Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saiful's Forehead

You will notice that there are some obvious black patches on Saiful's forehead. As what I mentioned in my book, How To Know A Person Through Face Reading?, forehead represents our luck from lunar ages 15 until 30.
In my book, I said that, "The forehead indicates the luck of a person in terms of career, travelling and parents. Apart from that, the forehead also illustrates the analytical ability of a person. A good forehead should have no moles, no scar and no protruding bone. The forehead should be broad and high. A high forehead also indicates that the person has good academic prospects. The centre of the forehead illustrates career luck. Apart from that, the forehead also represents your luck during your youth age of 15 to 30 years old. As the forehead is critical in governing a person’s luck, thus, it is crucial that it is not always covered with hair."

Also, I said that, "Different position on the face represents the different characteristic and luck of a person during certain age range based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is important in face reading to understand the positions that represent the lunar ages.

Ears – Age 1 to Age 14
Forehead – Age 15 to Age 30
Eyebrows – Age 31 to Age 34
Eyes – Age 35 to Age 40
Nose and cheeks – Age 41 to Age 50
Lips and chin – Age 51 to Age 70 "

Monday, July 26, 2010

Feng Shui of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China Part 4 北京紫禁城之風水

Kun Gua

The 交泰卦 Jiao Tai Gua in 64 gua I-Ching is Kun Gua on top of the Qian Gua

The three main halls are all located on the highest land of the Forbidden City which form the Chinese character, ' Earth ' , symbolizes the Central soil.

Tiananmen Square天安门

Temple of Heaven 天壇

Ample Space in front of the palace

午门 Main Entrance at the South

东华门 donghuamen Entrance at the East

东华门 donghuamen Entrance at the East

The Ming emperors stayed in the 乾清宫 Qian Ching Gong

ancient coin

If you look down from the sky, the three main halls are all located on the highest land of the Forbidden City which form the Chinese character, ' Earth ' , symbolizes the Central soil. The Forbidden City is facing the south which is the direction of fire. As fire grows earth because whatever you burn, the residue will become earth eventually. Yellow is the colour of the land which believed to belong to the emperor himself. Therefore the tiles of the roof of all the buildings in the palace are in yellow colour. The truth is the Red symbolizes fire element, all the walls in the Forbidden City are in are in red colour.

Confucius: facing the South while listening to the world 南面而听天下. Because the 'before heaven bagua’ indicates that the South is the direction of heaven. Therefore, the South of the Forbidden City are the Tiananmen Square天安门 and the Temple of Heaven天壇 which mean the heaven 'tian' 天. It is in line with what I said in my book How To Enhance Your Wealth With Feng Shui? page 40 i.e. If you have ample empty spaces in front of your house, the power in gaining wealth is strong. Empty land in front of your building is good 明堂 ming tang ‘bright hall’. Even better, if have a clear and clean water view. If so, enlarge your main door to welcome good qi of wealth.

All the doors at the entrances of the Forbidden City are doors with 81 nails as 9x9 81, because the number 9 is the greatest number, but only one door is with 9x8 72 nails i.e. donghuamen, 东华门 the door at the East because East is the direction of the wood or plant. Plant breaks the earth as the roots of the plants will break the soil thus the door at the East has to be downgraded. The status of the donghuamen is relatively low. In fact, before the construction of the Forbidden City, the then emperor 明永乐皇帝 did not want to have the donghuamen.

The Ming emperors stayed in the 乾清宫 Qian Ching Gong as the Qian 乾 Gua is the gua of the King, father, yang and the master. Whereas, the queen resided in the 坤宁宫 Kun Ning Gong as Kun 坤 is the Gua for the Queen, mother, yin or the lady master. The building in between the two main buildings is the Jiao Tai Palace 交泰殿 which mean the intersection between the yin female and the yang male in I Ching which symbolizes prosperity in the future generations of the emperor. The 交泰卦 Jiao Tai Gua in 64 gua I-Ching is Kun Gua on top of the Qian Gua thus, you could notice the only picture with phoenix on top of the dragon is in the Jiao Tai Palace 交泰殿. The dragon represents the King and Phoenix 鳳 is the Queen. Therefore dragon should be on the top of the phoenix to show the superb status of the King. But, you could see the only picture in the Forbidden City with Dragon 龙 below the Phoenix 鳳 is in the Jiao Tai Palace 交泰殿.

