Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Prediction 2014 (part 2)

I feel that I should have posted this part earlier after reading the news that TNB share has jumped high today but for those who attended my feng shui talk at the Popular Book Fair at Straits Quay, you shouldn't missed it. In fact, I have completed the article about all my predictions on the day I posted the article of my prediction 2014 (part 1), but I did not expect the changes have come so quickly.

The bazi of li chun (the actual birthday of the year of horse 2014 i.e. 4 Feb 2014 6.04am) indicates that:-
1.       The time is full of fire; hence it is good for the industry of fire element such as computer, mobile phone, electronic and TNB. TNB may be the share that you should hold.
2.       The time is also full of plant elements, hence it is good for plant industry.
3.       In term of investment, it is better to be conservative unless you are very confident about the prospect.

4.       There are two (羊刃) goat at the edge of blade in the bazi of li chun, it means there will be wars, disputes, demonstrations, violent crimes everywhere.

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