Thursday, December 27, 2012

The things that need to do to enhance your luck in the the year of snake 2013.

The things that need to do to enhance your luck in the the year of snake 2013.
Annual Flying Star Chart 2013
The below list are what you need to do for the year of snake 2013 on the "lichun" 4 Feb 2013 12.14am.  Clean your house and yourself of course before you do it. Please switch on all the fans and lights to activate the qi when you do it. Don't forget to pray to the Heaven before you do it.

Annual Flying Star 1 (White) at the North. It is good for studies, wealth and career. Spend more time there. Place a Water Feature there.

Fortune Water

Annual Star 2 (Black) at the South West. This sector will cause illness, loss of wealth and this is where the unwanted spirits like to gather. Place a set of 'fortune water'.

Annual Star 3 Jade 三碧 (plant) at the East. It will cause constant arguments and in extreme cases, it may lead to legal lawsuits. Place a Red Carpet at the East. Since "Three Killings" 三煞 (不是三碧) is also there, please place 3 'qi lin' there too.

'qi lin'

Annual Star 4 Green (plant) at the South East. Best place for studying and thinking, particularly if you need to make important decisions. This is the place to enhance the study luck of your children. Get them to study in this sector to get good results in their examinations. There may be potential romantic encounters and better relationship for couples if you utilize this sector. Place an oriental studying tool 文房四宝 with 4 calligraphy brushes or a pagoda 文昌塔.

Annual Star 5 Yellow at the centre of your house. The worst place and the most dangerous sector. No renovations in this area. Beware of accidents and obstacles. Place a set of 'fortune water'.

Annual Star 6 White (gold) at the North West. Good for career advancement and indirect wealth. Place a crystal ball.

Annual Star 7 Red (gold) at the West. Possible arguments and medical compilations. Potential robberies if your main door is located at this sector. Place a glass of water there.

Annual Star 8 White at the North East. The Best As we are in Period 8, no. 8 star is the best star of all. It is the wealth location. If the main door of your house is located at this sector, you will enjoy good financial returns. Fan or clock to circulate the flow of the good
 qi. To further enhance the qi, place a treasure bowl as the figure above.

Annual Star 9 Purple (fire) at the South. It is a very good place. A lot of happy events such as a new born baby and marriage if you utilize this sector. It is also the 2
nd wealth sector. Place 9 pots of plants there.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Horoscope for Goat and Monkey in 2013

运气只是一般, 别投机, 身边小人较多, 没有什么吉星出现, 除了唐符”.
For Goats, there is a ‘Sang Men’ which mean the old person will fall ill. ‘Di Sang’ indicates that those elderly goats should control the diet and food that they consume, and also they have to care good take of their safety in order to avoid any accident. Young goats will have to take care of the body condition of old person at home. If there is any health problem arises, immediate medical attention need to take place.
流年见太阴星出现.太阴星出现是一颗强力的贵人星. 今年有贵人相助尤其是女贵人.

There is a ‘Tai Yin Xing‘ appears for the Monkey. This is an auspicious star which mean that you will have good help especially from the female.
Monkey may feel lonely this year too.

I shall be away to Taiwan from 15 Dec 12 to 22 Dec 12 and shall get back to you when I come back. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Monday, December 3, 2012

PSY - Oppa Gangnam Style

Later Heaven Bagua

 Flying Star Chart 2012

Could you tell from the theory of feng shui why the Oppa Gangnam Style is so popular this year?

That is because flying star no 6 entered to the middle of the flying star chart 2012 and hence star no 6 is in control. No 6 is Qian Qua in I-Ching and one of the things that it represents is the HORSE!

Also, if you refer to the Later Heaven Bagua, 2004 - 2023 is period 8 and 8 at the North East. Thus, Korea at the North East of World becomes very influenced and same thing applies to China which is also at the North East of the World.  They are the Kings now!

It also represents young man, earth element and palace eunuch, hence, we can see many young men like the founders of Facebook and Google are all very young men. Even, the North Korea is controlled by a young man now. Also, it tells us why property industry is making lots of money now. Apart from that, gays and lesbians are very common in this generation.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

What should you do to enhance your luck in the year of snake 2013! 我如何在2013蛇年过得更好?"

If you wish to know what should you for the year of snake and my full predictions for 2013, please come and support my feng shui talk at the POPULAR Mega Bookfair @ Straits Quay Convention Centre, Penang.