There are 6 palaces 东西六宫 each beside the Kun Ning Gong 坤宁宫 which means 六六大顺 smoothness without any obstacle. The palaces are the palaces for the high ranking mistresses of the emperor. Their arrangements are six on each side of the Kun Ning Gong 坤宁宫 is also according to the I-Ching Kun Gua, 3 broken line which forms the 6 shorter lines.

According to the orientation of the ‘later heaven bagua’, the East sector is the gua of the eldest son 震卦, so the Prince was to live at the East of the Forbidden City.

The ancient coin is circular with a square hole in the middle represents the heaven or the sky is surrounding the Earth. This is because according to the bagua, shape for the Qian Gua which is North West sector of the bagua is circular and the shape for the gold is circular but the shape of the Kun Gua is square. Thus, the shape of the Temple of Heaven天壇 is circular in shape.

三大殿都建在’土’字型的台基上,象徵着中央土而南方属火,整个紫禁城坐北朝南. 火生土, 皇帝为天子, 地上之皇, 因此皇帝黃袍加身, 黃色为土地的颜色. 因此宫殿内大多数之瓦顶皆用黄色,其道理在此. 五行之赤色象征 火,所以紫禁城所有的墙、门、窗、柱、框一律用红色。火生土. 孔子曰 : 南面而听天下. 前天八卦的南方属天, 乾为天. 因此南方有天安门和天壇.  
城墙四面都有门,南有午门,北有神武门,东有东华门,西有西华门. 所有的门都是9x9 81颗门钉, 因为9是最大数目, 但唯独东华门是9x8 72颗门钉因为东方属木, 不可让木来克土呀! 因此东华门的地位较小.

内廷主要三宫有乾清宫、交泰殿和坤宁宫. 明朝皇帝都住在乾清宫因为乾卦为最重要的男主人卦位, 乾清宫象徵天, 而坤宁宫象徵地, 乾清宫比太和殿稍微小. 乾为天, 天为阳, 坤为地,地为阴, 坤宁宫为明朝皇后的住所. 交泰殿为阴阳二气交会处. 易经里的泰卦是乾下坤上, 所以在交泰殿可以看到紫禁城内唯一的鳳上龙下的图象, 代表着阴阳二气交会而子孫滿堂.

内廷主要三宫乾清宫、交泰殿和坤宁宫的两旁为东西六宫, 有六六大顺之义, 也是易经里的坤卦(三畫卦). 后天八卦的震卦为长子的方位, 所以太子是住在东方的震卦.

紫禁城的南方为天或易经里的乾卦, 因此有天安门和天壇, 天壇是圆形的因为圆形代表天. 紫禁城的北方为地或易经里的坤卦, 因此有地壇, 地壇是方形的因为方形代表地. 古代铜钱是圆形而中间有方形的洞代表着天包圍着地呀! 紫禁城的东方为日或易经里的离卦, 因此有日壇. 东方为太陽升出的地方. 紫禁城的西方为月或易经里的坎卦, 因此有月壇. 这都是跟据易经里的前天八卦所造呀!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The feng shui of The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Georgetown, Penang.

The Late Mr. Cheong Fatt Tze
The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

After visiting The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Georgetown, Penang, I really have the strong feeling that feng shui is scientific and it is a philosophy of change as our Earth does not stop revolving, the magnetic energy of the Earth will not be the same all the time. Every 20 years, there will be a change of period (yun). The qi in a place is not permanent 风水轮流转. As what I always said if feng shui is permanent and static, then the feng shui of the Forbidden City which is close to perfect since there were many well-known feng shui masters who actually had provided the Emperor with brilliant advices to build the palace should helped to assist the Ching and Ming Dynasties to continue ruling China. Obviously it is impossible.

I have the same feeling after visiting The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. The mansion was believed to be build according to what the late Cheong Fatt Tze wanted or in another word it was according to his desired elements 五行用神and not his family’s desired elements. This is because every one of us has different desired elements. Thus, his descendants did not keep what he has passed to them. He was such a wealthy man who has eight official wives and mistresses but the feng shui of the mansion did not help him to pass his properties down to his descendants. Hence, I want to say “Nothing is perfect. We just do our best!”

