Sunday, February 22, 2009

1. Good Blog 2. Doctor 3. Commit Suicide

I am extremely busy recently with many requests for consultations but I want to make it a point that I update my blog regularly.

Firstly, share with you a good news i.e. a blogger wrote a good comment about me As what I said earlier, the encouraging comments always give me the momentum to move forwards. Thanks, Sam Yeap.

Secondly, another good news is many friends came to me after reading my book and one of them is my ex-school senior who is a famous surgeon in one of the most popular hospital in Penang now. Thanks, Doctor.

Thirdly, but this is a sad news i.e. a girl nearly committed suicide suddenly remembered what I told her before that she would have the tendency to kill herself and she needed to be watchful for that. She stopped this sudden intention and sms me and I tried to persuade her to cease the intention!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Wrong with the Selangor Exco Office?

I am wondering that there should be some problems with the feng shui of the Selangor Exco Office. Looking at the past one year, there have been numerous problems that happened to the Exco members. We have Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu got into problems and the recent Elizabeth Wong. Thus, who will be the next one....? (Now is Tan Sri Khalid's turn - updated on 2 Mar 09)
I am really looking forward for the opportunity to go the Selangor Exco Office and study the feng shui or the 'Qi' there. I always said that the feng shui or the 'Qi' of the place that you spend the most time will influence you the most. For instance, if you spend more time at home, the feng shui of your home will influence more than any other places. "Feng" is basically the wind or air and "shui" is merely the water. Thus, if you have good air and clear water to surround you, it is good feng shui. But, it does not mean that there is good feng shui if you are staying in a windy house because if it is too windy, the 'Qi' cannot capture well and there will be a leakage of wealth instead. Please refer to my book if you wish to know in more detail.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ship Restaurant

The building beside The Ship Restaurant has the shape of triangle roof which carry a lot of 'fire'. Triangle shape is the shape of the 'fire' because when you light out fire, the shape of the 'fire' is somehow like a triangle. If from your ba zi (destiny code), you are someone who does not require 'fire element' (known by reading your time of birth) and you are staying near to building like the picture above, normally, your temper will be very short as it affect your temper and make you 'hot'.

The sharp tip of the head of The Ship Restaurant at Tanjung Bunga is actually pointing exactly at the electricity transmit station opposite the restaurant and not at other direction. It looks like that it is trying to reduce the impact of the 'qi of the big fire' from the station by pointing at it??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


请看我之前的部落格, 我曾经多次的讲过, 今年是多事之秋, 政治局勢不穩定及火多的一年, 我们才刚刚步入牛年, 它果然如此, 牛年来势汹汹. 首先我国政治局勢很不穩定, 霹靂变天. 它让我回想到当时在308后曾有个友人问我 “谁的面相可以出任州务大臣?”. 我当时没选尼查因为他没有福相. 後来, 他卻成为了州务大臣. 我当时在想他一定将面對许多问题, 它果然如此.
从报纸上看到许月凤的家, 她的家门前堆积如山的杂物绝对没有好风水可言, 这将影响她的运气, 希望她好自为之.

再看看我们的火神, 年还没有真正过, 它已经急不可待的发威它的作用, 澳洲正面对有史以来最大的火灾, 中国也正面对惱人的旱灾.

但今天我看到报张, 大伯公请火预测梹州将在八月以后将扭轉乾坤,这跟我之前的预测是一样, 我希望我们能如愿以偿.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Feng Shui Talk for Hong Leong Bank Berhad

I presented the below statement when I conducted the feng shui talk for Hong Leong Bank Berhad at Evergreen Hotel, Penang on 4 Feb 2009.

"I quoted in the Star Newspaper dated 29 Dec 2008 that the year of Ox is generally a turbulence year with critical economy crisis, political dispute, terrorism, diseases and even war. However, we have to be positive towards the challenges that we might face ahead. In fact, we should not be too pessimistic at this point of time.
Accordingly to the flying star chart 2009, the Flying Star no 8 is at the South East.Due to the fact that it is the period of 8 (2004 – 2023), no 8 star is the best star of all and Malaysia is located at the South East Asia should have the lowest negative impact, even though we cannot avoid from the bad impact but our impact will be relatively low.
Star no 9 is at the central of the chart. As star no 9 is a star that bring happiness, hence, we might expect to have good news from time to time. It could be the incentives from the government, electric bill reduction and etc. However, star no 9 is a star of ‘fire’, there will be fire disasters.
The worst star, star no 5 is at the North, followed by the second worst star, star no 2 is at the West. Thus, the Russia, Europe and the United States still have to face a lot problem in term of economy crisis, terrorism and diseases.
Whereas, star no 3 is at the North East and it is a star of argument, thus, there will be political dispute and even war at the North East.
For investment, I would like to advise to go for low risk investment and we hope to see some light after autumn i.e. after Sept 2009."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


To all the lovers there, wishing you Happy Valentine in advance. You might have already started to plan on how to colour this special day with sweet memorable moment for your lover. Below are some of tips that I would like give to you accordingly to the study of feng shui.
For those who were born in the year of tiger, horse and dog, it will be great that if you give your lover flowers or bring her to the garden on this special day as you need ‘plant element’ in order to enhance your relationship with your love one.
However, for those that were born in the year of snake, rooster and ox, it will superb if you take your lover tour around the city in your car and go for BBQ because you need ‘fire element’ in order to boost your relationship with your love one.
Whereas, for those that were born in the year of monkey, rat and dragon, it will fabulous if you wear a white t-shirt and take your lover for ice-cream because you need ‘gold element’ in order to improve your relationship with your love one.
For those that were born in the year of pig, rabbit and goat, it will amazing if you take your lover to the seaside because you need ‘water element’ in order to develop good relationship with your love one.
Wishing you all the best and enjoy the special day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crowd and Qi

I just came back from the Grand Penang Lunar Year Celebration (Cultural & Heritage Celebration 2009), there were tremendous amount of people and huge crowd over there, the Qi is great and it is excellent for us to boost our Qi in this way.