Monday, June 29, 2009

The faces of Michael Jackson

This is how Michael Jackson look like without plastic surgery.

It is depressing to learn that Michael Jackson has left us forever to rest in peace.
I read from the newspaper today to know that the above picture is how Michael will look like without the stupid plastic surgeries. Deep inside, I feel that he should live longer and happily if he did not 'damage' his face. This is because his original face is good in term of astrology face reading.
Again, I want to extract from my next coming book.....

1. Whether plastic surgery helps?
The answer is YES. From my many years of analysis of those who have undergone proper plastic surgery at the appropriate part of the face, these people managed to enjoy a better life. However, this needs to done by a professional surgeon and the corrective surgery is done on an auspicious date.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lets Go Back to the Basic of Feng Shui

Dirty Sungai Pinang

Lets go back to the basic of feng shui by first understand what is feng and what is shui. In Chinese, it basically means wind and water. Thus, by having good wind and good water then the place has good feng shui.
We will not go wrong if we go back to the basic. It is similar to "If you do not understand a complicated mechanical engineering theory, then go back to the Newton Law i.e. the basic."
Good wind means that you have good air. If your place has good air, then the qi or the magnetic energy is auspicious. It also means that with a balanced energy i.e. neither too yang nor too yin a place, then the place has better feng. In another word, it means if the place is neither too bright nor too dark, or neither has too much of positive energy with too much of Sun light nor has too much of negative energy whereby there is no light at all in a place, then the feng is good. In short, it basically means ‘balancing of qi’. Who will like to stay at a place where the air is dirty and smelly? Hence, I always said in my seminars that if you want to have better feng shui in your house, just go back and clean out your house and your house will automatically have better feng shui than before. This is because dust is 2 black and it is bad in term of feng shui.
Shui or water is equally crucial in the subject of feng shui. Shui creates wealth. Look around the world and you will notice, all the important cities are build beside the water. Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok and London and many more are next to BIG and CLEAR water.
In terms of development, Penang, the Pearl of the Oriental is still lacking behind compare to Singapore and Hong Kong. The sea surrounding the island is dirty due to pollution for the past years. Also, the sea level is more shallow compare to both the countries. Water is wealth. Thus, if the sea is not clear and clean, the luck of wealth will be relatively lower.
Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in the environment in order to achieve energy, harmony, and balance. The English translation of Feng shui is "the way of Wind (feng) and Water (shui)" or "the natural forces of the universe." Feng shui, derived from the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, has been practiced for thousands of years.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cover of my next book.

This is the front cover and back cover of my next book "How to Know a person through FACE READING?"

A simple book with real life easy-to-relate examples of more than 20 celebrities all over the world.

By reading this book, I will help to answer your questions on:-
Whether plastic surgery helps?
Can I remove the mole on my face?
How to know whether a woman will have problems in conceiving?
How to know whether it will be difficult to educate a child?
How to look for a rich man?
How to know whether a woman put sex as her first priority?
How to detect a potentially unscrupulous person?How to see whether a man will enjoy his old life?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forbidden City, Beijing.

I extracted a portion of an article in my earlier book, "How to Enhance your Wealth with Feng Shui?" about the 玉带环抱‘yu dai huan bao’ as below. Today, with the help of Google Earth, you could see that the application of the concept in the Forbidden City of Beijing whereby the Palace is located inside the bow and not facing the bow. The bow is the man-made river located at the entrance of the Palace as per the picture above which look like a bow. The Emperor was actually sitting at the exact North to look at His piece of land at the South as Beijing is located at the North of China.

The same concept can be seen at the Mid Valley Mega Mall which I have written about it earlier.

Here goes my earlier article in my book.....(I hope you can still get the book from the Popular Book Shop. Contact me if you cannot find it. I still have some copies with me.)

玉带环抱 ‘yu dai huan bao’ is like someone is hugging and protecting you. Jade belt was a belt worn by ranking officials in the old China. Hence, if you have a house located at the auspicious sector then your relationship with family members and people around you will be remarkable and your luck in terms of wealth will be excellent. However, if your house is located at the opposite side, then it is defined as 反弓水 bend bow water, which is an inauspicious location, then your luck in terms of wealth and relationship with others will not be prosperous.

Bow at the Forbidden City of Beijing, China
You will notice the application of the bow concept in the Forbidden City of Beijing, China whereby a men-made river is build like the shape of 弓 bow is designed at the entrance of the palace which is a design to protect the palace against any undesired qi. The palace is located inside the bow, so it is protected by the bow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Know a person through Face Reading?

I extract a part of my next book "How to Know a person through Face Reading?" , under the charter of 'How to detect a potentially unscrupulous person?'

• Bony face without much meat – immoral.
• Crooked nose – cunning and dishonest person.

Please click the below link to read the news about the man posted above....

Sunday, June 14, 2009


这位可爱的小宝宝我从未见过, 她的父母亲也我从未见过, 他们远在吉隆坡, 但我为她取名字, 好奇妙呀, 谢谢先进的互联网, 我只知道她的生辰八字, 宝宝已经逐渐长大, 已经是位可爱美人了. 希望有一天我能见到她.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Next Book

As per what I promised earlier, the below is my article about 'yin tang'. It is part of my next book with the title of "How To Know A Person Through Face Reading?" It will be published soon......

1. 印堂 yin tang, space between the eyebrows is a very crucial place on our face. It signals to us how the luck of the person is. If there is dark patch, the person will encounter huge problem. It governs our feeling greatly. If there is a scar, a mole or a line on the area, the person is a very negative thinking person and he or she is not happy.
2. Watch out for a person with both left and right eyebrows joint together. This person is usually oversensitive and will remember every single word that is uttered to him/her. The person who has such eyebrows tends to remember all matters in detail even though it is only a minor matter. Also, such a person tends to be vengeful and will take revenge when the opportunity presents itself even though the other person did not intentionally offend him/her. The person’s relationship with others is also not very pleasant.
3. If both the left and right eyebrows are wide apart, the person is too optimistic and tends to take things lightly. He or she is also easily cheated by others.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Feng Shui of Mid Valley Mega Mall

As what I promised earlier, I am going to share the feng shui of some of the well-known spots in Kuala Lumpur in my book and blog. I am able to do it with the help of the latest technology i.e. the 10 mega pixels digital camera and Google Earth. We can actually study feng shui in a better way with the help of the contemporary technology, isn't it? Thanks to Sam and Michael who have helped me to do so. Here goes my article about the Mid Valley.......

Mid Valley Shopping Mall is a renowned commercial and business shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur. The traffic flow around the shopping mall is like a jade belt surrounds the waist of an officer 玉带环抱. The roads that surround the mall form a circle around the mall. Thus, all the qi is surrounding the building. It is auspicious in term of feng shui as it is like someone is protecting the Mid Valley Shopping Mall by hugging it. Thus, the mall is enjoying good business and it manages to attract the crowd. On top of that, at the side of the shopping mall, next to the Garden Hotel is actually the Klang River and the flow of the river is exactly the jade belt surrounds the waist of an officer 玉带环抱. The mall has all the玉带环抱 jade belt surrounds the waist of an officer that it needs.