Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to Conceive a baby in 2016?

To conceive a baby, you may try to refer to my book " HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI?" page 166.

In fact, there is another method to enhance the luck of those ladies who are looking forward to conceive a baby. It is by boosting the flying star no 9 as it is a star of happiness 喜庆星 or having happy events 喜事. This year the star no 9 is at the East and what you have to do is to place the following items at the East of your house for 9 days:-

1. Two eggs.
2. Nine 红枣 (hong zao) dates/jujube.
3. Nine peanuts花生.
4. Two ang pau 红包with the details and wishes of the couple in both ang pau红包.Take a piece of paper and write the birthday and birth time, name and wishes of the husband and wife in both ang pau 红包.

Place those items at the East sector of your house for 9 days and then boil the eggs and consume them.

Also, don't forget to place 9 bamboo plants at the East to enhance the star no 9.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Master Lee Online Feng Shui Service is now available.

I always encounter the problem of limited time I have to cater for many urgent requests especially when there is shop rented and waiting to open for business soon or the overseas feng shui service requests, hence I have established an online feng shui service to cater for that.

Now, you just have to click this link

Then follow the steps. I shall prepare the feng shui report for you and email you. It is faster and easier. You just have to sit at home and wait for my feng shui report.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thanks Ambank for inviting me to conduct my feng shui speeches at Ipoh and Penang

With the invitation of Ambank, I have in my profile record that I have conducted my feng shui speeches for almost all the banks in Malaysia......Feel wonderful and grateful. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

世上有没有龙, 除了恐龙和变色龙没有人看过龙, 其实<龙>是原自于<易经>的变色龙, 皇帝或国家领导者就好像变色龙变来变去.

易由蜥<蜴>而得名, 易是从蜥<蜴>的<蜴>而来, 而蜥蜴能夠变色,俗稱「变色龙」,指天下萬物是常变的, <易经>就是在讲解一个自古以來不变的道理, 那就是所谓的<变化无常>., 和佛学里的<无常>是同样的道理. 华人喜欢把龙当作最吉祥的动物. 古代皇帝就是龙的化身, 只有皇帝可以使用龙. 《易经》也常有龙的出现如<飞龙在天>, <潜龙勿用>,<群龍無首>等. 《易经》的龙其实代表<变>, 因为龙总是变化莫测. 神龙见首不见尾!
风水里说<风水轮流传>. <易经>说<穷则变,变则通>

世上有没有龙, 除了恐龙和变色龙没有人看过龙, 其实<龙>是原自于<易经>的变色龙, 皇帝或国家领导者就好像变色龙变来变去.

纳大人上台提倡1 Malaysia 的精神, 现在很少提起了….

林大人上台是许多人的神, 现在却让许多人失望…..

风水八字的原理与爱因斯坦的相对论相似, 都讲就平衡点. The theory of the bazi reading is similar to the Einstein's theory of relativity i.e. searching for the balance point.

其实风水八字的原理与爱因斯坦的相对论相似, 都讲就平衡点. 当发现那方面太多就少用它; 而当发现那方面太少就多用它. 可曾听过<水能载舟, 也能覆舟>, 我们需要水来载舟, 但太多水也能覆舟.每件东西都要它的平衡点. 因此简单的来说,如果你所属之五行为水但你出世那一刻的磁场为水或金强的时刻, 那你忌水和金. 反之, 如果你所属之五行为水但你出世那一刻的磁场为水弱或金弱的时刻, 你就需要水和金.中医药的原理也是如此.

In the bazi reading, we calculate the life path of a person based on his/her birth time i.e. the year, month, day and hour which we call it the four pillars, the law of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.

In short, as the Earth is revolving continuously and therefore the Earth's magnetic field is in a constantly changing form. When a person is born, we have different magnetic code with us. The theory of the bazi reading is similar to the Einstein's theory of relativity i.e. searching for the balance point. When we find out there are too many of an element, we should minimize its usage. But vice verse if there are too few of an element, we should use it largely instead. This is also the basic of the knowledge of the Chinese medicine.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Teach you 10 simple tips on your personal feng shui to enjoy good life right away. 教你10个简单的个人风水,让你马上有美好的生活。

