Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Horoscope for Tiger in 2011

肖虎份的2011年并没有什么吉星相伴, 但卻有‘病符’ 和「亡神星」.
‘病符’是一颗主有小病的凶星也出现, 因此请注意饮食起居.
「亡神星」和是非、金钱动向有着深刻的关系, 容易卷入是非的漩涡;另外,「亡神」发威时会使人失去主张,让事情做了却没有结果,因而最后引申为钱财的损失, 令人情绪低落而容易钻牛角尖.

'Disease Star’ appears; therefore please take extra care of your health. You should ensure that you consume healthy food and do regular exercises.
There a star of‘wang shen’ appears too. ‘Wang shen’ is a star of argument and lightly will cause unnecessary argument due to money matter. It will also cause you to think irrationally and you cannot see any result after you put in your effort. You will tend to think unnecessarily and make you emotionally depressed.

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