Monday, January 31, 2011

I m in New Straits Times Newspaper 31 Jan 2011

The pictures were taken 2 years and I have already put on weight and have more white hair. Hahahaha.... Please click the New Straits Times Newspaper Online Link to read the interview. Thanks.

My Prediction for 2011 the year of Rabbit (part 5)

President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev and the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin

The recent bomb at the Moscow Airport

文房四宝Chinese Ancient Study Tools

The Russians are going to expect political instability or terrorism as the argument star no 3 is going to be at the North of the annual flying star chart. It is obvious that the president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev is having conflict with the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. The recent bomb at the Moscow Airport could be the sign for it. Do you know the First World War 1914 - 18 occured during period 3 ? Period 3 was from 1904 to 1923. Hence, you should realize the power of the flying star 3 which is the star of argument 三碧禄存星 now? Please do not confuse the star of argument 三碧禄存星 with the 3 killing 三煞.

If your main door is located at the North sector of your house or your bedroom is located at the North, you will expect a year with argument. To minimize it, place a red carpet at the North of your house. You will see the difference with a simple red carpet which do not cost you much.

Please refer to my book, “How to live a better life with Good Feng Shui?” for more details.

South West was not a good place in the year of tiger but South West is a good place in the year of rabbit. It is a place of the 文昌位 intelligence and if you are a student, you could utilize the place for studying or place a 文房四宝 Chinese Ancient Study Tools at the South West of your house. South West is an excellent place in 2011 and we should go forward to the South West.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I was quoted by Star Newspaper for saying.....

As for Feng Shui master Lee Cheng Hoe, he said that the Year of Rabbit would be full of romances or “tao hua yun” (luck with the opposite sex).

“It might be a good year for those who are looking for partners or to settle down but for those who are already married, beware of any temptation. There are three other animals in the Chinese zodiac that symbolise romance. They are the rooster, horse and rat, ” he said.

He added that many people have the wrong concept that if it is considered a good year generally, then it is the right time to be married.

“Getting married is not a matter of a good year. It also involves the Ba Zi or the four pillars in the birthdays of the couple.

“We have to analyse these in detail,” he said.

He also advised for a mental attitude in seeing things positively instead of letting one’s life to be ruled by superstition.

Horoscope 2011 for Rooster

Please allow me to say something that not relevant to the topic today i.e. I was told by the Assistant News Editor of New Straits Times that her interview with me will be published on Monday 31/1/11 . Hope that everything will work out fine.

踏入兔年, 你冲太岁. 要在立春日4/2/2011前到太岁庙作福,有助驱散凶星的缠扰。
‘岁破’,’阑干’等凶星对你的事业伤害性最大。’岁破’主不安宁,代表公司里风风雨雨,是非多多,阑干主事停滞 ,兼逢’大耗星’,注定要破大财,不易积聚财富之外,偶一不慎,更容易跌入骗徒的圈套,以至破财损财。有投资的朋友必须加倍留神,切无误信朋友之言,胡乱购入没有实力的股票。
’囚獄’代表失去自由, 可能被囚在医院.
When you step into the year of rabbit, your luck may not be very promising. It is advisable for you to go to the temple or church in the beginning of spring before 4/2/2011 to pray for good fortune and it is helpful to dispel the disturbance of the fearful star.
‘Sui Po’, the fearful stars such as ‘Lan Gan’ is bad stars. The Star of ‘Sui Po’ is a not peaceful star. It represents the hardships in this year.
Simultaneously, there is a star of ‘Da Hao Xing’, which indicating a leak of wealth and do not easy to gather wealth. You may suffer unexpected personal financial losses. You have to be careful in any investment. You may purchase carelessly the stock that has no potential to grow.
Rooster may lose your freedom and may have to stay in a hospital.

Hahaha.. I vs Red Hot Undergarments

Hahaha.....yesterday, Star Newspaper reporter, Ann Tan called me up to check with me whether wearing red undergarments is able to bring us good luck during the Chinese New Year and I said....

Friday January 28, 2011
Red undies all the rage

RED and purple undergarments are popular among Penangites this Chinese New Year.

Many Chinese believe it is good luck to wear red and purple during Chinese New Year.

Roadside trader Anny Lim, 50, said she had seen more demand for the coloured under-garments that she imported from Thailand .

“I have brought in 100 sets three times and sales have been very good.

“People also like purple thanks to a beve-rage television commercial promoting purple as the extreme red,” she quipped.

People are also buying red bras with a tube design that covers their cleavage but is still visible when wearing a low-cut blouse.

At Sunshine Square in Bayan Baru, lingerie department buyer Tan Siew Tuan, 36, said red undergarments with lace and gold em-broidery are hot items.

“People believe wearing red undergarments at the stroke of midnight to usher the Chinese New Year, coupled with red pyjamas, will bring them good luck and prosperity,” she said.

