scientific and it encourages us, human being to follow the nature and the force of the universe and never act stubborn and think that we are above everything and we are too smart, or we can overrule and control all. We have to be humble谦卑.

The design of the S shape 2nd Penang Bridge can ensure that it does not block or against the flow of the water current and air. It is environmental friendly to have sure a design.

The 2nd Penang Bridge is another 气口 door for Penang. It connects the South West of Butterworth to South East of Penang Island. In bagua, the South West is the palace of the lady master and the South East is the palace of the eldest daughter, thus we shall expect that the ladies will have more says or they will have more influences in Penang.
Also, the shape of the Penang Island is actually assemble a turtle, with the formation of the 2nd Penang Bridge, the string that tight the island, the turtle to the mainland have become more, thus, the Federal will attempt to control and influence the state more.

In my previous posts in my blog:-

In page 123-125 of my book

I said.....

"Every 20 years, there will be a change of period (yun ). From 1984 2003 is period 7 and 2004 2023. Later Heaven Bagua or hou tian ba gua / yuan dan pan 后天八卦 / 元旦盘 can tell us a lot of things. No matter how you add up the numbers on the chart, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, the numbers will add up to a sum of 15. (Please refer to Later Heaven Chart above) During period 7, i.e. from 1984 to 2003, the most powerful countries are at the west. The western world controlled the world. However, we are in period 8 now, hence the most influential part of the world is at the northeast of the earth which is China and Korea. ".
The next one to come into power after the star number 8 will be the star no 9. If the star no 8 is the King now, the star no 9 is the Prince waiting for his throne. You will notice that star no 9 is at the South and I did mention many times during my feng shui seminars that with the completion of the Second Penang Bridge which will link the main land to the South of Penang, the South of Penang is the next up and coming area to be watched up. Thus, watch out for the development of Tambun, Simpang Empat, Jawi, Batu Kawan, Batu Maung and Kumbar. 

However, I noticed that there are heavy traffic jams at the entrance of the bridge which mean the 气口 door to Penang which have to be improved.