Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Lady from KL Wrote this Article in Her blog

A nice lady from KL came from Kuala Lumpur and the article was written by her in her blog.....

Last week, I finally met my blog friend-A Feng Shui Master in Penang.I was so glad we finally met as I had planned since Feb 09 besides spending sometime with my long lost friend. It's an honour to be consulted by him as he gave an honest explaination on my Bazi reading.I can accept the good & the bad as I'm a realistic person where I know myself I'm not perfect but I'm willing to change no matter what circumstances.

Master Lee has given me many important points on how to enhance my lucks in Feng Shui.I learned a lot from him .........

He has 'Pai' my Chinese name from a small Swallow to a big bird with the same pronounciation.I like my new name as it gives me a new hope of achieving a better, higher & greater life.TQ so much Master Lee! I also removed my little mole just under my right eye as it affects my marriage parlour......but I know with these actions, I can live out my life with a peace of mind.We chose an auspicious date for my marriage as I don't believe in marriage by paper but with his expertise in consultation, I can accept the marriage now.He's a kind Master I can connects to & follow through as I have met many 'Sifu's, he is consider a humble & nice Master who's willing to help people.Many has benefited from his consultations as he's a 'Ding Tin Lap Dei' Master who speaks the truth & not 'Pau Sate' kind of master. I strongly recommends him to all of U who wish to consult 'Feng Shui' for a better life in future.Yeaaah, I'm alive...

Born Anew,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deadly Swine Flu in Mexico

I predicted during the beginning of the year
that 2009 is a turbulence year with diseases.
See what is happening in Mexico now
No 2 star is the star of sickness and it is at the West sector of the Flying Star Chart!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hills in Penang

Beautiful Bukit Mertajam but it has been broken and hence it has been deteriorated.
The hill at Paya Terubong was 'spoilt'. There may have more land slide mishaps occurring in the future.

Land slide on the hill near the Penang Tuft Club. The PGCC Project was cancelled!

The hill next to the Padang Tembak Flats is full of rocks. It is inauspicious in term of feng shui. It will affect the luck of the people there in term of their health and their relationship with their family members. Also, they have to watch out for the unwanted romance affairs of their family members.

This picture was taken when I went for the feng shui site consultation at the U-Garden Condominium near USM. There is a 'broken hill'!

This picture was taken when I conducted a feng shui site visit to Bukit Mertajam. This is the best hill that I could observed in Penang. As what we say in feng shui i.e. "Hill governs the people and water is money. 山管人丁水管财". If there are greenly beautiful hills around the area, there will be great people from the area. We have Dato Lee Chong Wei and Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim from Bukit Mertajam. There are also many talented students from Jit Sin High School and BM High School. The hill helps in maintaining superb health and increasing the number of family members if you stay around the area that have wonderful hills around you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Feng Shui Condominium

Last week I went for a feng shui site consultation at a condominium at Bukit Dumbar, Penang; as the owner planned to upgrade to a landed property.

I noticed the feng shui of his previous property is excellent and located at a very strategic location near the Penang Brigde. The previously owned condominium is located on a greenly hill with auspicious Qi. The occupation density is very low and there are many Dato-Dato residing in the condominium. The owner, an engineer who is working in one of the largest MNC in Penang has been enjoying the positive Qi since he moved in and thus he managed to upgrade himself to better property .

If anyone who is interested to purchase a condominium in Penang, this is a superb choice. Call me if you are interested and I will refer you to the owner. Accordingly to the owner, he is to sell it with RM250,000.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Next Coming Book

Hahaha......I have completed 70% of my next coming book with the title of "How to know a person through face reading?" In the book, I will explain clearly on how do you learn to read a person by just looking at his or her face with many real life easy-to-relate examples of many VVIPs. I wanted to share one example with you.

1. People with big eyes are full of love and it is easier for them to gain fame. They usually love to talk and they are full of passion. Men love to look at beautiful ladies with big eyes. However, it also easy for them to break off from their lovers. A good example is a famous Taiwan singer who possesses big eyes.

2. People with small eyes are normally those who are more cautious and 爱情专一 faithful to their lover. They normally have better analytical skills. The person tends to look into the details of all matters even though the matter may not be very important.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Formal Feng Shui Course in Singapore Polytechnics

A good friend of mine passed me a newspaper which was brought back by his brother in Singapore. The newspaper shows a Formal Feng Shui Course has been conducted in a well established tertiary educational institute, Singapore Polytechnics for 10 years. Wah, there is really fantastic. 风水学真是百花齊放. The course managed to attract all walks of life. There are many highly educated professional attended the course. Moreover, many non-Chinese have attended the classes. Accordingly to the lecturers, the course managed to run for 10 years because it is conducted technically and scientifically whereby they have illustrated clearly that feng shui is not religion and there is no superstition involved. Feng shui is a science subject and this is in line with what I am doing right now. In fact, a non-Chinese from Kuala Lumpur has registered to enrol into my feng shui class which I am going to conduct on the mid of June. Wonderful isn't it?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Appreciate it!