1. You have to be humble. 你必须要谦虚。

Never show off. Never think that you are above everything.
谦受益, 满招损; 一个人因为自满高高在上目中无人而炫耀, 就会找别人眼红, 高处不胜寒; 越是高高在上的人越是应该提醒自已收敛谦虚, 不然别人会想尽方设法拉你下来.
易经说九五之尊过后如果不警惕, 接下来就是亢龙有悔, 大家都要提醒自已收敛谦虚, 不可以炫富, 更不可以因为权大而忘本炫权, 乐极生悲, 否极必反; 六千多年易经的智慧一直在重演.
A person because of arrogant and complacent superior to show off, it will provoke others’ jealousy. Lonely at the top; the more successful a person or the more superior a person, then the more he should remind himself be humble, otherwise people will find ways to pull you down.
I Ching said after the top, if you are not careful, the next step is going down. We have to always remind ourselves to be not to show off our wealth and power. If you keep on doing that, your enemies are in fact waiting quietly there to pull you down.
Please refer to my article for more details.

2. Always shows smiling face. 常笑脸迎人。

一个常笑脸迎的人让人们感到很舒服, 朝气蓬勃, 富有正能量, 那你的成功率已经提高了许多. 没有人愿意看到总是苦着脸的人, 更没有顾客喜欢跟一个苦瓜脸的销售人员谈生意。
A smiling man often makes people feel very comfortable, vibrant, warm and full of positive energy. Then your success rate has improved dramatically. As the matter of fact, nobody likes to see persons that always have miserable face. No customers like to talk to sales personnel with a miserable face.

3. Always praise others when you have a chance. 当你有一个机会, 就赞美别人。

我们都总是喜欢听到赞美和对自己鼓励的话。它带来积极的能量. 如果你得到别人的肯定和鼓励, 你会更有效地工作.
When you look at a group photograph that you appear in it, you will search for yourself first right?
Always says good things about others. We like to listen to compliments and encouraging sentences about ourselves. It creates positive energy and you will work more efficiently if you get encouraged.

4. Always make yourself look neat and tidy. 总是让自已看起来整齐利落。

You don't need a branded shirt or watches to impress anybody. But improper attire will always have negative qi.

5. Control your temper. 控制自己的脾气。

If you see some things that you are unhappy with and you can actually not to react to it right away, please try to walk away first. If you react to it later you will find you will always have a better solution. At least you don’t answer in a rudeness manner.

6. Don't complain不要抱怨

不要对任何事情有负面的看法。如果你对任何事情都抱有悲观的看法, 那么你就没有机会成功了。在开始之前,你已经输了。尝试积极地思考, 如果你总是积极的面对事情; 至少你有50%的成功机会。
Don't be negative on any matters. If you are pessimistic at the beginning then there's no chance for you to success. Before you start, you already lose. Try to think positively. If you always see things positively; at least you have 50% to success.

7. Accept changes. 接受改变。

We cannot stop changes. We have to bear with it. Accept others opinions as there may be some better solutions. I have mentioned many times that I-Ching is a philosophy of changes.

8. Take responsibility承担责任

Don't try to run away from responsibility. Face it with strong courage.

9. Never stop learning. 从未停止学习。

古人说: 一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德就能改命运。
教育可以把你变成一个更好的人。在中国古代,寒士不得不为了通过考试而很努力学习,让他们可以当皇帝大臣。今天教育仍然是一个极其重要的一环, 可以让贫困的人摆脱贫困, 一个学生如果很努力学习而有浩瀚的知识, 他就有机会成为一个专业人士, 因此可以享受奢华的生活,能够解决他遇到的问题。我们也必须不断提升自己, 常学习新的知识而不是一成不变的。
The ancients said: 1st destiny 2nd luck 3rd feng shui 4th good deeds 5th learning to be able to change one fate.
My book HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI? page 34 said that:-
Education can turn you into a better person. In ancient China, poor scholars had to study very hard in order to pass the examination, so that they can be ministers to the emperor. Education remains an extremely important aspect today and can be a ticket out of poverty for someone who excels in his studies and becomes a professional. He can also enjoy a luxurious life and be able to solve problems which he encounters. There is vast knowledge out there and we have to continually upgrade ourselves to learn new things everyday as knowledge is not static.

10. Always be sympathy, passionate and good heart. 有同情心,热情,好心肠。

我的书’如何用好的风水来享受你的生活?, 34页说: -
My book HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI? page 34 said that:-
Good-will, do good and perform good deeds to make your life better. In Buddhism, it is called cause and effect or 'karma', the preordained fate that is generated by a person's actions. Someone can also enhance their luck by having a strong willingness to help others. Your luck will become better eventually when one performs more charity. In short, we have to do something good and say something nice everyday.


