Sunday, August 26, 2018

一篇你不可以错过的简单风水知识 Simple feng shui knowledge you can't miss.


易经风水最主要的一环就是'中庸之道' '阴阳调和' '孤阳不活, 独阴不长' '物极必反', 学习太极的师傅都知道 '刚中带柔, 柔中带刚' 的道理. 茶满了再加茶水, 不是会泻出来吗?

在风水学里, 我们活动的空间要阳, 我们休息的地方要阴, 你活动的空间就是你的办公室, 书房, 客厅, 厨房以及饭厅都必须要亮, 你休息的地方就是你的卧室, 就应该要阴暗, 那么你才可以好好的休息, 总不能开着大灯照着你叫你睡觉吧? 人的一生都要平衡, 我们有活动的时候也有休息的时候, 你不能长时间休息, 也不能长时间工作. 活动的时候就是我们处于阳的时候 休息的时候就是我们处于阴的时候。


厨房是你煮食的地方, 必须要亮, 煮食影响健康, 煮的东西吃进肚子里面直接影响健康. 如果你的厨房太过阴暗, 或者使用太多阴暗的颜色, 那么家人的健康就会受影响.


因此如果家里的空间够大, 你应该把孩子们的卧室和书房分开, 找一个文昌位,把书房弄亮一点那么对你孩子的学习就会比较有利, 这是因为休息的地方应该要阴暗 ,但是读书的地方却是要光亮,如果把两个地方合起来, 那么这个地方应该是阴暗 还是要光亮呢?

但是所谓的物极必反, 卧室也不可以太阴暗, 如果卧室太阴暗, 那么它就会很舒服, 人就会提不起劲 去工作, 每天懒散在舒适的空间里面. 因此阴阳要调和。


Simple feng shui knowledge you can't miss.
The most important part of Yi-jing Feng Shui is 'The Doctrine of the Mean'. 'Yin and Yang Harmony' 'Lone Yang is not alive, the only Yin is not long' and 'everything if reaches its extreme will be reversed'. The master who learns Taiji knows that the truth of 'in the yin, we must yang and versa vice. If your tea cup is full and then if you add more tea, will it not shed?

In Feng Shui, the space for us to carry up our activities has to be yang, the place we rest needs to be yin. The space for your activities is your office, the study room, the living room, the kitchen and the dining room must be bright. The place where you rest is your bedroom, It should be dark, then you can take a good rest. I can't switch on the headlights and tell you to sleep. People have to balance their lives. We have times for activities, and we have to have time for rest as well. You neither can work for a long time without rest. When we are in the middle of activity, it is yang. When we are at rest, we are in a time of yin.

The kitchen is the place where you cook, it must be bright. Cooking affects health, as the cooked food will be eaten directly into the stomach. If your kitchen is too dark, or if you use too many dark colours, then your family's health will be affected.

Therefore, if the space in the home is large enough, you should separate the children's bedroom from the study room, find a position of intelligent文昌位 to set up a study room, and brighten the study room. It will be more beneficial to your child's study. This is because the rest place should be dark. But the place to read is to be bright. If the two places are combined, should this place be dark or bright?

But the so-called and 'everything if reaches its extreme will be reversed', the bedroom cannot be too dark, if the bedroom is too dark, then it will be very comfortable, people will not be able to work hard, lazy in the comfortable space every day. Therefore, Yin and Yang should be reconciled.

The most comfortable place for humans is not too hot or too cold, isn't it?