Today, I received an email and when I opened it, it made me feel warm. I want to share it with all my friends out there......I am feeling wonderful...... Thank you very much, Peng Soon and Joon You.
--- On Sun, 4/12/09, peng soon tan wrote:
From: peng soon tan Subject: testimonial & photo before and afterTo: lch6339@yahoo.comDate: Sunday, April 12, 2009, 3:09 AM

Master Lee ,
Attached with myself and my son about your testimonial and photo door arc before and after .
Tan Peng Soon
I appreciate how you answer all questions. You have provided a complete and accurate Feng Shui analysis, and to prescribe practical, affordable and effective remedies, so that we can achieve an awareness and an understanding to enrich our life. You have assisted me in my house when we were having problems. You made many suggestions to improve the Qi in my house which I immediately began to adjust...

Within 2 months positive changes throughout our life, family, career, health, relationships improved and I received not only life path but also wealth and prosperity as well that truly work for.

My luck and health have improved a lot …. You definitely go above and beyond. Thank you!

陈炳顺Tan Peng Soon

Reading the Master Lee Cheng Hoe’s book is so easy to understand even at my age of 10. Now, I understand that the details of feng shui relate to position of elements (Water - Wood - Fire - Earth – Metal), color and materials……………..really interesting!!!!. Looking forward for more feng Shui acticles.

陈泉有Tan Joon You - Student
Hun Bin Primary School – Tanjung Tokong , Penang .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It is Time for the Young Leaders.

As per my earlier blog which I wrote about the world now is in period 8 (2004 to 2023) whereby more and more young men will be the leaders in any organization. The result from the recent UMNO election, as well as MCA and DAP told us so, except MIC!! I am bit concern about the future of MIC.
If you look around the world, a lot of the older leaders will have to give way to the younger generation as this is period 8 (2004 to 2023) and this is the period time for the young men to shine according to the Later Heaven Baqua. According to Later Heaven Baqua, no. 8 star is at the North-East sector of the Baqua which the place for the youngest son.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


三月初九为清明节正日因此无所谓什么生肖的孝子都可以百無禁忌的去扫墓.但如是其他天那就要视那天可否适合去扫墓. 如那天为酉日,那生肖免者最好另选其他日子去扫墓. 住家为阳宅而墓地为阴宅. 如墳墓破损将影响其后代. 墓地也不可冲路. 墓地的风水极可以影响其后代的运气.
4 April 2009 is the real day for Ching Ming, thus it is fine for all to go to the cemetery on that day. However, if it is not the real Ching Ming Day, then we have to know whether it is auspicious for us to do so. For instance, if it is the day of rooster, those that were born in the year of rabbit better avoid that day as rooster is against rabbit. Our house is considered as the 'yang resident' and the tomb is the 'ying resident'. The feng shui of the tomb is crucial and we cannot ignore its importance as its feng shui will influence the luck of the next generation.

墓地四周圍的山的风水极为重要. 是否有好的青龙, 是否有破山都会影响阴宅的风水. 好的山不应该有许多大石头.
The feng shui of the surrounding of the tomb is critical. It is better to higher 'green dragon' hill on the left hand side of the tomb. The nearby hills should be the hills with greenly plants and not the hills with a lot of rocks. It is even worst, if you is a 'broken hill'. (I am going to write an article about the hills in Penang.)
许多人犯了一个大忌, 那就是把旗插在墳墓, 这就如把旗插在先人上!
A lot of people stick a lot of small flats onto the tomb. It is a wrong practice.
墓地的水流的也很重要. 如有反弓水不会是好风水. 除此之外, 墓碑前的明堂也不可忽略.
The water flow around the tomb is equally important. If it is a 'bend bow river' type of water flow, it is inauspicious feng shui. Also, there should be ample space in front of the tomb.
墓地也不可冲路. The tomb should not face a road.
如墳墓破损将影响其后代 If the tomb is not properly maintained, it is effect the next generation.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My University, University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

I was delighted to know from someone who is from the tertiary education industry that the university that I graduated from, the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, is now ranged the 6th best university in engineering in the whole United Kingdom. It is really great, isn’t it? Well done, Strathclyde! Whenever I recall the sweet memory I had in Glasgow, I feel very warm but I lost all the contacts of my university mates after I shifted to the new house. Scottish is a friendly race and it is a nice country to stay in.

A lot of people asked me why I left my profession as engineer to be a feng shui master. I told them repeatedly that after years of exposure on the subject of feng shui, I began to find myself intrigued by its relevancy to our lives and my love for oriental astrology grew deeper and deeper each day. This knowledge is such a great treasure that has been passed down by our ancestors. I am not the one who wants to make lots of money through the astrology even though I have many chances to do so. My belief is help others with whatever I learnt and earns what I should for my living. I am still a poor feng shui master. I am not driving a BMW but a Toyota Avanza. I am not staying in bungalow but an apartment. The picture that you see in my website and book was taken outside my apartment.