Saturday, April 19, 2014

Will it be any Leadership changes in both India and Indonesia?

On November 13, 2013, I posted an article with the title “Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 1)”  and I said the most inauspicious star 5 yellow is at the qian palace 乾卦 which is the palace for master or king; hence there will be some very important male leaders that will step down, challenged by other or pass away. But too bad to see our respectable MP Karpal Singh left us. I have just gone and paid my last respect to him.

Since the most inauspicious 5 yellow star is at the North West sector which is the palace for the Male Master / leader, then it could be possible that the opposition parties of the 2 largest demonstrative counties in the world, India and Indonesia will win the general elections recently, agree?

Also, On Dec 17, 2013, I posted another article with the title “Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 3)”, I said the bazi 4 pillars of the li chun (the actual birthday of the year of horse 2014 i.e. 4 Feb 2014 6.04am) indicates that there is no direct officer 正官 in the bazi of li chun, thus that does not provide help to the governments or the leaders in general. Thus, I strongly believe that there should be a change of government for both the largest demonstrative counties in the world.

甘地,曼德拉,Mother Teresa,加巴星.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

RIP My Respectable Mr. Karpal Singh

The loss of one of the country's few statesmen and public figures is a blow to reforming this country's abject political culture. With passing of the my respectable Mr. Karpal Singh, the country has lost public defender to its demonstrative reform. RIP my respectable Mr. Karpal Singh.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, based on the bazi of the li chun 立春日, there are 2 羊刃 knife cut sha in li chun bazi, hence there will be lots of unwanted disasters. Hence, please be careful on the road, my dear friends. The horse 2014 is a quite a fierce horse that hard to be tamed. 

Glad to receive such testimonials

Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh my God, look at the bazi of MAS. It is really bad!!!

I have googled and found that MAS was founded in 1 May 1947 and started its operation on 1 Oct 1972. I read its bazi and compared with the date the MH370 went missing.
If you read my bazi reading book you can easily find the below facts:-
1.       Based on the bazi of the MAS commenced operation date:-
a)      Strong gold and gold means direct officer 正官 and there are lots of noblemen 贵人 and for sure, it is the Malaysian Government.
b)      You can find noblemen 月德贵人和天乙贵人 in its bazi.
c)       Strong romance hence lots of sex scandal about MAS staffs.
d)      It was born in the year of rat and that crushes the grand duke 冲太岁, the year of horse.
e)      The 10 years luck 2005-2014, you can find strong earth element which means ‘leak of wealth’ for MAS.

2.       Based on the bazi of the MAS founded date:-
a)      There are 3 legal sue sha in the bazi and that is serious legal inauspicious star.
b)      3 dragons in its bazi is 毛头星 and this year is horse year, hence two毛头星 come together means serious leakage of wealth!
c)       In fact, the serious bad luck started last year whereby you can notice a lot of crushes in its bazi in the year of snake 2013.
d)      The 10 years luck 2005-2014, serious crushes between dog and dragon, means serious leakage of wealth and serious problem.
e)      You can easily find strong romance and strong noblemen in the bazi of MAS founded date too.
f)       Normally, there will be lots of challenges when we have to get over the 10 years luck as it is like if you travel in a train and you will need to get down from the train to take another train to continue your journey but the train needs to overcome its initial momentum (engineering tem). Coincidentally, we see that in both the bazi of the MAS founded date and MAS commenced operation date.
3.       Like what I have mentioned earlier, based on the bazi of the li chun 立春日, there are 2 羊刃 knife cut sha in li chun bazi, hence there will be lots of unwanted disasters.
4.       Based on the bazi of the  date the MH370 went missing:-
a)      The day master is 戊阳土, yang earth.
b)      It is a day with strong earth and strong fire element but the bazi of both MAS founded date and MAS commenced operation date are all against and cannot take fire and earth.
c)       Its year root and month root are all crush with the day year root and month root of the bazi of the MAS commenced operation date.
d)      The month stem of the bazi of the  date the MH370 went missing crushes the 10 years luck pillar of the bazi of the MAS commenced operation date.
e)      It is a date and time that has the intention and temptation for commit suicide 自缢煞.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The feng shui of the 2nd Penang Bridge, the Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge (Part 2)

I guess for those who always follow my blog, I always mentioned that in feng shui, there is a very important principle i.e. the mountain governs the people and water governs the wealth山管人丁水管财, 有好山就有好人才. 有好水就有好财富. In the olden day, river is important to the farmers for the purpose of agriculture. Without water, the crop will not be able to grow properly and in the era which the agriculture is crucial to produce wealth to the men, no doubt the river is very critical to the men.

Many thousands years ago, men hunted for living in the forest. Then, men started to do farming and fishing, thus they started to depend heavily on water. After that, they started to learn doing trading and they realized that the best places to do trading are near the water i.e. at the river bank and near the seaside. Men migrated from the forest to flat land and then to the river bank. You will notice that many popular cities are all built next to water such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

In feng shui, the importance of the road is like the river. Try to look around yourself and you will notice once a new road is ready to be used, it will bring business to the shops around it. Versa vice, if a road is closed or the traffic flow in a particular area is to be changed and it will immediately change the feng shui or the qi of the area. A good example is what happened to the Pulau Tikus area recently. Also, before the Penang Bridge was build, the area Gelugor, Bayan Lepas in Penang Island and Prai, Seberang Jaya in Butterworth were not that prosperous. We shall expect the same for the Second Penang Bridge (Sultan Abdul Halim Bridge).

Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Conceive a Horse Baby in 2014?

I have just come back from Kuala Lumpur after a long, tiring but fruitful working trip. Met someone and remind myself that I have to share the below article again. Hope the article will help some couples who are having problem to conceive baby to enhance their chances to have their baby.

Recently, I have been visited to feng shui re-audit a house and was over delighted to find out that the client who was having problem to conceive baby in the past have managed to overcome the problem after consulting me.

To conceive a baby, you may try to refer to my book " HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI?" page 166.

In fact, there is another method to enhance the luck of those ladies who are looking forward to conceive a baby. It is by boosting the flying star no 9 as it is a star of happiness 喜庆星 or having happy events 喜事. This year the star no 9 is at the North and what you have to do is to place the following items at the North of your house for 9 days:-

1. Two eggs.
2. Nine 红枣 (hong zao) dates/jujube.
3. Nine peanuts花生.
4. Two ang pau 红包with the details and wishes of the couple in both ang pau红包.Take a piece of paper and write the birthday and birth time, name and wishes of the husband and wife in both ang pau 红包.

Place those items at the North sector of your house for 9 days and then boil the eggs and consume them.

Also, don't forget to place 9 bamboo plants at the North to enhance the star no 9 as per my previous blog.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


地山谦卦 311.5/313 degree 是易经中其中一个最好卦象. 这个卦六爻皆吉, 君子之卦, 仁德之卦, 代表聚财聚德, 但在易经中它属于六运, 已经是退运因此您可以发现现在的社会风气不再谦虚, 不再礼让, 大家认为自己很厉害, 但这个卦象仍然是被认为是个好卦, 而且它位于九宫飞星NW2 307.5 - 322.5旺财旺丁之中.
希望大家谨记满招损, 谦受益”. 不要自满, 要默默耕耘因为人非圣贤. 很多事情都非人之能力能控制的, 即使是有了成就, 也不应该自满, 别做土豪. MH370的事件是一个很好的教训.
Di Shan Qian Gua 311.5/313 degree is one of the best gua of the Book of Changes, Yi-Jing/I-Ching. This is a gentleman gua, It is considered a good gua. However it is a 6th period gua which is a gua of the past. Hence, you can find that the current social climate is no longer humble, no comity, all will think that they are very smart. Furthermore, it is in the degree of the NW2 307.5 - 322.5 of the flying star which is where the 旺财旺丁 is.
旺财旺丁 which means apart from prosperity, it will create harmony, talent, efficiency and great health to the people who stay in the house.

I hope you remember, "Do not be complacent”. We should not think that we are above everything because we are not saints. There are many things that not to be able to be controlled by the human ability. Even with the achievements, nor should be complacent. Don’t over-confident. The incident of the MH370 is a good lesson to be learned.

Friday, March 21, 2014

近来似乎有很多负面消息,多事之秋,我整理了一些风水贴士, 希望借此带给大家一些正能量,步步高升!

近来似乎有很多负面消息,多事之秋,我整理了一些风水贴士, 希望借此带给大家一些正能量,步步高升!

·  客厅不适宜挂猛兽图:如虎、豹、鹰、狐、熊等,易使家人健康运势受损;引起家庭成员不和与不必要是非.

·         不宜在屋内摆放假花假草,影响恋情婚姻和财运;

·          室内植物要选用大叶,阔叶类值物,不宜用小花, 尖叶.

·         床头不宜装镜子,影响恋情婚姻和健康。


  卧室属阴,卧室的灯光应柔和。凡事要阴阳调和适中, 卧室也不可太阴暗, 影响健康也使人变成懒散因为卧室太舒服, 使人提不起劲出外工作.




·         鱼缸不宜过大;尤其是生辰八字忌水者.

·      办公室墙上可以挂上瀑布、大海之类的照片象征财源生生不息而且瀑布是冲击力大的水因此员工可以向前冲’.

·         家里的水图要用平静清澈的水图而非瀑布, 因为家是休息的地方.

·         常开窗户:增加阳光;

·     点长明灯:家里经常开灯增强光线,特别是每月的初一和十五夜里10---12点的时候,在家里点亮2个小时左右;

·         调节颜色:装修房子时多用暖色调、阳性色调;

·         多邀请朋友到家聚会:增加人气的同时也增加风水方面的阳刚之气;

·         勤打扫卫生,及时清理死角。















Friday, March 7, 2014

Lets Pray for Peace

In my blog dated December 17, 2013 “Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 3)”, I said Broken army 破军 star no 7 is at the North East, hence the dissatisfaction among the 维吾尔族 Uighur Ethnic Group will continue to grow and there will be violent in China.

What happened at Kunming Railway Station, the violent by the 维吾尔族 Uighur Ethnic Group is really a broken heart tragedy. Let’s pray for the victims.

In my blog dated December 3, 2013, “Prediction 2014 (part 2)”, I said There are two (羊刃) goat at the edge of blade in the bazi of li chun, it means there will be wars, disputes, demonstrations, violent crimes everywhere.
Also, in my blog dated November 13, 2013 “Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 1) , I said The warrior star no 6 is the West. It means the West and the United States may declare war against other countries.
Hope that the West will not declare way to the Ukraine

In my blog dated January 17, 2014 Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 4), I said The strong fire and two (羊刃) goat at the edge of blade cause the disputes between countries like China and Japan, South Korea and North Korea even more serious than before. War may occur anytime.
Passenger jet passed through trajectory of N. Korean rocket, South ... Lets us pray for a peacefully world.