Friday, September 9, 2016

快来参加我的风水讲座。它是完全免费的。Come and join my free feng shui talk

Come and join my feng shui talk. It is absolutely free of charge.

Date : 16 Sep 2016 Friday (Malaysia Day)

Time : 2:00pm

Venue : BM Utama, Bukit Mertajam.

Language : Chinese mostly.




地点:BM Utama,大山脚。


Monday, September 5, 2016

Prediction for the year of Rooster 2017 part 1

In my humble opinion, Federation of Malaya was established in 1957 and now is one 60 years cycle一个甲子, is a chicken, 2017 sit at grand duke as 2017 is a rooster too. Whereas, Malaysia is formed in 1963 after East Malaysia joined in, is a rabbit, 2017 crashes the grand duke. Both symbolized major changes for Malaysia. 马来西亚联邦在1957年成立 到现在已经是一个甲子, 属鸡, 2017年坐太岁。马来西亚在东马加入之后在1963年成立 , 属兔子 , 2017年是冲太岁。 坐太岁犯太岁冲太岁都有转变。

2017 though challenging year for the world as a whole and Malaysia specifically but should see some improvements too.

This is due to world negative economic outlook; World's security issue due to terrorism – ISIS and the Middle East conflict.  There has been much fear on the Spartly Island; where China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Philippine at the East of world. All want to claim ownership rights.  Even though the most auspicious wealth star 8 is here but the 3 killings 三煞 and year breaker 岁破 is there too. Countries at the East of world have wealth but at the same time cannot avoid from unwanted dispute. Same thing is applied to East of Malaysia, they will continue to enjoy goodies from the federal government but there is unwanted difference in political dispute too.

Even through, Malaysia is compounded by political uncertainty. There is hope. This is because the happiness star 9 喜庆星 is at the South East. It will help the South East Asia as the whole. But the happiness star 9 喜庆星 is a fire star hence we cannot run away from hot weather.

Next year the first of the Chinese new year falls on 28 Jan 2017 初一 but in fact the rooster comes on the 7th day 初匕 3 Feb 2017 2334 hence those babies who born before that are still monkey babies instead. Li Chun 立春, the first day of spring is 3 Feb 2017 2334, from its bazi analysis, it is a year day master sits on 7 killings 日元坐匕杀 thus cannot be avoided from being aggressive which means wars, terrorism, IS threat. People tend to be very aggressive and short temper.

The recent China & Russia military training exercise is to show their military alliance & strength. This is to tell US to lay off. Indirectly to warn US, Japan & Philippine, do not wage war against China or Russia. Star no 6, the warrior star is at the North which is the Russia. Russia will show their military strength and don’t play play with them yah. Jangan main main dengan mereka yah.

The recent crude oil crash is due to oversupply. The Americans are pumping in the world more crude oil.  The reasons: i) to hurt Russian's economy and her currency as Russian is the world's no 1. oil exporter.  US & EU are blaming Russia for Ukraine's turmoil & the unresolved MH 17 issue. ii) to stop terrorists, particularly ISIS for selling cheap smuggled crude oil from Syria & Iraq. The argument 3 jade star is at the West, hence the West is still full of IS threat or even worst.

Kuala Lumpur which located at the west of Malaysia will continue to have chaos and demonstration. Federal government will headache about it.

Please spend your money wisely. Keep your Money for rainy days. We are heading towards World economic challenges.  The days ahead will be quite difficult. 

Please stay tuned for more predictions

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Zika Spread has been predicted.

1. In October 27, 2015, I posted here about Feng Shui Prediction 2016 that 4. The illness star no 2 is at the center of the chart which is very influential. It shows that it is a year of sickness. Thus, watch up for undesired out-break diseases.

2. In December 2, 2015, I posted here about 2016 火猴年将会是怎祥的一年? What are you going to expect for the year of monkey 2016? that In the 2016 Flying Star chart, two black sickness star enters into the center of the chart. Other than what I said before, beware of virus spread.......

3. In December 2, 2015, I posted here about 2016 火猴年将会是怎祥的一年? What are you going to expect for the year of monkey 2016? that Sabah is at the Northeast of Malaysia and hence there will be earthquake at Sabah.

