Sunday, March 24, 2013

MASTER LEE 初级风水班 Master Lee Basic Feng Shui Class

Master Lee Basic Feng Shui Class
A lot of people wrote to me and asked me when can I conduct a feng shui class for them and promised them that I will do it when I find time.
Here go the plan:-
1. Objective of the class: A lot of people have the same feeling like me that they are confused when they start to learn feng shui as there are many schools of thought. Different feng shui masters will tell them different version of theories. As a matter of fact, a lot of times I have to spend a lot of my time explaining to my clients why other feng shui masters told them differently. Hence, it is important we go back to basic and core of feng shui. We will not go wrong if we go back to the basic. It is similar to "If you do not understand a complicated mechanical engineering theory, then go back to the Newton Law which is the basic for the mechanical engineering." I will bring you to the right place to start by understanding the core of feng shui through the truth of I-Ching, Bagua, 5 elements, yin and yang, hardware and software of feng shui which are called the luan tou and the li qi. There will be more to be learned from me personally in the class than through my book if time allowed. I think this class is going to be a good start for those new feng shui learners and feng shui lovers. 
2. Fee: RM138 per pax. My book with the title of “How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui?” will be given free of charge to you if you sign up for this class. The book will cost you RM36.80 if you purchase from the Popular book shops.
3. Teaching material: My book with the title of “How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui?” - 240 pages of highly useful knowledge and wisdom in feng shui that will help you to improve the quality of your life!
4. Date: 28 April 2012 Sunday Max 20 students. It is on first come first serve basis. NO MORE THAN 20 STUDENTS.
5. Time : 2.30pm to 5.00pm.
6. Venue: 65C, Lintang Angsana, Farlim, Bandar Baru Air Hitam, Penang. It can accommodate maximum 20 people in a class room.
7. Languages : English+Mandarin+Hokkien
8. How to enroll: email to and inform us that you wish to enroll for the class. Please inform us your contact no too. We will tell you what to do next.

日期:28-04-13 (星期日)
TEL 010-2911291
(赠送 MASTER LEE 风水书籍)
位子有限, 最多只收二十位学生

Monday, March 18, 2013

President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping

President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping

If you refer to my book HOW TO KNOW A PERSON THROUGH FACE READING?, I said that:-

1. The Cheek represents what you own, your authority and power. If there is a mole, scar or line on the cheek, it shows a removal of power and authority. The nose represents the health and wealth of a person. 鼻为君,为臣,君强需臣来相辅佐 The nose is ‘king’ whereas the cheeks are ‘his ministers’. A good nose should come with good cheeks. The cheeks will assist the nose in obtaining excellent wealth. 
A good cheek should be meaty and moderately high. This indicates that the person will be in control of what he or she has in possession and he or she is a very powerful man or woman. 
2. The Chin shows your luck in getting support from your staff. A broad chin indicates that you will always have support from them and it also shows that you will not be lonely during your old age as your family members, your children and grandchildren are always around you.
3. A person with thin eyebrows is normally a person tend to look into the details of all matters. They are fussier.  However, very often, people with thin eyebrows are very intelligent.
4. People with small eyes are normally those who are more cautious and 爱情专一 faithful to their lover. They normally have better analytical skills. The person tends to look into the details of all matters even though the matter may not be very important.
5. Fang ling is the two lines just beside our mouth. The features of the Fang ling can be an indication of how influential a person is. If the fang ling is deep and far apart from the mouth, it forms a bell shape. A person with such fang ling, is a very influential leader and he or she enjoys high status in society. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


The below article will be published in 风水报 soon......

來自檳城亞依淡的李青和老師表示,許多人在買公寓的時候都出現迷思,他們認為,住公寓的樓層越高,視野和空氣也越好,從風水角度來看,這當然也是最好的。李老師說:“買公寓的時候,首先要以主人的向旺方為重點,再來根據自身的磁場作出考量。比方說,一個人的生辰八字所需要的五行為木, 那他住在露台向東或東南的公寓較好。如果需要的五行為水,則露台向北為佳;需要火,露台向南;需要土,露台向東北方或西南方;而需要金的話,露台就要向著西北方或西方。
李老師解釋:“每一層都有不同的磁場,不是越高就越好。當然,樓層高的話,視野和空氣都是好的,但如果面對不美的環境,或是太近佛寺、醫院、墳場等地,買公寓的時候就要注意了。在这个时运你所選擇的公寓樓層,首選該是2樓、 7樓、 12樓、 17樓……以此類推; 次選為3樓、8樓、 13樓、 18樓……以此類推。”
如果你住較低的樓層,不必擔心,李老師表示,最低的樓層比較容易接收地氣,對人來說是好的。“最低的樓層磁場變動沒這麼多,況且也要以主人的向旺方為重點,所以每個人適合的樓層都不一樣。其實從歷史來看, 人總是離不開地, 天、人、地是惜惜相關的, 如果可以住在地上房子,接近地氣也是會比較好的。”
有些人擔心,公寓旁如果出現更高的公寓,是否就會影響自家的風水呢?李老師說,如果公寓旁出現高樓大廈, 也要看它會造成什麼煞氣,如果建得太過靠邊會形成無形的壓迫感, 如果沒對正著,則影響不多