Date: 4/12/2012 (Tue)
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Year of Snake Prediction 2013 (Part 1)

As what I have presented in my recent feng shui seminars, I m going to start my posts about my prediction for the year of snake. 

There is a very accurate method to predict what is going to happen in the coming year. That is to use the annual flying star chart for 2013. These are what we are going to expect:-

  1. The worst star now, 5 yellow enters to the middle of the chart. The middle of the chart in the annual flying star chart is crucial to determine what is going to expect for that year. Thus, serious diseases like SARS will occur and there will be serious earthquake at Turkey. Also, there will be wars and serious demonstrations at the Middle East. You can actually see the sign and signal now as there has been war between the Israel and Palestine. Also, there is demonstration at Egypt
  2. Also, because of that, I am going to predict a higher petroleum price in 2013.

3. The conflict between the Japan and Philippine with China will still unsolved as three killings and argument star 3 is at the East. The political situation at the East of Malaysia is going to be in a mess after the general election.

Please stay tuned for the Year of Snake Prediction 2013 (Part 2)

Going soon to Taiwan again from 15 Dec - 22 Dec 2012. Hence, for those who need my consultation, please contact me prior the date. Thanks. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

星期六3:00pm 不见不散

Please be informed that my feng shui talk at Mah Sing Sales Gallery, Batu Maung, Penang on this coming Saturday will start at 3pm instead. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Horoscope for Rooster 2013

可惜,流年命宫同时出现五鬼’, ‘官符’. ‘官符主有官非诉讼,代表流年与人合伙业不利,易有口舌和官非之灾。
地解解神是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,但需要先见凶而后化吉. 你的事业将会更进一步。
For Rooster, you will find that there is an appearance of ‘San Tai’ and it is your powerful helper star, which means you can achieve what you aim for. ‘San Tai’ is good for career promotion and excellent achievement in the examination. Thus, this is a year that you will have the opportunity of promotion and getting flying colours result.
'Jin Kui’, represents there is a good opportunity to start a business. If you always dream of becoming a boss yourself, in this year you will have the opportunity to implement your plan. ‘Jin Kui’ is a wealth star. It is a businessman wealth star, also illustrates your business will run smoothly and turnover is steadily on the raise.
‘Jiang Xing’ is a star of authority and power. However it is a military general star, which means you have to fight in order to achieve the outstanding record.
‘Di Xie’ and ‘Xie Shen’ are in your life palace. They are to turn the ill luck into the good luck. But you have to see bad one first before you meet with the lucky one.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I have become a feng shui master since my background is an engineer by profession?

I often have to introduce myself prior to any of my feng shui talks to the public as if I do not do it, then I will always be asked the same question i.e. why you become a feng shui master since your background is an engineer by profession. I would like to say that I started to love feng shui and many oriental ancient beliefs after I really understand them.

As an engineer, I have been trained to think scientifically and systematically. Thus, initially, I thought there are no scientific facts in feng shui or any of the oriental ancient beliefs. I used to perceive the oriental ancient beliefs as a mysterious area which is lack of scientific basis. However, after many years of exposure on the subjects, I begun to find myself intrigued by its relevancy to our lives. This knowledge is such a great treasure that has been passed down by our ancestors.

In short, as an engineer, I find no conflict between ancient science and modern science, the approach might be different, but both are destined to find the nature ultimate truth.

You would find that human being has been arrogant to do whatever we like and our action has led us to the nature imbalance. Nowadays, people started to realize we have to pause and look back to learn the ancient knowledge to see what they wanted to tell us. That is the reason why ancient studies such as yoga, qi kung, feng shui, i-ching, Sun Tzi Art of War and etc have become more popular nowadays. As the matter of fact, if you really understand them, you would find that they are relevant.

As modern science begins to be enslaved by capitalism to serve human greed,  and creating side effect in it pathway to solve relevant problem, may be is time for us to look back to wisdom and "para science " which has been studied in decade of ancient civilization like feng shui, I ching...

I term the ancient wisdom or knowledge as as "para science" in strict modern science requirement as it may not fulfill the quantitative, statistical and comparative elements of modern science.

However, this ancient para science has given us the answer and solutions or even philosophical truth. The ultimatum of modern science is usually solved at philosophical end rather the equation or laboratory experiments.

I used to say that “The word I 易 in I-Ching is form from the Chinese words yin and Yang日 Sun and 月 Moon. 6,000 years ago Fuxi knew everything in the world is form by the positive and negative energy. Yang 日 Sun is positive energy and Yin 月 Moon is negative energy. Later scientists discovered that the distinction between yin and yang, everything in the world, by the smallest of the proton and electron in Atom to the largest in the solar system the Sun and the planets of the universe, are all made up of the Yin and Yang. Because of yin (female) and yang (male), there is reproduction in human being.”