Even the men are snapping up red underwear for the New Year.

Sunshine’s business processing depart- ment head Nicholas Ong said people wear the colour because they believe it is good feng shui.

Sales executive Lim Hui Zhen, 42, said she would always buy red underwear to bring ‘ong’ (prosperity in Hokkien).

However, feng shui master Lee Cheng Hoe said he did not think wearing red is lucky in terms of feng shui.

“It is just a belief among the Chinese. We tend to confuse belief with custom and religion,” he said.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Prediction for 2011 the year of Rabbit (part 4)

Fortune Water 安忍水

The East region is the worst area in 2011 after 4/2/11 12.33pm 立春“Li Choon” date as this is the place for the 5 yellow 五黃and grand duke 太岁 coincidentally; hence I predict that there will be disasters and diseases in Japan as Japan is located at the East of the World. On top of that, the economy of Japan is going to see negative impact.
Please place a fortune water 安忍水 which have old coins and water in it at the East of your house. This is because the grand duke 太岁 for this year is the rabbit and rabbit is an animal of plant element. We cannot harm the grand duke 太岁with a metal element as a metal axe could chop down a tree (plant element). Thus, we use metal (old coins) to reduce the energy of the 5 yellow 五黃 which is earth element. Subsequently, we use the water to grow the plant as the grand duke 太岁. You have to do it for your house if your main door is located at the East or your bedroom is at the East of the house. Please contact my brother 016-4208378 for appointment if you wish to get a set of fortune water 安忍. No renovation is to be taken place at the East sector of your house. The East of Malaysia which is the Sabah and Sarawak are going be not very stable either in 2011.
Look like the economy of China and United States are going to see improvement as the flying star no 9 (happiness event star) is going to be at the West and flying star no 1 (romance star) will be at the North East. These two flying stars are the future stars after period 8 (2004 – 2023) thus they are the prince and princess who are going to be King and Queen that in power or in control in future, therefore they are the auspicious stars. However, as the flying star no 1 is the water element star, hence there might be serious flood in China as there will be too much of water there. Nevertheless, ‘three killing 三煞’will appear at the West. It will make the journey to recovery of the United States and Europe harder and it may not be smooth either. Hence, don't be too optimistic about the economy of the world in 2011. The United States and Europe are located at the West of the world and China is at the North East of the world. To minimize the impact of the ‘three killing 三煞’, you can place 3 qin ling at the West.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Horoscope for Monkey in 2011

‘月德’:乃太阴之德,功能与天德略同而稍逊。入命,主福分深厚,长寿,不犯官刑。月德是阴德,其功效隐密。’月德’是一颗强而有力的贵人星. 也见’玉堂星’出现, ’玉堂星’是一颗一级吉星,主有贵人助运.
‘地解’是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,但需要先见凶而后化吉. 你的事业将会更进一步。
但同时有’劫煞’, ’劫煞’主徒劳无功,做事大多事倍功半,甚至白费气力。因此虽得上司赞赏, 但工作较辛苦.

‘Yue De’ is a good fortune star which prolongs one’s life and prevents one from committing any official punishment. ‘Yue De’ is your powerful person star. There will many noblemen or helps available whenever you require helps.
‘Di Xie’ is in your life palace. They are to turn the ill luck into the good luck. But you have to see bad one first before you meet with the lucky one.
The star of ‘Si Fu Xing’ represents you may encounter some argument in work with other staffs. This will cause the delay in the completion of the tasks that assigned by your boss and will make your boss unsatisfied with your performance. Another condition is your colleague may try to strive for good performance and back-stab you and this causes every work that you have done ends up in a complete mess and your effort finally is irrevocability lost.
However, please be aware of the star of ‘Jie Sha’ as this is star that will come in and jeopardize your task when it is close to the time of success. Even though your superior appreciates your effort however there will be a waste of time in completing your task. In another word, you have to work hard as well.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

