Thursday, January 10, 2019

Malay Mail Newspaper Interview.

Malay Mail wrote to me to ask me about the auspicious dates to get married in 2019. Below are my full answers to them:-
1. What are the lucky dates to tie the knot in 2019?
In order to find auspicious date to tie knot, we need to study the bazi for the couple. Bazi reading is based on the date and hour birth of the person. First, we look for the general auspicious dates in ‘Tong Seng’ , which is the lunar calendar book which indicate all the auspicious and inauspicious dates for general matters such as shifting dates, praying dates, officially start of business dates, opening ceremony dates and etc. Then we match the bazi of the bride and groom with the dates. The dates must not clash their zodiac. For instance, if the bride is born in the year of pig, then the date cannot be a snake date as both pig zodiac and snake zodiac are clash. We also need to know the zodiac of the parents of the bride and groom to avoid the dates that clash their zodiacs as well.
2. What is the meaning behind these auspicious dates and why are they significant?
Yes, they are import especially come to important matters such as shifting dates, praying dates, officially start of business dates, opening ceremony dates and etc. Auspicious dates are referring to the dates in ‘Tong Seng’ , which is the lunar calendar book. For instance, the dates when there is Sun Eclipse and Moon Eclipse or broken days are considered inauspicious to carry out all matters.
3. Any feng-shui related relationship advice for couples who want to get married this year?
For those who born in the year of snake and pig, this year is your grand duke years, hence if there is a happy event such as wedding either you marry or your kids marry, the positive energy will help you to overcome the negative energy. 
Those born in the year of dog, 【天喜】[Tian X] representing many happy events are coming, sure as giving birth to baby or getting marriage. Those have experienced the breakup, have the opportunity to know new lover, the relationship can develop more quickly, and even have the possibility of flash marriage The star of [Tian X]’ is happy star. You may expect to enjoy some happy events and you feel happy and positive.

ANA Nippon Airline Chinese New Year zodiac 2019 article.

If you travel with the ANA Nippon Airline to Japan, please look out for my zodiac 2019 article. This is the second year I have written the zodiac article for them.

My this year free CNY feng shui talk will be at Teluk Intan. 我今年免费新年风水将在安顺举行。

Dear All,
My this year free CNY feng shui talk will be at Teluk Intan. It is free and there will be light refreshment served. What you have to do is just to write down the date and call the organizer, Akijaya for reservation.

我今年免费新年风水将在安顺举行。 这是完全免费的,并提供茶点。 您要做的就是写下日期并致电主办单位Akijaya预订您的座位。

Colors Nonsense

I will feel very annoyed if someone insisted me to write or talk about what colours best for each zodiac to use during Chinese New Year. Recently, there is a friend from a popular online website approached me to write about it. Also, many bank managers said I must talk about it during my Chinese New Year talks for their banks. Actually my practice doesn't have things like that. To me suitable colour for zodiac is not logic. Suitable colours actually depend on your bazi desired elements 木水火土五行 not your zodiac. There is also no such thing as lucky numbers for you this year accordingly to your zodiac.

Bazi reading is based on birthday and time of birth. In feng shui, this concept manifests itself as bazi, a Chinese astrological concept for determining one’s fate based on their birth year, month, day, and hour.

I would like to highlight to you that you should only take the zodiac horoscope as reference only because it is ONLY based on the year of birth to analyse what is going to expect for a person. It is not logical to have all those who are born in the year of rat to share the same fortune in a year. To be more accurate, it is better to read your bazi as a whole as there will be more data to be obtained from the bazi which include the year, month, day and hour that you were born. It is similar to if you go for a doctor for diagnosing, for accuracy, the doctor will go for blood screening, CT scan, x-ray and etc to have a more precious information than just to check your body temperature solely, isn’t it?

Minor illness can be healed with Panadol but more serious illness needs a more thorough check up, right? Panadol cannot cure every illness.

I told them: It is more like a superstitious 迷信 to me. It is actually against the feng shui theory. It will mislead your readers and clients and I do not want to do it.

If you need water element, your desired colour is blue but if you check your zodiac, it tells you this year you need yellow. Then which one to follow? 这是一般的风水佬用来骗人的把戏, 哪里有那么简单?they just simplified it.

Please do not only keen on what colors to wear during CNY. I have to tell you it is nonsense and superstitious. Of course, the managers who wanted me to talk about it during my CNY talks will ‘boh song’ not happy with my answers. But, I cannot teach fake feng shui as it is 对不起良心 against my principle and against the feng shui scientific theory.

I’m very sad to know that nowadays with the fast moving or pace of the world, everyone wants a quick fit to their problem but it is not that easy. Those learn feng shui should know, 1st destiny 2nd luck 3rd feng shui 4th practice good deeds, 5th non-stopped learning 所谓一命二运三风水四积德五读书, don’t tell me you do not want to practice the rest but just need magic to alter your luck entirely. Antibiotics can cure your sickness fast but in long term it spoils your health. Thus, there is no short cut to everything. 

Again, suitable colours are based on your bazi analysis of your year, month, day and time and not your year alone to determine everything. Please do not base on your zodiac to determine what colours you should wear on Chinese New Year.