In short, it means positive energy or Yang qi is of vital importance. If you are surrounded with positive energy or yang qi and not the negative energy or yin qi, your life will be always wonderful.  You will attract all the positive energy with all the people's helps if you are positive. Many people like to be your friends instead of enemies. We want to have more friends and helps rather than to have more enemies. Things with turn up to be better if you behave this way.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

从易经看近期槟城的发展Study the recent development of Penang from the angle of I-Ching

There are three lines in the every of the gua in the bagua 8 gua (Eight Diagrams). In Chinese, we call the line Yao . Why there is a three-line in the gua) and not two, four, five or six lines?
The three lines in the Eight Diagrams represent <天人地> heaven (sky), human and earth (land). We, mankind is staying in between the sky and land. We actually are in between the change’” and no change. This is because the sky on top of us is constantly changing. Now is sunny day but later it may be rain. But the piece of land that we stand does not change. Human being in the middle of the heaven and the Earth, we must know how to face the “change” and “no change” and that is the most difficult thing for human being to learn. Basically, the natural nature of human being, we do not like changes. Do you like your lover to leave you? But in fact we cannot control it as life is impermanent. One day, your loved one will leave you or you will leave them earlier, 生老病死.

I-Ching has existed approximate six thousand years ago by Fuxi when mankind during that time did not know how to write or read and hence there was no text. There are only symbols. Some call the I-Ching as “a book from heaven without words” because there was no word. The symbols are the gua and the line Yao .

为什么《易经》里的八卦的每一个卦都是由三条线形成? 而非二, ,五或六爻形成? 三条线是三个爻. 什么是爻yao? 《易经》原自于整六千年前的伏羲氏, 当时人类并没有文字, 他们靠的是符号. 《易经》里的阳爻__和阴爻- -就是那样来的. 因此有人稱《易经》为无字天书, 因为开始时它只有符号. 而《易经》的八卦都是由三个爻形成是因为它代表着<天人地>三才.
天人地三才, 各就其位, 人总是顶天立地, 天在上, 地在下, 人要脚踏实地.
人是顶天立地, 我们站着这片土地上, 而天就是在我们头上; 天是无时无刻都在变化的, 现在天晴, 等一會就下雨. 但我们站着的这片土地没有变, 人在天和地的中间, 我们必须知道如何面对变和不变, 那是最艰难的学问. 人类的天性并不喜欢变, 试问你喜欢你心爱的人离开你吗? 但很无奈的生离死别, 生命无常,有一天, 你心爱的人会离开你或你会先走一步. 在人类的历史里, 人类也在变和不变中找寻答案, 在发展和不发展中挣扎. 如发展;那美丽的大自然就会被人类破坏. 如不发展;那世界就会停頓下來.

In the history of mankind, humans are to find the answer in between “change” and “not change”, struggling in making decision on whether to develop and not develop. If we develop; the beautiful natural surroundings will be undermined by humans. However, without development; the world would stop. As the matter of fact, everything needs a balance. Too much of anything is never good. Neither too less of anything is good. From the recent development in Penang i.e. reclaim land projects and the transportation master plan, the Penang State Government has to look for the balance in between development and nature preserve.
I-Ching is in fact a philosophy about changes and it is the fact of the universal never stop changing. The word I in I-Ching is the Chinese word is from the word of lizard or chameleon变色龙and it means Changes as chameleon always change its color. It is in fact in line with the Buddhism belief <无常> impermanence; transiency. Chinese love the dragon and it is considered as the most auspicious animal. In the olden day, the Emperor was considered to be the avatar of Dragon. Only the Emperor is allowed to use the items with the shape of dragon. In the I-Ching <易经>, the words dragon also always appears such as <飞龙在天>, <潜龙勿用>, <群龍無首>. As the matter of fact, Dragon is actually the representative of <> changes, because Dragon always vagrant, change and move about. It is in fact referring to the lizard which is 变色龙 in Chinese means dragon that changing colors.

很多学问是原自于<易经>, 包括了风水学, 中医, 太极拳, 甚至于孙子兵法, 孙子兵法里的天时, 地利, 人和就是原自于《易经》的八卦的三个爻, 它代表着<天人地>三才, 缺一不可行也.
<易经>就是在讲解一个自古以來不变的道理, 那就是所谓的<变化无常>.
易由蜥蜴而得名, 而蜥蜴能夠变色,俗稱「变色龙」,指天下萬物是常变的, 和佛学里的<无常>是同样的道理. 华人喜欢把龙当作最吉祥的动物. 古代皇帝就是龙的化身, 只有皇帝可以使用龙. 《易经》也常有龙的出现如<飞龙在天>, <潜龙勿用>,<群龍無首>. 《易经》的龙其实代表<>, 因为龙总是变化莫测. 神龙见首不见尾!

