Friday, April 30, 2010

I have never regret to quit my job as an Engineer and become a Feng Shui Master

I must say that my heart is full of happiness when I received the above compliments from some friends.
Frankly speaking, I love to work with those who:-
1. treat me like a friend.
2. trust me and respect me.
3. have full confidence of me.
As a return, I have ALWAYS reminded myself to treat them as my close friends, respect them and wish to do ALL WHAT I can to enhance their luck in what ever wayS.
In the other hand, I hate to work with those who:-
1. always think that I am trying to earn more from them.
2. those Dato and Datin who like to instruct others to work for them.
3. those who think that their money is very BIG....

Monday, April 26, 2010

北京故宮紫禁城之风水 Part 1 - Forbidden City Feng Shui Part 1



我总觉得要学好風水就必须了解北京故宮紫禁城之風水. 近来我有幸能夠研究紫禁城之風水, 所以不想放过与大家分享分享.


宇宙間之紫微星垣(即北極星),是位於中天,由眾星環繞,位置是永恆不變的,相信是天帝之居所。这也是为什么永樂皇帝从南京遷北方北京的原因之一, 紫微星在北方, 故此取其『紫微正中』之義,象徵世上帝皇的居住地方。在古時,帝皇所居住的地方屬禁地,戒備森嚴,不許平民百姓踏足半步,因此並將其命名為『紫禁城』。在封建帝制时代,普通的人民群众是不能也不敢靠近它一步的。 紫微星象徵帝皇之星, 所以如果紫微星出现在那个生肖, 那个生肖的人的运气当年就特别好, 2010年紫微星出现在生肖鸡的人, 所以生肖鸡的人今年运气就特别好.

紫禁城是明朝朱元璋之第四子明成祖朱棣在位時下令建造的,當時是永樂五年(1407年)。因此电视剧’刘伯温’里的朱元璋住在紫禁城是个笑话! 朱棣在朱元璋稱帝后, 被受封为燕王,后发动靖难之役,起事攻打侄儿建文帝,夺位登基为永乐皇帝。明代第三位皇帝朱棣在夺取帝位后,决定迁都北京,即开始营造这座宫殿,至明永乐十八年(1420年)落成。当时北京被稱为北平也是当时朱棣作燕王时之地. 他深知这里的好风水, 因此决定从南京遷都北京. 除此之外, 由于当时威脅明朝的主要危险仍然是来自塞外的蒙古贵族残餘勢力, 也是永樂遷都之原因.

紫禁城是跟据風水学说来营造的. 相传紫禁城有9999個房間, 因为天庭有一万個房間. 为了敬重玉皇大帝, 紫禁城不能多于天庭里房間的数目, 但从明朝到清代, 紫禁城不断地在改变, 跟据统计, 现在紫禁城里房間的数目为八千多间.

如果以風水学里的五行来了解中国朝代的变化, 我们可以悟到为何明朝被清朝所消灭, 因为明是火而清为水, 水灭火. 元朝所以被明朝所消因为元人也是蒙古人来自西北又稱为金人, 西北屬金因此火灭金呀!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

e-Feng Shui Class

Even though I m very busy and have fallen sick after my feng shui audits at Ampang, USJ and Klang, but I have decided to launch my projects today on the below matters. This is because today is an auspicious day.
My projects are:-
1. E-feng shui class
2. Penang Feng Shui Member Club
3. Update my website to make it look better.
Here go some details about them:-

With USD4.99 (for member) you can enjoy Master Lee's e-feng shui class with the title
"How did Master Lee manage to predict the earthquake in Chile before it happened?"
"View the video anywhere; anytime in 48 hours after you have made the payment."

Penang Feng Shui Member Club
"Membership Registration is Free of Charge"

With the power of feng shui, Master Lee has done an accurate early prediction of the earthquake in Chile before happened.

Master Lee is going to show you how he did that. You can now learn the theory of feng shui in a scientific way with many real-life examples if you follow his e- feng shui class on "How did Master Lee manage to predict the earthquake in Chile before it happened?" (Free Preview)

Learn feng shui wherever you wish and whenever you want. You do not have to fix a time and travel to a place to learn the great knowledge.
View it wherever you wish and whenever you want in 48 hours after you have made the payment. Let Master Lee helps you to do it in a simple and easy way. You can in fact learn feng shui easily. It is Master Lee's belief that we should make it easy so that more people can benefit from it.

Please click this link to see more.

There are many people approached me to get me to teach them feng shui but I found that I m running short of time to conduct a proper feng shui class, hence I have decided set up an e-feng shui class. I m sure you can benefit from it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earthquake in western China kills 600

"Hate to know that my prediction came true again!"
Wah! Wah! Wah! As what I anticipated earlier of the year, there will be non-stop earth erosion this year and look at what is happening in China now. The death toll from a strong earthquake in a western province has risen to about 600 (updated on 16 Apr 2010), with an additional 8,000 hurt.
Ooo… goodness!

Please read my previous posts as below about my predictions and it is absolutely right that according to I-Ching 易经, 2010 is a year of 'Thunder Earth Yu Gua’ 雷地豫卦, imaging if there is thunder in the Earth, it cannot be a peaceful year for the Earth. The Earth is going to be very unstable.

Let pray …….
(Updated on 16 Apr 2010) Iceland's volcanic ash halts flights across Europe What an unstable Earth we are living now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I m going to KL and the feng shui of the KL Sentral.

"I m going to KL this weekend. Anyone interested to meet me, please contact me."

The feng shui of Central Station (K.L Sentral) in Kuala Lumpur.