House Shifting and Earth Breaking Ceremonies after 4 Feb 2011 立春

4 Feb 2011 12.33pm立春 is the actual day and time for us to enter into the year of rabbit辛卯年 not the 1st day of Chinese New Year 3 Feb 2011 正月初一. Thus, the baby who is born before 4 Feb 2011 12.33pm is a tiger not a rabbit anymore.
If you are going to shift to your new house, you have to select an auspicious date & time according to the bazi (time of birth) of the family members. After the date has been determined, a simple ceremony can be carried out. It is vital to conduct the ceremony to show our respect to the Earth and the surrounding.
1. Firstly, prepare 4 sets of fruits (apple, Mandarin orange, banana and pear), some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea.
2. Put the things at 4 different locations i.e. North West, South East, North East and South West of your house. Hence, there should be 4 sets of fruits, some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea at 4 different locations respectively.
3. For those who use joss stick, pray and put them onto the fruits until they have completed burning. For those who do not use joss stick, just pray at the sectors.
4. The schedule of praying is from North West; follow by South East, then North East and lastly the South West.
5. After you have prayed at the 4 corners then you should place 柴米油鹽酱醋茶 cooking material such as rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea leaves into the kitchen. Subsequently, boil a kettle of water or cook something to symbolize that you have started to occupy the kitchen and the house.
6. The above steps 1-4 are also to be done for the Earth Breaking Ceremony, accept there should be another additional step on top of the steps mentioned above i.e. break a small piece of the wall.
However, after 4 Feb 2011, you should avoid breaking the wall at the below locations:-
1. East sectors of your house – 5 yellow 五黃位.
2. West sectors of your house – 3 killings 三煞位
3. 82.5 – 97.5 degree of your house – 卯 Grand Duke 太岁位
4. 262.5 – 277.5 degree of your house – 酉Year breaker岁破位
Please refer to page 211 of my book, “How to Enjoy your life with Good Feng Shui?” page 208 - 212 for details.
In fact you should avoid renovate the above locations if possible. However, if you have to renovate the above locations, then it is better for you to start ‘touching’ other sectors first before you ‘knock’ or break the wall of the above mentioned locations. I would like to suggest you to avoid the East and West in 2011 when you conduct the earth breaking ceremony.
It is crucial to maintain a peaceful mind when the ceremony is being carried out. No argument should be taken place during the ceremony. Pray with a sincere and pure heart.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Property Outlook and Feng Shui Talks 2011 at the Setia Pearl Island

I really enjoyed the afternoon session with SP Setia which Mr Ho Chin Soon and Dr Teoh Poh Huat have done an excellent job in sharing the valuable information about the property industry. Thank you so much SP Setia for inviting me for the seminar.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When To ReStart Your Business Or Work after Chinese New Year? 开市

People started to call me to check with me when is the right date for them to restart your business or works after the Chinese New Year. Before I'm getting more calls, I think I better post it now:-

Auspicious Date (You can pick a suitable date for yourself)
1. 6/2/11 Sunday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of DOG)
2. 7/2/11 Monday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of PIG)
3. 8/2/11 Tuesday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of RAT)
4. 9/2/11 Wednesday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of OX)
5. 12/2/11 Saturday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of DRAGON)
6. 14/2/11 Monday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of HORSE)
7. 16/2/11 Wednesday (It is not suitable for those who was born in the year of MONKEY)
It will be superb for those companies which are getting the lion dance or dragon dance on 'the day of restart' to activate the auspicious qi and avoid the inauspicious qi. It symbolizes a fabulous start!
Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year in advance!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Horoscope for Goat in 2011

‘天解星’是一颗逢凶化吉星,它的功用能化解一切灾难.官非和疾病. ’天解’出现在你的命宫,当能为你化解是非缠绕。
’解神’是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,但需要先见凶而后化吉. 你的事业将会更进一步。由于你得到’八座’吉星护航,代表你工作职位有所提升,有机会统领下属,渐渐在声望上凌驾他人。八座通常需要配合其他吉星才能发挥最大助力.
‘华盖’主才华因此今年从事艺术创作, 写作或娱乐事业者将有机会发挥优势.
可惜,流年命宫同时出现’五鬼’, ‘官符’. ‘官符’主有官非诉讼,代表流年与人合伙业不利,易有口舌和官非之灾。

For goat, you will find that there is the appearance of ‘San Tai’ and it is your powerful helper star, which means you can achieve what you aim for. ‘San Tai’ is good for career promotion and excellent achievement in the examination. Thus, this is a year that you will have the opportunity of promotion and getting flying colors result.
‘Tian Xie Xing’ is a good star. Its function is to dissolve all disasters and diseases. On top of that, the appearance of ‘Tian Xie’ in your life palace can help you in dissolving the arguments that may occur.
‘Xie Shen’ is in your life palace. They are to turn the ill luck into the good luck. But you have to see bad one first before you meet with the lucky one.
Since you get the lucky star escort of ‘Ba Zuo’, represent there will be a promotion. You will override others gradually on popularity. However, the ‘Ba Zuo’ needs to suit other lucky stars in order to play a bigger role.
The talent of goat will be excellent this year. If you are engaging in artistic creation such as writing, drawing, singing or other talent, you will have more advantage this year.
However, you will feel the loneliness too. For those married couple, your spouse may always not at home. For those who are still single, it is unlikely for you to find your lover this year.
Unfortunately, there are also ‘Wu Gui’ and ‘Guan Fu’. ‘Guan Fu’ is a star of argument and may have some legal problem.
Having the fearful star of ‘Xue Ren’ to appear in life palace, it is a star that illustrates one will suffer unexpected personal financial losses star and disasters as well. You have to make any investment with careful consideration. On top of that, please take extra care of your health and your safety. Do drive carefully and ensure that you do regular exercises and consume healthy food.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Prediction for 2011 the year of Rabbit (part 3)