那也是为什么古老研究例如瑜伽,气功,风水,周易, 子兵法等都变得越来越普遍。 如果您真正地了解他们,您发现他们是很实际的一门学问。我是在真正地了解风水和许多东方古老学问之后才开始爱上他们.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The good water creates good fortune for Klang Valley 吉隆坡的好水就有好财富.

山管人丁水管财, 有好山就有好人才. 有好水就有好财富. 我曾说吉隆坡位于巴生谷, 它被茂盛肥沃的山脉包围着。巴生谷的山脉是玉带环抱着吉隆坡。所谓的玉带环抱是指中国的古老时代官员的腰间带着的玉带, 而巴生谷茂盛肥沃的山脉正是玉带环抱包围着,拥抱着并且保护着吉隆坡, ”山管人丁吉隆坡因此吸引了许多卓越的人才。 这些人才都从马来西亚其他地区勇往吉隆坡谋生。除此之外, 吉隆坡以前的因为锡矿而吸引我们的祖先从中国漂洋过海来谋生, 以前的锡矿现在已是矿湖了, 而形成吉隆坡的水, 水为龙的血, 有好水就有好财富.

As what I always said “In feng shui, we say mountain governs the people and water controls the wealth”. If there are lush and fertile mountains in a place, then there will be talented people from the place. Also, if there is good and clear water in a place, then there is a place with good fortune and wealth.

I have said that Kuala Lumpur is located in the Klang Valley which is formed by lush, fertile mountain. They surround Kuala Lumpur. The Valley of the mountains surrounds and protects the Kuala Lumpur. Therefore Kuala Lumpur is able to attract a number of remarkable talents. These people are from other parts of Malaysia. They rush to Kuala Lumpur for their living. In addition, the old tin mines in Kuala Lumpur are now become lakes. There are many lakes in Kuala Lumpur such as The Mine, Sunway Lagoon, and Puchong IOI Lake. These are the good water, which is dragon's blood in feng shui. The good water creates good fortune for Klang Valley.

Horoscope for Dog in 2013




In this year, the appearance of the ‘Hong Luan Xing’ illustrates there will be some happy events such as wedding and adding of new member to the family. If you are still single, you may look forward to find a suitable companion in this year.

The star of ‘Si Fu Xing’ represents you will may encounter some argument problem in work with other staffs. This will cause the delay in the completion of the tasks that assigned by your boss and will make your boss unsatisfied with your performance. Another condition is your colleague may try to strive for good performance and back-stab you and this causes every work that you have done ends up in a complete mess and your effort finally is irrevocability lost.

Friday, October 26, 2012

No wonder the Menara IJM Land is so good.

I have been talking a lot about the land of the IJM at Tesco, e-gate, Bayswater and Menara IJM Land for sometimes and told many people that I love the piece of land because the feng shui is just superb. It is backed by hills and fronting the water. The flow of traffic also form the "Jade Belt around Your Waist 玉带环抱" which I mentioned many times. (Please refer to my book page 39). Yesterday, I have an opportunity to audit the Menara IJM Land and managed to find more reasons to love the place.

The facing of the main entrance of the Menara IJM Land is 27 degree and if you refer to my book page 28, the Year of Completion of a building 2004 - 2023 (Period 8 Properties), Door Facing Direction (face NW & SE) NE1 丑22.5 - 37.5 is 旺财旺丁prosperous and flourishing.

Also the external luan tou 外峦头 of the building is exactly 左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武 zuo qing long, you bai hu, qian zhu que, hou xuan wu”. You will notice that you have to walk up the slope if you walk from the right of the building to the left of the building, thus the left hand side is taller and therefore the 左青龙 zuo qing long is stronger. If 左青龙 zuo qing long is higher and stronger, then it means there are supports, mentors or noblemen and it is good for the men. (Please refer to my book page 54).
I was told that the building is always fully occupied and that are the reasons!This also told me the reasons why IJM is doing so good these couple of years.
However, I have to clarify here that I do not get a single cent from IJM and I m not related to anyone in IJM. I m just doing it mainly for sharing purposes.

Also, for your information, next week I shall be in Kuala Lumpur and hence if you cannot get hold of me, please leave me a message in my email and I shall get back to you when I find time. Thank you so much for your support!