With the mega project, the NU Sentral which costs billions of Ringgit in place, K.L Sentral was designed as an intermodal transportation hub. Most of Kuala Lumpur's rail-based public transportation serves K.L Sentral while many intercity trains serving Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore starts here. The K.L Sentral is supposed to be a key landmark in Kuala Lumpur and should be crowded with lots of people, in other words, it should be better than its current position. There are rooms for improvement that can be done for K.L Sentral to make it a better place. The positive and negative areas of K.L Sentral are as follows:-

Some of the positive points of K.L Sentral
1. The traffic flow around the station is like a jade belt surrounding the waist of an officer 玉带环抱. The roads that surround the building form a circle around the building. Thus, all the qi is surrounding the building. This is auspicious in terms of feng shui as it is equivalent to someone protecting K.L Sentral by hugging it.
2. The shape of the building from the top view looks like the waves of water. This is auspicious in feng shui, as the transportation sector is also under the category of water element and K.L Sentral is a centre for all mode of public transportation.

The shape of the building looks like the waves of water

Sooka Sentral acts as an excellent green dragon

3. There are buildings on the left side of K.L Sentral and one of them is the Sooka Sentral which acts as an excellent green dragon 青龙 for K.L Sentral. It is on the left side of K.L Sentral if you are standing at the main entrance of the station facing the Hilton Hotel. This shows that K.L Sentral will always enjoy good support from the authorities.

NU Sentral Plan

4. The future plan of NU Sentral shows that the building at the right hand side of the Sentral Station is lower compared to the left hand side. It is planned to build an entertainment and convention centre at the location. Thus, the white tiger is lower than the green dragon. This is a superb arrangement as the strength of the green dragon is stronger than the white tiger. Hence, it has the support and assistance.

Some inauspicious aspects of K.L Sentral

Main Entrance of K.L Sentral
1. If you study the entrances to the station, you will notice that the main entrance of the K.L Sentral is the entrance which faces the Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel. There should be an ample space in front of the main entrance which is the red phoenix. Here, the ming tang 明堂is blocked by these two majestic buildings, the Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel. However, if the main entrance is located at the back of the building, then the position of the two hotels will be good as they will now be at the supporting position, ie. they are now the ‘black turtle’ for K.L Sentral.

Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel

2. Furthermore, K.L Sentral is actually facing a gap in between the two hotels. The qi 穿心煞that comes through the gap in between the two hotels is too strong. Therefore, KL Sentral is hit by a bad qi.
3. Also, there is no support at the back of K.L Sentral which means there is no black turtle and no support for the building. In addition, there is an empty space at the back of K.L Sentral which is still under construction. Qi from construction site is always inauspicious. According to the NU Sentral plan, the construction is to build a megamall but the mall is not tall enough compared to the Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Feng Shui of Suntech and D'Piazza

D' Piazza may come into help!
D' Piazza Condo may help to create more yang qi (positive energy) to the surrounding area after more people will to shift into the condominiums. It will also act as the support 玄武 to the D'Piazza Commercial Centre in front of the condominiums (D'Piazza Condo is taller than the D'Piazza Commercial Centre).
This is similar to what have happened to Padang Tembak whereby Padang Tembak is next to the Batu Gantung Cemetery where there is a lot of yin qi (negative energy), but with more and more people moved into the flats there, it increased the yang qi to balance out the yin qi there. Human being has the yang qi (positive energy). With more people move into a place, then the place will have more positive energy. Thus, it is always auspicious if we have a 'house warming party' to enhance the yang energy when we shift into a new house.
I noticed the the directions of the 4 blocks at D' Piazza are quite exact the four main directions i.e. South, East, North and West.
If you go to Suntech, you will notice that the buildings beyond the street next to Suntech are not doing good as there is an abandoned building. When there is an abandoned building, it will create a lot of yin qi (negative energy) but D'Piazza Condo may come to help to create more yang qi when more people shift into the condominiums.
It is advisable that if you are staying at the block that next the abandoned building, you may have to consult a feng shui consultant before you occupy the unit. It is critical that you do something about the feng shui there before you move in.

D' Piazza

The picture shows the reason why the building next to the Suntech Tower is left unfinished. We can notice inauspicious 'sha' there whereby there are shapes like the heads of snakes which are pointing at the abandoned building.


The main door of the Suntech Tower is facing 194 degree 火风鼎卦位, 妇女持家之卦线. It is auspicious direction to women who occupy the building. 八运坐癸向丁, period 8 building facing S3 South 3. It is a direction of yin fire. It is a direction of good wealth but not for people 旺财不旺丁. It means this should be a place to obtain wealth but not a place to attract stream of people. If it is a shopping mall, then the main door is not facing the auspicious direction.

We can see 太极八卦 tai zi bagua in the Suntech Building.

The boss applied the concept of feng shui, the 5 elements 五行, metal (gold), water, plant (wood), fire and earth in the Suntech Building. Obviously, the boss believes in feng shui. Suntech and Sunshine are the names that full of 'fire' element, thus, for those require fire element 用神, Suntech is a place for you to set up your office. In Suntech, 'fire' is the name for its executive room and it is placed at the top position in the signboard (Please see the picture above), I think the boss's desired element is 'fire'. On top of that, the main door of the building is facing the direction of 'fire' as what I have mentioned above. Also, this is a building for 'fire' industries like electronic, Internet, computer ..... Please refer to my book "How to enhance your wealth with Feng Shui?"
page 13 to 14 for the industries that related to the 5 elements.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


幸福其实是当有人对我说, “谢谢你, 李老师. 我获益良多.”