現今流行一種無房式的studio suit,約400-500平方尺,適合進行風水佈局嗎?李老師說:“Studio Suit大多為年青人所喜,只要是沒有缺角方方正正就可以了


他說:“住在公寓的話,大門不能正面對電梯,否則會相冲,影響財運。如果無法避免的話,就要掛風水物品如八卦凸镜來化解, 其实我们不应该轻视八卦的功能因为八卦本身其实包含着易经里的伟大的学问。”



“沙發最好要擺在大廳, 而主座應該放在可以看到大門的地方,這代表主人可以控制一切。有任何人走進屋子,而主人正好就坐在主座沙發上的話, 就能夠看得清清楚楚。還要注意的是,沙發要有靠,如果沙發無法靠著牆壁,可把屏風或是櫥櫃放在沙發後方以作依靠。”

有些人為了達到美觀,在家中客廳添加鏡子以達到空間加大的視覺效果,李老師卻對此做法不甚贊同。他說:“千萬不要在客廳胡亂添加鏡子,如果放錯地方的話,對風水可能產生反效果。镜子千万别对着大门或阳台. 镜子也不可对着炉灶和睡床。”

 至於牆壁用什麼顏色,最好先研究公寓的坐向, 主人所需的五行,再用九宮飛星而定。





1.      英国史得凯大学第一级荣誉机械工程学士。
2.      曾在槟城跨国大公司担任工程师, 继而升为部门经理。
3.      主持Penang Feng Shui东方玄学专长于风水学, 八字学, 姓名学及面相学。
4.      主持Penang Feng Shui部落格。

李青和老师出身于槟城州。 双亲为小贩。 早年就读于钟灵中学时是学校里的活跃分子, 他更是学校里许多学会的领袖人物. 毕业于钟灵中学后, 他成功进入柔佛工艺大学就读机械工程, 继而成功获得奖学金前往英国完成他的学业。
他以第一级荣誉学士优异的成绩毕业于英国史得凯大学. 当时他是可以选择留在英国继续深造, 但他却选择了祖国. 回归祖国后, 李青和老师在槟城跨国大公司担任工程师, 继而升为部门经理.
他对东方玄学的兴趣也在他当任工程师时开始, 并对这门扑朔迷离的学问产生了浓厚的兴趣, 经过多年的研究学习, 他对东方玄学的兴趣可说是爱不释手, 并常希望从科学性的角度来研究分析。由于他那对教育理想的执著,他希望能与人分享这门学问,因此他常受邀到许多跨国大公司主办他的玄学讲座会。李青和老师的东方玄学专长为风水学, 八字学, 姓名学及面相学。他也出版了好几本有关玄学的书.

多年的实战经验, 李青和老师最满足的不是赚取丰厚的利润而是当他看到一位失婚而闹自杀的妇人重新站起来, 一位完全失去信心的少女充满自信的走出他的办公室, 还有很多很多故事.....都经过李青和老师的以玄学指点而重新出发。 他让他们明白什么是命运.他们都说,"你为什么那么玄? 那是我的秘密, 我不曾告诉别人." 他告诉他们, "这不是玄, 这是几千年前我们的祖先已经告诉了我们只不过是我们都不会用罢了.我可以帮助你是因为我们有缘." 李青和老师也常通过他的部落格 发表他在东方玄学的研究. 





那也是为什么古老研究例如瑜伽,气功,风水,周易, 子兵法等都变得越来越普遍。 如果您真正地了解他们,您发现他们是很实际的一门学问。我是在真正地了解风水和许多东方古老学问之后才开始爱上他们. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Attack of the Sulu Army to Sabah

A client in Lahat Datu, Sabah who came to Penang to listen to my talk called me up and said my prediction is very accurate.

The below were my predictions but seem that I have underestimated it. The 三碧 and 三煞 argument stars really showed its influences in the East:-

I predicted:-

The political situation at the East of Malaysia is going to be in a mess after the general election.

The worst star now, 5 yellow enters to the middle of the chart. There will be unwanted terrorist occurs at the Middle East.

The mess has already happened in the East Malaysia and the terrorist is not ONLY happen in the Middle East.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Glad to see the overwhelming response to my talk at PISA

Glad to see the overwhelming response to my talk at PISA (Penang International Stadium Arena) for the Mega Home Electrical & Home Fair.

The audience responded well to the title of the talk "从科学角度来分析生辰八字和风水对人的影响", " What are the scientific influences of feng shui and bazi analysis to our luck?"

Friday, March 1, 2013

Feng Shui Talk at Mega Home Electrical & Home Fair

See you at PISA (Penang International Stadium Arena) tomorrow Saturday 2 March 2013 6:00pm to 7:00pm. I am going to conduct a feng shui talk there.  The title of the talk is "从科学角度来分析生辰八字和风水对人的影响", " What are the scientific influences of feng shui and bazi analysis to our luck?"

I shall bring my books there, hence if you wish to get my books with up to 25% discount, please do not miss this opportunity.