Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Feng Shui of Jakarta Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia a very highly populated city, is a very potential place and it will continue to be a more prosperous city especially when come the period 9 (year 2024 – 2043). With government offices to be moved to Kalimantan, it has lots of potential to shine.

We always say the mountains or the hills control the men and water governs the wealth. It means fertile and beautiful mountains or hills will produce talented and healthier people, whereby clean and good water will make the place wealthier.

I said many times during my speeches that Singapore does not have tall hills and hence, it needs to make the water clean to order to use its wealth to attract talents from overseas to improve the country. Japan has fertile and beautiful mountains or hills and hence Japanese are very hard working, talented, capable and enjoy long life. Please refer to my previous article about the feng shui of Japan and Japan has been voted for many years the country that has the oldest people in the world.

Same theory is applied to Jakarta Indonesia. You would notice Bangkok, Melbourne and Jakarta are located at the bay. My previous article about how auspicious Melbourne is, showed how the water is captured to give wealth to Melbourne and Melbourne is no doubt has been voted for many years the most liveable city in the world.

In period 9, if there is water at the North, there is a great potential to gain lots of wealth. You can find it in Jakarta Indonesia. Please refer to the picture below.

Jakarta is located at a bay with the sea at the North.

Bangkok is located at a bay.

Also, obviously it is not like old time, it is  time whereby more populated countries will excel. It is defined as 风水轮流转 feng shui does not stop changingThe world keeps on changes and nothing is permanent in this world. China has been once called the SICK MAN of Asia. Who dare to call him that now?  China has expelled and it is time for India and Indonesia which are closer to the South of the world to fly. The 9 is at the South of LATER HEAVEN BAGUA and this is the future of the world. Australia is also close to the south of the world. No doubt, the future is the battle of resources since the world resource is going to be depleted. Australia still have a lot of resources.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Singapore Jewel Airport Feng Shui

机场是这个国家的门户,就像房子的大门。 它也像一个人的嘴。

想象一下,无论你吃什么,都会通过你的嘴进入你的身体。 如果你吃健康的食物,你的身体会健康。 然而,反之亦然,它也会影响您的健康。 如果经常吸烟和酗酒,也会影响您的健康。 因此,嘴对于人来说是重要的,并且相同的概念应用于房屋和机场。 因此,机场和港口是彷彿一个国家的大门。

新加坡珠宝机场拥有最高的人造瀑布,可以激活新加坡之门。 太棒了!

我注意到香港机场,泰国机场, 上海机场等的磁场也很棒. 

The airport is the gateway of the country and it is like the main door of the house. It is also like the mouth of a person as well.

Imagine whatever you consume will go through your mouth into your body. If you consume healthy food, your body will be healthy. However, it is versa vice then it will affect your health as well. If you smoke and drink alcoholic often, it will affect your health too. Hence, mouth is important for the person and same concept is applied to a house and airport. Thus, airport, and harbour are the doors where the Qi will come in a country .

Singapore Jewel Airport with the tallest man-made waterfall is auspicious to activate the Qi of the door of Singapore. Awesomely done!

I noticed the Qi at the Hong Kong airport, Thailand Airport, Shanghai Airport and etc are auspicious too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

如果要找100%A到Z都很好风水的地方,那地球上没有一个地方你可以住, 因为凡事没有绝对,风水轮流转.

易经'中庸之道' 是一个很有智慧的学问, 凡事适可而止, 物极就必反, 水能载舟也能覆舟, 每件东西都要它的平衡点. 太过迷信一样东西包括宗教或风水, 宗教极端就会产生宗教极端狂热恐怖分子.

曾经在接受访问时告诉访问者, 太过分迷信风水也会物极必反, 必须适可而止。如果要找100AZ都很好风水的地方,那地球上没有一个地方你可以住, 因为凡事没有绝对,风水轮流转,坏的可以变好,好的亦可以变坏。易经本身就是 Philosophy of Changes.

