Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Man Ba Zi

男生于1969 年 11月25日4.30am

妻宫见辰为官符煞, 会因妻而有官非或是非.





此人有做官和做老板命. 如做伙计, 将得上司提拔.

见食神, 因食神生财所以有财.

31 – 36 岁发一大财.


2007年远较差, 今年丁亥年亥为驿马孤神所以常移动及弧度.2008年较好, 可以结婚.

财位在西方(申), 建禄(寅的对面)

亥 – 词馆(语言能力强,有口才)

巳 – 学堂(与学府有缘)

寅 – 劫煞(小心虎年)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feng Shui Pa Gua

巽读为训. 代表长女和东南方. 命卦为2. 木.
离代表三女和南方. 命卦为3. 火.
坤代表母亲或女主人和西南方. 命卦为1. 土.
震代表长子和东方. 命卦为8. 木.
艮读为更. 代表小儿子和东北方. 命卦为6. 土.
坎代表二儿子和北方. 命卦为7. 水.
乾代表父亲或男主人和西北方. 命卦为9. 金.
兑读为对. 代表小女和西方. 命卦为4. 金.

From here, we can see why in term of feng shui, our house has to be square and not missing any corner because for instance, if the east part of your house goes missing, your eldest son will go missing i.e. you have no eldest son.

Friday, September 7, 2007


The very important basic of feng shui is to understand the elements. The elements include wood, fire, earth, gold and water.

1. Water will grow plant because plant needs water in order to grow. However, water resists fire as water put out fire.

2. Wood grows fire because we use wood to light up fire. But, wood resists earth as the root of plant grows into the earth and break it.

3. Fire grows earth because if you burn something, it will burn to become earth. Nevertheless, fire resists gold as fire will melt metal.

4. Earth grows gold as earth has metal inside it. All metal is considered as gold in the term of feng shui. But, earth resists water as stone/earth resists the smooth flow of water.

5. Gold grows water as gold will become liquid after heating. But, gold resists wood as we use metal axe to chop down a tree.

Where should I sit?

  • Never sit with a door or a window behind your back. You will get stabbed and played out soon.
  • If you sit with your back behind a window, do make sure that the window is facing a building that can act as a firm support. Other than that, you can hang a picture of a mountain at the back of your sit.
  • If you are a boss, North west is your area. Put a chinese character 乾 there to enhance your luck because 乾 is the master.
  • If you are a lady who help your husband in his business, South west is your area. Put chinese character 坤 there as 坤 is the lady master.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Where is your wealth?

A lot of us will ask what can we do to enhance our luck in getting wealth. In term of feng shui, the main wealth corner for this year is at the South-west and the 2nd wealth area is the East because the flying star 8 & 9 are at that corners. Hence, to enhance your wealth, put water at the South-west and East corner of your house and office. Feng shui is talking the place you spend your time most. Thus, if you spend more time in office, pay more attention to your office. The place that we have to take particular care is our bedroom because you spend averagely 8 hours in it.


1. If you are born with in 8 Nov to 18 Feb, you are born in winter according to China calendar that is water element, Thus, you need fire to warm you up. Red, pink & orange represent fire element.
2. If you are born with in 19 Feb to 4 May, you are born in spring according to China calendar that is plant element. Spring is the time all the plants and flowers grow. Thus, you need gold/metal to balance it. Gold, silver and white represent metal element.
3. If you are born with in 5 May to 7 Aug, you are born in summer that is fire element which is very hot, thus, you need water to cool it down. Blue and black represent water element.
4. If you are born with in 8 Aug to 7 Nov, you are born in autumn that is metal element, thus, you need plant element color.

Rooster Luck

It is fine whether you belief it or not but you can keep it as your reference.

Basing on my research, rooster is very strong in 桃花 and we are very stubborn.

This year, the year of pig 亥, we have the luck of ‘moving about’ i.e. changing job, migrating, traveling or shifting house. In general, rooster tends to ‘move’ in the month of Nov 亥月(Chinese calendar) and you always cannot stay at home from 9pm to 11pm亥时. This applies not only to the year of pig but in general. However, the pig year also a lonely year for you but you are strong in religion belief on this particular year. At the same time, you are strong in sexual demand.

Next year is a very happy year for you as rat 子brings abundant of happiness to you. You will have a lot of happy occasions to celebrate 天喜年. We will have new born babies, marriage weddings and many celebrations 喜事. Roosters tend to get your happiness from 11pm to 1am子时daily and in the month of Dec 子月.

The year of cow 丑年 is the year that we can show our talent and we are good in convincing others.

The years that not that good for us are rooster year 犯太岁, rabbit year 冲太岁, monkey year – 多是非and tiger year. From my research, tiger is very bad for you. Thus, do not keep cat as your pet. But, monkey and tiger years are good for a rooster lawyer. He needs all the arguments to be good.

Of course, all the above are just a reference basing on the rooster feature. It can be inaccurate until your bazi 八字is disclosed. Bazi means your date and time of birth (year, month, day and time).

Feng Shui

古人说: 一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德就能改命运.

For man, I have done some studies to further enhance the romance luck. The below feng shui theory might work:-
左青龙 - represents men.
右白虎 - represents women.
前朱雀 - Phoenix represents your front shd be ample of empty spaces 明堂要大.
后玄武 - represent your back shd have 靠山.

Thus, you shd put a flower plant in a vase at the right region of your house. The right region is identified when you are standing inside your house and facing the door, it is at your right hand side. You have to change the water in the vase daily and keep the area clean.Do not put roses 因为玫瑰有刺, 有刺的植物不放在屋内. Put it outside can help to prevent unwanted spirit though.八宅风水的生气位也是桃花位.