Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feng Shui of the kitchen

1.      The Feng Shui of the kitchen is particularly important. Kitchen is a vital place for the lady master and the stove represents the lady master thus it affects her luck the most. Therefore, the cleanliness of the stove is a must. Otherwise, it will create negative impact to the health of the family members, particularly the lady master.
2.      The South-West is the sector for the lady master; hence it is auspicious to have your kitchen located in the South-West of your house.
3.      The door of the kitchen and the door of the washroom should not be facing each other as the kitchen is a fire element and the washroom is a water element. When the fire is fighting against the water, the health and luck of the family members will not be pleasant. If the washroom is facing the kitchen, please place a divider in between. In the olden days, the washroom and kitchen were built separately outside the house, just like the old type of houses in China 四合院. The worst case is to have your stove facing the toilet!
4.      As the stove represents the lady master, there should not be two stoves in the kitchen. Otherwise, there will be two lady masters!
5.      Never place a mirror reflecting the stove as the mirrored image of the stove shows that there will be another lady master!
6.      The stove should not face the water tap nor should they be placed next to each other since fire is against water. If that is the case, block them with a divider or put a money plant in between. By doing this, water from the tap grows the money plant and subsequently the plant grows fire of the stove.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Feng Shui Audit at the Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam, Selangor

I have just come back from Klang Valley and have gone to the  Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam,Selangor for feng shui audit. I found that some of the units are facing the auspicious directions in period 8 i.e. SE3 142.5 - 157.5 degree and NW3 322.5 - 337.5 degree. 

As what I have mentioned in my book  page 27 - 28.

Year of Completion: 2004 - 2023 (Period 8 Properties)
Door Facing Direction (face NW & SE)

NE1 22.5 - 37.5
SW1 202.5- 217.5
SE3 142.5 - 157.5
NW3 322.5 - 337.5
NW2 307.5 - 322.5
SE2 127.5 - 142.5

If you can see water at the SW or E and hill/tall building at the NE will be good.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Singapore Feng Shui

The Fullerton Hotel which is the formal headquarter for Japanese Army when they ruled Singapore. As what I have said in the previous post, Japanese like to build building faces the East because they worship the Sun which you can notice from the flag of the Japan. It is because the Sun rises in the East. You would notice that the main entrance of the building is facing the East.

In my many articles, I have written about the River of Singapore and I like the way it has helped the feng shui of Singapore as water is wealth. It is like the month of Singapore and it is where the qi is to enter Singapore, month of qi. 

Look at the ArtScience Museum which looked like a lotus. Lotus is the symbol of purity and it is an auspicious plant.

Many say the Arts Centre looked like the durian fruit but I feel that it looked like pineapple which is 'Ong Lai' in Hokkien. 'Ong Lai' in Hokkien means prosperity.
 Hope to gain the wealth from the Merlion as water is wealth! Hahaha.....It is just a joke!

Built across the mouth of the Marina Channel, the Marina Barrage creates Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. The Marina Barrage is the result of former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s vision nearly two decades ago when he envisaged damming the mouth of the Marina Channel to create a freshwater reservoir.It illustrates again that Lee Kuan Yew takes the water of Singapore seriously and if you can control the water at the entrance of Singapore, you would be able to manage the wealth of the country.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I always tell others that the most valuable gift for me is when someone sms, call, email or tell me that "Master Lee, thank you so much for your help and you have really helped me a lot!" . It is the most precious gift for me which cannot be bought with money. The satisfaction and happiness that I enjoy from the words is more than money can buy. Thus, I always remind myself to practice good deed to others. Thank you so much.