The mansion was build not following the traffic flow direction of the road or it was twisted. I believe it was made to get direction of the late Cheong Fatt Tze’s desired elements. If not, then it had made according to the angle of the strong gua in the I-Ching during the time (yun) when the mansion was built. I applied the same theory too in my feng shui audits and one of them is the Pinang Laguna Show House in Butterworth

Pinang Laguna Condominium

Air Well

The Layout Plan


Some of plus points about the feng shui of the mansions are:-

1. Air well, especially the one in the centre of the mansion. It is called 天井 and you can find it in the old type of Chinese houses 四合院where the Sun can shine into the house and the rain can come into the house. Water is money

Also the middle of the house is a very crucial place in a house 龙穴 and in Forbidden City, there is a building called the Jiao Tai Palace 交泰殿 which located in between the palace of the King乾清宫and the palace of the Queen坤宁宫. Stay tuned and I will complete my sharing about the feng shui of the Forbidden City soon. Please stay tuned for my post of Forbidden City Feng Shui Part 4. I noticed a number of apartments are built with the washroom at the centre of house. It is not good in term of feng shui.

Air well in the centre of the mansion also in line with ‘Later Heaven Bagua’ whereby centre does not represent any family members. Apart from that, the Sun also can shine through the air well to increase the positive energy or the yang energy to the house especially if your house is not bright enough. Thus, if you buy a house and there is an air well whereby the Sun can shine into the house, please try not to close up the air well. It is in fact superb to have an air well in your house, especially at the centre of your house this year 2010 because the wealth annual star, 8 white is at the centre of your house.


2. As I mentioned in my book “How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?” page 82
"The higher the ceiling, the better is the capability to capture wealth as what has been illustrated in the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. It is also the reason why all the bungalows of the rich men are built with high ceiling.” You can notice that the ceiling of the mansion is high. When a ceiling is build high, the air in the house is relatively cooler and more comfortable naturally. Thus, we say feng shui is about natural environment and we will live comfortably if you follow what the nature wants us to be.

3. As I mentioned in my book “How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?” page 38. "If the buildings at the back of your building is higher than yours is good. You have the support 靠山 kao shan. This is because turtle is a very slow and quiet reptile. If at the back of your house, there is a quiet, firm and tall building, you will always get the help that you need. But, if there is a market or a noisy commercial area at the back of your house, you will not have the help that you require. It will be even better if there is a tall and majestic hill behind your house. You can put a decorative item with the shape of turtle at the back of your house to enhance the opportunity of obtaining assistance." The back of the mansion was made higher than the front which has better black turtle 玄武.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Feng Shui fan from Switzerland

Let me introduce you to my feng shui fan from Switzerland, Jean-Marc Baudat. I knew Jean-Marc Baudat via Facebook and he came to Penang last week to meet up with me. Jean-Marc Baudat is a martial art lover and he is a professional sao lim kung fung master in Switzerland. His passion in the oriental arts is remarkable. His interests in feng shui, qi gong, kung fung, I-Ching and tai chi are very strong and you can hardly believe how a Westerner who does not know Chinese spent his times to translate the every single words in difficult Chinese characters in I-Ching to French. As a Chinese, I feel embarrassed for not being as persistent and consistent as he is to pursue the theory of I-Ching. Please refer to his website
and you will agree with I have said.

He told me the area where he stays has auspicious feng shui whereby there are higher mountains on the left which is the location of the green dragon and in front of the area is a lake and that is auspicious red phoenix. Furthermore, it is according to the I-Ching and the area is the ‘earth water teacher gua’ 地水师卦 whereby the sea level of the lake is lower than the land and hence there are many teachers or martial art masters in his area. I really hope that I could have a chance to visit the place as Switzerland is my favorite country with beautiful mountains and lakes which I have visited before during my vacations when I studied in Glasgow, Scotland.
He also shared his view that he thinks that the three lines on the Adidas shoes are the Qian Gua of the I-Ching which is the gua of master, heaven and of course the most important and powerful gua in the bagua.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Feng Shui of Singapore part 2

As I mentioned in my book “How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?” page 100 that the ‘later heaven bagua’ is a very powerful tool.
Every 20 years, there will be a change of period (yun) and 1984 – 2003 is the period 7 and the number 7 flying star was in power. The star no 7 is at the West of the later heaven bagua hence United States which located at the West of the World ruled the World. 2004 – 2023 is the period 8 and the number star 8 is a star in power currently 得令星. The flying star 8 in the Later Heaven Bagua is at the North East and China is at the North East of the World thus China has started to shine from 2004. The future star in power will be the star no 9 which is at the South of the Later Heaven Bagua and Singapore is located relatively at the South. Furthermore all the important centers in Singapore are actually located at the South of Singapore Island which inclusive of the capital of Singapore, the Singapore City; the critical tourism spot, Sentosa Island and the business and commercial center are all located at the South of Singapore. Therefore, I predict that Singapore will continue to be prosperous for the coming decades.

