Monday, November 22, 2010

Penang Feng Shui Club Activity - Feng Shui Class


I was very delighted to see the overwhelming turn up to my class on Saturday and hope that I have managed to pass some of my knowledge to the 20 students.

Due to the overwhelming response, I have decided to set up another class on 19/12/10. If you have to come across any of your friends who are also interested to join the class, please have them to write to me. The details of the class is as per the link

Also, I m keen to organise a feng shui trip around Penang which we can share some practical feng shui audits. It should be limited to about 10 members in a van. If you are interested, please let me know ya!
It is amazing to have the below inputs and feedback from the students of the class:-

Su Yin: You are a very humble and kind and helpful Feng Shui Master.. only 1 in this world.. cannot find already.. Ang Kong will poh-pee you and your family for all the good things you do to help others around you..

Aaron Khoo: Master Lee, very appreciate for the class yesterday and it gave me a very good start and clear some of my doubts before.
Jim Tan: Interesting, Master Lee, awaiting your next class.

Aaron Khoo: This is absolutely a great class to attend. Master Lee, Thanks

Freddy Chow: Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, Master Lee. I personally feel this is a good class whereby we can directly understand the content of the book by your simple brief together with some live sample. This give us much thought about what's feng shui actually

Jessy Khoo : very organized. Happy for you, your class turn up great and successful hope more classes coming up on more topic on feng shui.... more advance one! You did a great job.

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Hong CN said...

I'm so happy to see you started to realize your dream :-) Good luck and may more classes or seminars go on with increasing students :-)