Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some of my latest update

Sorry, I have not updated my blog for sometimes as I have been busy and also sometimes I feel that I m running out of ideas. But, now I feel that it is time for me to update it to tell you what I have been doing recently.

 I m in the latest Public Bank Newspaper, "Wawasan Vision" which it mentions "Over 100 feng shui enthusiasts packed the branch and they were fully enlightened with the intricacies of feng shui brought to them by Master lee."

 Good to know that someone has informed me that my bazi reading book is quite easy to understand and it has fulfilled my objective to spend my 2 years to produce the book.

 As what I have predicted before Chinese New Year i.e. 2012 is Ren Dragon is strong water dragon that will bring lots of water. Recently, the obvious evident has just happened in Beijing.

Happy to find my books in Popular Bookshop in Gurney Plaza.

 Over delighted to receive the above sms and emails.

As what I always said, "air well" is a great building design in feng shui and we can easily find it in old buildings and glad to find it in some new house in my recent feng shui audits to some new housing projects in Penang.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally, I got it

Finally, I have received the hard copy of my forth book which is also my very first Chinese book after very close follow-up (chasing). It should be available in all Popular Book Shops in the whole Malaysia soon. But, you can order directly from me too by visiting my website

Writing is always my hobby and sharing the great wisdom is my duty. I prefer to be a good oriental studies teacher than to be a famous professional feng shui consultant. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good news! My new book is ready.

Good news! My new book is ready. You may go to the website link now to purchase the e-book now. Also, you can enjoy the free e-book as well. For those who wish to have the physical book to be posted to you, you may purchase now and I shall post it to you when I m back from Singapore on next Wednesday 11 July 2012.
You do not need to purchase 50 books just to learn how to read bazi. What you have to do is just be patient when you go through this book and do many practises after you have completed reading the book. Of course, we may need to go through the book a few times prior doing it.
I promise you that I will translate this bazi book into English if the sales of this Chinese bazi book go well.  As what I have said before, I have to write the bazi book in Chinese first before I will to translate it in English as there are many technical terms that involved.
I have used 2 years to produce this book and hopefully you will like it.
Title of the Book : 如何以科学DIY透視八字算命?
Author : 李青和老师
  • 英国史得凯大学第一级荣誉机械工程学士.
  • 主持Penang Feng Shui东方玄学专长于风水学, 八字学, 姓名学及面相学.
Editor : 邱建棆, 谢建成

Master Lee Oriental Astrology Series 2012


  1. 我们的老祖宗最会算, 《易经》提倡什么东西都可以算, 包括可以用一个人的生辰八字來算命.
  2. 用了两年的时间尽心尽力书写, 写了三万六千六百多个字!
  3. 要写一本深入浅出有关八字的书并不简单.要写一本简单易懂的八字书更难, 而我一向来的作法是希望把复杂的玄学知识以简单的方式与大家分享.
  4. 有许多真实例子.
    1. 为什么趙明福逃不过死神?
    2. 为什么婚姻有问题?
    3. 为什么一个女人要自杀?
    4. 为什么不适合当会计师?
    5. 为什么中年可得子?
    6. 为什么一个男人可以发迖?
    7. 为什么身有残障?
    8. 为什么一个男人桃花运特强?
  5. 一本你不容错过有系统的生辰八字算命书.
  6. 以浅白的文字来告诉你什么是深奥复杂的易经和宝贵的古老智慧.
  7. 人非圣贤,了解了自已的強处与弱处以后, 就能事半功倍了. 以自已的強处而”攻”, 并以自已的弱点而”守”.
  8. 人有三衰六旺, 别悲观. 当你掌握了自已的命运, 你将知如何去面对它. 当你行好运时, 你可要”冲”. 反之, 当你行衰运时, 你可要”守”.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Apple is using the correct company logo as computer and telecommunication is a fire element industry and apple belongs to the wood or plant element. We use wood or plant to create or grow the fire to make the fire stronger. In another word, plant helps to make the fire stronger. I have copied a part from my new book " 如何以科学DIY透視八字算命?" (which is going to be published in this week) to share with you as below:-


我们不能否认的虽然太阳离开地球那么远但它影响着我们的每一天, 我们深切的感受到它的热量; 虽然月亮也离开地球那么远但它吸引力足以影响地球海潮; 当然在太阳系里的金、木、水、火、土星足以影响地球的能量磁场, 当然也包括人的的能量磁场.

木星绕太阳公转一週是地球绕太阳公转的十二倍,而土星绕太阳公转一週是地球绕太阳公转的三十倍. 金、木、水、火、土星与地球每隔大约六十年便会同宫. 45度内. 金、木、水、火、土星与地球差不多行成一条直線.

天干地支纪年里我们有六十甲子, 意思是说每六十年甲子将出现, 每六十月甲子将出现, 每六十日甲子将出现和每六十时辰甲子将出现因此我们必须承认先人高深而且宝贵的智慧. 他们在几千年前已经可以很精准地把金、木、水、火、土星与地球每隔大约六十年便会同宫的时间给算出来
每一个人都受天地之间的元素(金水木火土) 所影响.