易经的'', 也是一个很有智慧的学问, 易是变和阴阳的意思,<>由蜥蜴而得名, 而蜥蜴能夠变色,俗稱「变色龙」,指天下萬物是常“变”的, 和佛学里的<无常>是同样的道理.

没有人看到龙但是“变色龙蜥蜴”是存在的,并且它在人类存在地球之前已经存在了。它想要什么告诉我们?它想告诉我们,世界不会停止变化。变色龙的颜色可以随着环境而改变。 这条小龙‘变色龙’是恐龙的迷你尺寸,在侏罗纪之前存在了数百万年.




华人喜欢把龙当作最吉祥的动物. 古代皇帝就是龙的化身, 只有皇帝可以使用龙. 其实龙有存在吗? 没有人见过龙! 其实龙是由各种动物来形成, 龙角是鹿角,龙耳是午耳, 龙眼为虎眼, 龙爪是鹰爪, 龙鼻是狮鼻, 龙齿为马齿, 龙尾更为金魚尾. 龙身由蛇身形成, 弯弯曲曲而非直直的.

 “易” 这个字是由一个日一个月形成就是太阳和月亮代表阳阴。《阴阳》说明了一切, 在经济学来说阴阳指的就是经济学里最重要的学说, 也就是supply and demand: 没有supply and demand ,那什么都不用说了。 在会计里, 阴阳是credit debit

物理科学里阳阴说的就是positive energy 正能量 and negative 负能量, 实体与虚幻 reality and vitrual, 热和冷, 动态和静态 dynamic and static.

生物科学里阴阳就是雌性和雄性。 在电脑方面阴阳是软件和硬件。 在宗教里它是灵魂和肉体, 阴间和阳间。

Monday, May 27, 2019

We see through your eyes!

In my face reading book that published in 2009 (10 years ago) pages=book_face_reading_ebook page 53, I said that "Those who posses eyes that have more sclera area compared to the iris, are usually people who put themselves above others. They are normally selfish and will attempt to achieve what they aim through whatever means possible. I noticed a lot of politicians have this type of eyes."

Some of my prediction dated 19 Oct 2018 have come true.

In my blog dated 19 Oct 2018, I have predicted in 2019,  it will be a challenging year for PH Government. Also, the two giants and super powers, USA and China economy war is shaking the world.

Strong earthquake at the South America has just happened. 

As you can see it is a challenging for Female leaders and Theresa May has just announced her resignation as the UK Prime Minister. Apparently, elder male leaders are performing well, Thailand PM , India PM and Indonesia President have just successfully retained as the countries heads.

Also, don't you feel that the climate is very extreme. Malaysians will feel that the weather is very hot in certain weeks. Stock market is very challenging as well.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Master Lee 免费风水讲座会

中华五千文化历史,风水已溶入了人们的生活,今天,如果有机会让你来与槟城著名风水老师 Master Lee免费学一学风水知识,那还等什么?不要错过千载难逢的机会 ...

日期 :30/6/2019 (星期日)

时间 :2.30pm-4.30pm

地点 : 槟城理科大学
Eureka Complex, USM Penang

联系报名(first come first serve) 座位有限:
Cindy 012-5081688
Ms Teoh 012-2725717

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Feng Shui Speech for Akijaya Teluk Intan Perak 2 Feb 2019.

Thank you so much Akijaya for inviting me for my first feng shui speech at Teluk Intan. Feel grateful to meet my old friends, Tuan Ng and Puan Ch'ng who I lost contact for almost 8 years for coming all the way from Kampar for my speech.

Feng Shui Speeches for the Affin Bank, Klang 18 Feb 2019

Thank you so much Affin Bank Klang Jenny Tey and AXA Affin Joshua Ng for inviting me to conduct my feng shui speech at Klang. To be honest, I love Klang and the people are very friendly and down to Earth.

东方日报 23 March 2019

Feng Shui Speech for Bank of China, Kuala Lumpur.

Feng Shui Speech for Bank of China, Kuala Lumpur.— at Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ampang. March 29 2019.