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When I predicted on 1 Dec 2009 that 2010 tiger year is Geng Yin Nian 庚寅年. Geng is golden and Yin is wood. Thus, 2010 is a good year for gold, fire and plant industries. It has proven that my prediction did come true when we noticed that the share market, banking, telecommunication and plantation industries are seeing fantastic results. We noticed that Public Bank, Maybank, Maxis, Digi and etc are showing marvellous result. We are going to anticipate the similar for the year of rabbit as 2011 is 辛卯年 golden and wood year again. Please refer to my free e-book for the industries of the related elements.

Also, the year of rabbit is the year that full of romance and I predict that there will be more celebrities to announce their wedding news other than the Prince William and Kate. However, at the same times, there will be more sex scandal due to the fact that the flying star no 7 is entering into the central of the annual flying star chart which is the 破軍 (broken army).

It is a year for the men and women to fall in love easily and couple wants to get married. However, due to the strong romance, it is advisable for those married couple to avoid the 'unnecessary romance'!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Horoscope for Horse in 2011

流年见’太阴星’出现. 太阴星’出现是一颗强力的贵人星. 今年有贵人相助尤其是女贵人.
今年有’天喜’星出现, ’天喜’星为快乐的星, 主有喜事和愉快事情发生.

There is a ‘Tai Yin Xing‘appears for the horse. This is an auspicious star which means that you will have good help especially from the female.
The star of ‘Tian Xi’ is happy star. You may expect to enjoy some happy events.
Furthermore, there will be helps available this year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Feng Shui Talk at the Setia Pearl Island Country Club

For those who wish to see me in person, you may call SP Setia at 604-641225 to reserve a seat for the talk on the feng shui outlook for 2011. I was told that the above advertisement will be published in the Star Newspaper on next Wednesday 12 Jan 11.

Seats are limited to the 1st 500 registrants who call SP Setia at 641 2255.
Details of the function:

Date: Sunday, 16th Jan 2010
Venue: L1 Ballroom, Setia Pearl Island Country Club

The Program:
1.00pm - 2pm Arrival of Guests for registration and video presentation of various S P Setia projects in Penang
2.00pm 1st Speaker - Mr Ho Chin Soon
3.00pm 2nd Speaker – Dr Teoh Poh Huat
4.00pm 3rd Speaker – Master Lee Cheng Hoe
5.00pm Light refreshment

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is the Sarawak Government Clean?

Kuching River

In feng shui, we say 山管人丁水管财, 有好山就有好人才. 有好水就有好财富. The mountain governs the people and the water governs the wealth.
I was told that, “Sungai Pinang should be widened and deepened, in crooking shape. It happened in Singapore that it took 10 years for Singapore to clear Singapore River (even worse than Penang River) since 1977 when at that time, most of Singaporeans laughed at Lee Kuan Yew on the possibility to clear Singapore River.”

In fact, to determine the corruption degree in an area, what you have to do is to check the cleanliness of the water there. If the government is very determined to clean up the rivers or seas in the country then it shows that the degree of seriousness of the government in fighting the corruption. Thus, look around and determine for yourself whether the governments of the Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Penang, Kuching and Kuala Lumpur are determined enough to fight the corruption?

May be you should compare the second longest river in China, the 黃河 Yellow River with the sea at the Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong and also the River of Singapore to find out your answer yourself.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Prediction for 2011 the year of Rabbit (part 2)

For the shops which the 收银处 cashier counter is located at the North West of the shop, you are going to enjoy good wealth as the wealth star which is the in-control star no 8 is going to be at the North West. Also, if the Finance Department is located at the North West of your office, then your company is going to have excellent wealth gain in 2011.

Same theory is applied to the houses where the main doors are located at the North West. Thus, enhance your wealth by placing a clock and a fan there to enhance the good wealth. If your main door is located at the North West, open it wide enough to welcome the auspicious qi. In order to further enhance the ability to gain wealth and to keep your money well, place a treasure bowl as per the pictures above which is made by placing a large crystal ball at the middle of the bowl, then place the different colours crystal balls at the side of it. The crystal balls represent the 5 elements which are the water, plant, fire, earth and gold with 5 different colours. They are placed in such a way that they could produce or grow each other respectively. For instance, water will grow plant; plant will produce fire and so on and so for. Due to the fact that flying star no 8 is the ruling star in period 8 (year 2004 to 2023) and it is a star of earth element, crystal is the right choice to be placed at the North West after 4/2/11 12.33pm.

Please kindly contact my brother, Mr. Lee 016-4208378 if you wish to have a treasure bowl. Thanks…..