4. In October 27, 2015, I posted here about Feng Shui Prediction 2016 that there will be terrorist attacks at the south of Thailand too.

5. In December 2, 2015, I posted here about 2016 火猴年将会是怎祥的一年? What are you going to expect for the year of monkey 2016? that monkeys are very cunning, so there are a lot of deception and corruption and theft cases.

6. In December 2, 2015, I posted here about 2016 火猴年将会是怎祥的一年? What are you going to expect for the year of monkey 2016? that The ranking of industries performance is gold, fire, water, plant and earth elements related industries. The property industry which is earth element related industry ranked the last one.

7. In December 2, 2015, I posted here about 2016 火猴年将会是怎祥的一年? What are you going to expect for the year of monkey 2016? that Bing shen year, we have to pay attention to the traffic crisis because of the clash in between the year roof monkey and the month roof tiger. Usually during Monkey year there will be more accidents, messy traffic and transport systems. If you are going for a long journey travelling, it is advisable to have a transportation Insurance bought.

原来我们日常所用的用语很多都是源自于世界最古老的书, 已经存的了六千年的书; 易经。

原来我们日常所用的用语很多都是源自于世界最古老的书, 已经存的了六千年的书; 易经。 

3。 穷则变变则通 
6。 自强不息
7。 时中当位 (槟城时中小学的名字就是因此而来) 
11。 乐天知命
12。 虎视眈眈 
14。厚德载物 (包容)
15。 周而复始
16。 屈伸往来
17。 无妄之灾
18。 首尾相应

易经影响了我们的中华文化历史, 我们中医学, 太极学, 孙子兵法, 风水伦理, 玄学道家和八字算命都深受易经的影响。

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kpop 韩流为什么现今影响了我们?

其实风水八字的原理与爱因斯坦的相对论相似, 都讲就平衡点. 当发现那方面太多就少用它; 而当发现那方面太少就多用它. 可曾听过<水能载舟, 也能覆舟>, 我们需要水来载舟, 但太多水也能覆舟.每件东西都要它的平衡点. 因此简单的来说,如果你所属之五行为水但你出世那一刻的磁场为水或金强的时刻, 那你忌水和金. 反之, 如果你所属之五行为水但你出世那一刻的磁场为水弱或金弱的时刻, 你就需要水和金.中医药的原理也是如此.

先祖发现了阴阳对人们的影响之后, 又发现组成世界的最基本的五大元素是金木水火土。 想像一下六千年前如果你在现在这个空间 你不会看到这个美丽的建筑物, 而你会看到植物树木, 哪个是木; 你会看到火和太阳; 你会看到高山石头, 那是土; 掘一下, 人们就可以得到金属, 那个是金; 肯定的你也会看到水; 这就是世界的五大基本元素, 金木水火土了。 最靠近地球的五大行星是水星, 金星, 火星, 木星 和土星。 因此这五大元素影响了我们。

如果你看后天八卦的数字, 无论怎么加都是等于15; 你直加会得到15, 你横加会得到十五, 你斜加也会得到15。而世界的运20年转一次, 1984年到2003年是7, 现在是8, 20042023年是属于8运 你可以发觉7在西方, 因此在7运的时候, 西方是当时的当令星, 西方是大哥, 欧洲和美国称霸天下。但是到了8, 8是当令星, 它在东北, 世界的东北是中国和韩国, 因此 2004开始中国开始崛起。韩国人也影响了天下。他们的三星, 他的Kpop, 韩流影响了我们.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


《易》字是由日和月形成,象徵阴阳.象征着 positive negative. 整六千年前的伏羲已发观,他们已知道世界上所有的东西都是由阴阳组成的, 当时人类并没有文字,后来科学家发现这世上的东西都有阴阳之分,由最小的原子里的质子proton和负离子electron到最大的宇宙, 太阳系里的太阳和星球,都有阴阳之分.