龙是原自于<易经>的变色龙, 皇帝或国家领导者就好像变色龙变来变去.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A visit to Dubai, triggered me to think of this.

I have just come back from Dubai and have been to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa , it has triggered me to think again about this……
I’m very skeptical to see the world is racing to build the tallest building to ‘touch’ the sky. As what I said before, human being should be very close to the mother Earth. We should in fact touch the ground daily. We are born on the Earth since many thousands years ago and nobody can go against this. Therefore, we should love and respect our mother nature, instead of going against Her. We have to know who the BOSS is. We should not challenge Her by racing to build tallest building to touch the sky.
人一定不能胜天。Don't play play.
天人地三才, 各就其位, 人总是顶天立地, 天在上, 地在下, 人要脚踏实地, 何必跑到天上去呢?
I do not think Malaysia is doing anything better after we built the tallest building in the world during that time, the KLCC Twin Tower.
Also, it is amazing to see the shapes of modern architecture designs that are out of our imagination and you could actually see some of them are shaped odd like a knife that pointing to the sky. It is nothing wrong that we have to be creative in designing the shape of building according to our human being imagination but please bear in mind that it has to be environment friendly as well. I did share and many those who reside in Kuala Lumpur know exactly what is happening to the buildings that are located facing the sharp point of the TM Tower which looked like a knife!
Bear in mind that in feng shui, we wish to achieve a balance of flow of energy which is defined as qi. We do not wish to obtain qi that is too vigorous or rapid which is considered as too ‘yang’ or too positive in feng shui. It is like if you get a strong shine of hot Sunlight directly to your house daily, that will create inauspicious qi. Vice versa, we also cannot obtain qi which is too ‘yin’ or too negative either. Thus, it is inauspicious if you stay in a bedroom which there is no Sunlight can shine into the room at all, the qi there will be too ‘yin’. It will make you very lazy as it is too comfortable to stay the room. That is the reason why I always advise my clients to hold a house warming gathering to boost the qi when moving into a new house, especially when the house has left vacant for sometimes as the house will become more yin if it has been left empty for ages.
If you are a follower of my blog, I always against the idea of building the tallest building. As we should understand that it is a very important theory in feng shui i.e. Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Turtle 左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武. Sadly, I do not see any of these at Komtar. Comparatively, Komtar is the only tall building among other buildings surrounding it; hence it does not have the support or noblemen to assist it. Moreover, as the tallest building in the town, Komtar is too ‘yang’ or it has too much positive energy because when the Sun rises; it will shine on the Komtar first. Komtar is the first building to get the Sun light.
In my article dated December 13, 2008, I said:-why did every ex-Chief Minister in Penang lose their power in the election, and had never been able to easily or comfortably retire from their position? Is this going to happen to the existing CM too?
Same concept to the history of the Selangor Menteri Besar which all the MB Selangor have no good ending after the MB office shifted to the current Shah Alam location . Please refer to my article
If you do a research, it is not hard for you know the impact of building the tallest skyscrapers:-
1. When the then world's tallest building, the Empire State Building, New York was completed in 1931, the United States fell into a great economic depression.
2. Chicago built the Sears Tower in 1974 and in the same year, the United States faced an economic recession.
3. When the Petronas Twin Towers were completed, Malaysia did not turn prosperous because of it. Instead, it fell into a slump.
4. When Taiwan built Taipei 101 in 2003, its economy suffered a severe blow from the global financial tsunami. 
5. Once, Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building in Dubai was completed, Dubai during that time faced a serious debt crisis right away.
I always against building skyscraper as human should not challenge the Heaven 人一定不能胜天。Don't play play.
天人地三才, 各就其位, 人总是顶天立地, 天在上, 地在下人要脚踏实地, 何必跑到天上去呢?

Everything in this world is talking about balancing. We do not want the extreme. For instance, a burning hot Sun makes us uncomfortable but neither do we love to stay in a place with -10 degree Celsius. In Chinese, we say 水能载舟也能覆舟 Water can help to sail a boat and if the flow of the water is too strong then it will overturn a boat. We need water but too much of water harm us.