Hence, those who consult me should well understand that if your desired element is fire element, your suitable colors are red, pink, orange and purple. What you need to do is use or close to your desired element and thus wear those colors during Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

12 zodiac luck in the year of Pig 2019

Just click in the links to read about your zodiac luck in the year of Pig 2019. Easy and straight forward.

1.    Rat

2.    Ox

3.    Tiger

4.    Rabbit

5.    Dragon

6.    Snake

7.    Horse

8.    Goat

9.    Monkey

10.                       Rooster

11.                       Dog

12.                       Pig

全部生肖2019 运程

不啰里啰嗦, 不吹水 ; 2A4把全部生肖2019 的运程看完, 只说重点.

肖鼠者获3颗强力吉星【太阳】【天乙】【天空】飞临,整体运势稳步上扬,身边人对肖鼠者格外眷顾。【天空】则主宰创意及灵感,今年的创造作力澎湃,倘若本身从事天马行空的行业如设计,广告, 写作及编剧等将会灵感不绝。另外肖鼠者个人魅力大增,新一年为桃花遍地的年份,有望发展一段良缘,[桃花][咸池]同时出现代表今年的桃花运特别旺。同时有凶星入主,建议不宜锋亡太露。总括而言算是丰收的年份。

2019有吉星【唐符】飞临,可于工作岗位上一显实力。亦要多关心个人及家中长辈健康,凡事加倍谨慎则事事顺心。有权有势的一年, 【月煞】象征女性带来的麻烦。要尽量避免与女性合作及有任何钱银轇轕,否则容易招致不和收场,小心身边的女人.

2019不时受琐碎问题影响情绪,凡事应以保守为上,始终猪年属“先难后易”,只要多加忍耐,尽量冷静沉着应变即可。【孤辰】则有被孤立之意. 但所幸【太阴】飞临,【太阴】代表女性贵人星, 女人的助力很强, 另外, 也有【国印】,【国印】即古时皇帝的【帅印】属一颗于事业有关的吉星,大权在握;此星更特别有利从事文书工作或创造者,将有突出表现,并有升迁机会。

肖兔者猪年的运势比鸡年及狗年顺遂,新一年不妨专注在事业上,有望可见成果。健康方面无大碍,但容易因工作压力影响睡眠质素,建议放松心情、多做减压运动及多出门旅行。2019 是生肖兔子再创事业高峰的一年, 【三台】,【将星】吉星,事业及权利有关,领导才能可望发挥。 但要小心【五鬼】,【五鬼】即小人当道,亦代表个人精神压力大,容易产生疑惑,尤其对感情运及人事关系最受衝击。


肖蛇者新一年为十二生肖中运势最不稳定,人际关系、财运方面都要格外谨慎,不宜将目标订得太高,不妨出门旅游放松身心。冲太岁, 运气反复无常, 要在立春日4/2/19前到太岁庙作福,有助驱散凶星的缠扰。要守别攻, 放松心情多做善事. [驿马]出现在你的命宫,代表你动象频频,主吉主凶则全凭你自己对事情的掌握了。

在十二生肖中,马是2019年最好的。流年有[紫微] ,【龙德】坐命的人士,要好好把握机会的向前冲.事业上都会有明显的进步。【紫微】是一颗地位显赫,身分尊贵的吉星,亦代表地位上的升迁;【龙德】则是光芒闪遥的贵人座。但容易因工作压力而有精神紧张等问题。另外猪年过后的鼠年为“冲太岁”年份,运势较动荡,肖马者宜在猪年第三、四季做好准备。

2019 肖羊整体运势提升,属站稳阵脚的年份. 建议不妨把握“华盖”吉星的助力,此星乃古时皇帝出巡时所用的天盖,代表艺术才华出众,稳守原有范畴,多进修增值及花心力于事业发展上。谨记凡事亲力亲为,则可平安大吉. 另外,【华盖】亦是一颗与宗教有关的星,代表我行我素,享受孤独,对感情发展较为不利。

肖猴2019为“害太岁”年份,会有繁琐的健康或家宅问题,人际关系亦受冲击。今年有不少的吉星来相助,所有不好的事情都会迎刃而解. 【玉堂】则有【金玉满堂】之意,人才华得到发挥,配合其他吉星助力。【天德】属终上天之德,代表凡事能逢凶化吉,【福星】及【八座】则是慈祥和悦,心情愉快的吉星。日常生活中不妨多出席喜庆场合以沾旺气。




我要强调,我们应该只把生肖年运程作为参考之用罢了,因为它仅仅是基于一个人的出生年份来分析一个人运程。让所有在同一年出生都共享相同的运程是不符合逻辑的. 如果要更准确,最好是分析一个人的整体生辰八字,因为生辰八字会包括你出生的年,月,日,时, 那从它我们可以获得更多数据或资讯。它就类似,如果你去请医生诊断,为了更精准,医生会进行血液检查,CT扫描,X射线等,以获得更多数据或资讯,而非仅仅检查你的体温罢了. 仅是基于出生年份来分析一个人运程就好比仅仅检查你的体温罢了, 小病还无妨, 但如遇大病就不行了.