As what I mentioned bagua, "trigrams" in English is actually a very powerful feng shui tool and you will notice that the one dollar Singapore coin is in the shape of bagua. Thus, all the citizens of Singapore carry bagua with them every day. It is in fact a superb and brilliant idea to bring prosperous to Singapore.

The Tang Plaza or the Marriott Hotel in the Orchid Road is with the shape of bagua and you can actually see there are lots of bagua surrounding the building. There are bagua on the floor, the ceiling and even the entrance. It is a way to avoid any unwanted or inauspicious qi. Even though the owner of the property was in fact a Christian.

Opposite the main entrance of the Marriott Hotel, there is a triangle pillar and the shape of triangle is actually the shape of the fire element as the shape of the fire is triangle. Thus, in order to eliminate the fire from the opposite building, there are trees to block it.

Please refer to my previous post if you wish to read more about my post about the feng shui of Singapore

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Prediction on World Cup 2010, Spain and Germany!

I must say for someone like me who is not familiar with the World Soccer Teams to predict the result of the World Cup 2010 with the limited knowledge I have, it cannot be accurate. It was amazing as I predicted the result on 7 June 2010 solely with my feng shui knowledge as per my previous post
I predicted 2 teams i.e. Spain and Germany on 7 June 2010 and both became the champion and second runner-up respectively. Isn't it great?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Germany and Spain - My prediction on World Cup 2010 has come true.

I always against the idea of using my knowledge of feng shui in gambling. In fact, I am not keen in gambling and honestly it is not easy to apply the theory of feng shui for gambling purposes, but I have to say that theory of feng shui is superb in our daily life and we just cannot ignore it. Furthermore, I am not familiar with soccer.

If you read my email to my friends as per the attachments above about my prediction on the World Cup 2010 dated Monday, June 07, 2010 3:52 PM, I said that "South Africa is at the South which is direction of fire. Any cool country at the North will have the potential to win the World Cup. This is because the cool country needs fire to warm them up. The 5 elements theory in feng shui is talking about 'balancing'! "
On Monday June 07 2010 5.57am (US time), I said that my bet goes for Germany and Spain and it did come true. (When I posted this article, the match in between Spain and Paraguay has not begun yet.)

Prior to the matches, I have spoken to a number of my friends and their bets all went to Brazil and Argentina as they were considered as the strongest teams in the world but I was not convinced as the flying star 5 yellow which is the worst flying star (Please refer to my e-feng shui class and you will notice that the 5 yellow flying star is actually at the South West i.e. the Latin America according to the World Map), thus none of the countries in Latin America should win the World Cup 2010. Even though, they were 4 countries from the Latin America in the quarter final which was 50%.

You will notice that Brazil and Argentina all went down even though they were expected to win the World Cup 2010.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Feng Shui of Singapore part 1

It is my pleasure to visit Singapore again to feel the power of water there. In feng shui, we said 山管人丁水管财 Hill controls the people and water governs the wealth. Basically, Singapore is located on a piece of flat land and you can hardly see any hill there, thus, Singapore has to depend heavily on its water as there is no hill to be depended on. The Singapore Government has done an excellent in clearing the Singapore River as it is one of the 'main doors' of Singapore. The location of the Merlion which is the combination of a lion head and the body of fish at the 'main door' of Singapore is able to 挡煞 block the undesired qi from entering the country. In fact, I brought back a small Merlion and placed it at the entrance of my main door facing the front to help me to prevent any unwanted qi.
The river bank of the Singapore River has been adequately maintained. Penang Government is attempting to do so to clear the rivers of Penang and the move should be highly supported and appreciated. Nevertheless, the cooperation of all Penangites is very much required. At least, we should not throw the rubbish into the river.

Sands Skypark - new casino in Singapore which looked like a ship in the sky. The ship is facing the direction away from Singapore and not toward the inland of Singapore. This indicates that the Sands Casino is hoping to gain the profit and ship it back to its head office which is not in Singapore.
(To be continued)