 因此阴中有阳. 世界上所有的东西都是由阴阳组成的, 必须要阴阳互相配合才行, 失一不可. 一个人不可以太阳太刚烈, 或太阴太柔弱. 在风水学里, 太阳的地方不利我们, 太阴的地方也对我们不利. 如果你住在太热的地方, 你感到不舒服, 同样的, 如果你住在太冷的地方, 你也会感到不舒服. 人类最适合住在不太热也不太冷的地方, 那就是阴阳互相配合, 因此风水学也是环境学. 学太极拳的师父们最了解其中的道理了, 因为太极拳是柔中带刚, 其实太极拳也原自于《易经》. 《易经》不是仅仅是本占卜的书, 它包罗万象. 它告诉我们一个重要而简单的道理, 那就是阴阳必须互相配合. 如果世界上只有阴, 女性而没阳, 男性那怎能传宗接代呢?

<易经》里的阳爻__和阴爻--, 如果把阳爻__和阴爻- -.那就是操作电脑手机的基本原理 Binary Code 1010. 阳爻1, 阴爻0; Binary Code六千年前已经写在易经里了.

实的看得到的为阳, 虚的看不得到的为阴; 电器的操作也是阴阳. Hardware 是阳, 看不到的software, 电是阴, 缺一不可. 人类也是阴阳组成, 人类的肉体为阳, 思想灵魂为阴, 也缺一不可.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A问为什么今年中国在巴西里约奥运的表现最差获得最少金牌呢? B 回答说因为近年来中国运动员很多都跑去当明星,登台表演, 不务正业了. 

天时地利人和. 一个没有战争而富有的国家, 人民都安居乐业自然而然开始松懈, 自然的人民比较懒散, 没有以前这样拚搏了。

我与朋友讨论现今社会青年人都被称为草莓一族, 他们就说为什么我们的孩子没有我们那么的拼搏, 但是我告诉他们以前我们的父母亲认为他们更加辛苦,尤其是那些必须离乡背井下南洋; 要经历日战第二次世界大战的他们会感觉到他们比我们拼搏得多了, 这都是因为时代的改变。

在风水的角度八运是2004年到2023年, 八在东北, 世界的东北是中国因此2004之后中国崛起了,但是现在已经差不多到了八运的尾端。中国开始变得很富裕, 人民自然而然变得松懈了, 因此他们体育的表现运动的表现 自然 就不会比以前的好了。

因此并不是我们比我们的孩子厉害而是因为时代, 易经里说天人地三才, 人是顶天立地, 天在上地在下; 孙子应用了易经里的天人地三才而演变成孙子兵法里的天时地利人和, 孩子们生长在富裕的时代那是好的天时。 没有天灾人祸战乱的国度那是地利, 有疼爱他们父母亲和家庭那是人和。

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Where are the good feng shui places for you in Penang?


If you have come to me for Bazi reading, please refer to your Bazi report to find out your favourable elements in order to determine the places that are suitable for you:

If you require the ‘water’ element, Pulau Tikus is good for you as ‘tikus’ is mouse and mouse is a water element. The same concept applies to Air Itam, Sungai Pinang and Sungai Ara. Also, you should look for a house that faces the North, the direction of water.

If you require the ‘plant’ element, Tanjung Bunga is good for you as ‘bunga’ is flower and flower is a plant element. The same concept applies to Farlim 发林 (develop the forest). Main door facing the East and South-East are superb directions for you.

If you require ‘fire’ element, Jelutong 日落洞 is good for you as ‘’ is Sun and Sun is fire element. The same goes for Relau which means furnace. Your main door should face the South.

If you require ‘earth’ element, Batu Maung is great for you as ‘batu’ is stone and stone is an earth element. Also, ‘Batu Maung’ sounds like ‘batu mahu’, need the earth! The same concept applies to Batu Lanchang. It is advisable for you to look for houses which face the South-West & North-East.

If you require ‘gold’ element, Gold Coast and 白云山 are good for you. Houses that face the West and North-West are excellent choices for you.

Monday, July 11, 2016

It is not surprised to have a female leader, Theresa May to become the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

It is not surprised to have a female leader, Theresa May to become the new Prime Minister of United Kingdom. 

In my article dated 2 Dec 2015, I mentioned that the most auspicious flying star no 8 goes to the South West , which means Kun Palace is in charged and it is the most powerful palace. The Kun Palace is the palace for the mother, matured lady, Queen and the female leader. Thus, they have the most advantage in 2016.