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Does Malaysian Government believes in Feng Shui?

《易經》 I-Ching


孔子深受《易經》的影响 Confucian had been influenced very much by I-Ching.

The word I 易in I-Ching means “Changes” is in fact in line with the Buddhism belief <无常> impermanence; transiency.

proton (yang) and electron (yin) in Atom

the Sun (yang) and the planets (yin)

Because of yin (female) and yang (male), there is reproduction in human being.

很多学问是原自于<易经>, 包括了风水学. 《易經》是中國最古老的文獻之一,並被儒家尊為「五經」之首. 有人認為《易經》流行於周朝故稱《周易》,亦有人依據《史记》的記載「文王拘而演周易」,認同《易經》乃周文王所著。其实《易經》原自于整六千年前的伏羲氏, 当时人类并没有文字, 他们靠的是符号. 《易經》里的阳爻__和阴爻- -就是那样来的. 因此有人稱《易經》为无字天书, 因为开始时它只有符号.

儒家奉《周易》、《尚書》、《詩經》、《禮記》、《春秋》為《五經》。《易經》的内容在春秋戰國時便已不易读懂,因此春秋戰國時代孔子撰写了《十翼》, 他为《易經》增加了十个翅膀, 他要把它给飞起来. 孔子深受《易經》的影响, 他的中心思想为<仁>, <仁>字来自《易經》里的阳爻__和阴爻--, 如果把阳爻__和阴爻- -倒过来写那就是<仁>字. 这是因为<仁>是必须阴阳配合, 一个人不可以太阳太刚烈, 或太阴太柔弱. 其实其原理与爱因斯坦的相对论相似, 都讲就平衡点, 不可以太多也不可以太少. 我常说<水能载舟, 也能覆舟>, 我们需要水来载舟, 但太多水也能覆舟.每件东西都要它的平衡点. 因此中华文化也深受《易經》的影响. 其实今天我们所用的文字好多原自于《易經》. 而《易經》不是仅仅是本占卜的书, 它包罗万象.

易由蜥蜴而得名, 而蜥蜴能夠变色,俗稱「变色龍」,指天下萬物是常变的, 和佛学里的<无常>是同样的道理. 我们今天讲的<易名>就是改变名字, <交易>就是变换东西,那就是<变>. 我常说地球无时无刻都在转, 没有停下來的一刻, 所以风水轮流转. 曾几何时, 欧洲, 大英帝国统治天下, 俄罗斯和美国同起同坐, 美国更曾经不可一世, 但现在呢?

《易》字是由日和月形成, 象徵阴阳. 整六千年前的伏羲氏, 当时人类并没有文字, 他们已知道世界上所有的东西都是由阴阳组成的, 后来科学家发现这世上的东西都有阴阳之分,由最小的原子里的质子proton and 负离子electron到最大的宇宙太阳系里的太阳和星球, 都有阴阳之分. 人类就是因为有阴阳之分才能传宗接代,不是吗?

在《易經》里单数为阳, 双数为阴. 有人告诉我马来西亚人民身分证号码的最后一个号码如果是单数那这个人是男性, 而马来西亚人民身分证号码的最后一个号码如果是双数那这个人是女性. 原来马来西亚政府也会用《易經》?哈!

I-CHING 易经; Philosophy of changes. I-Ching is one the most ancient philosophies of China and it is the core of the “five ching"「五經」. It is ranged the first among the "five ching". The “five ching” are similar to subjects that a student have to take for an A level examination today. Thus, I-Ching is one of the important subjects that all the students have to be well verse. I-Ching is the core of various knowledge, including the knowledge of feng shui. As the matter of fact, I-Ching has existed approximate six thousand years ago by Fuxi when humans during that time did not know how to write or read and hence there was no text, they are only symbols. Some call it “a book from heaven without words” because there was no word.

I- Ching is a very important philosophy in Confucianism. Confucian has written a book about I-Ching and he called the book, “Ten wings” 《十翼》. He wanted to add ten wings to I-Ching to make it fly high. Confucian had been influenced very much by I-Ching. The core belief of Confucian is <仁>, <仁> means (仁爱) benevolence; love; kindheartedness; humanity. The word <仁> is from the Yang line in the Eight Diagrams __ and Yin line in the Eight Diagrams--. If you write the Yang line in the Eight Diagrams __ and Yin line in the Eight Diagrams--upside down, you will get the word <仁>. This is because <仁> is balancing of yin and yang. One cannot be too yang (too aggressive) or too yin (too soft). I always said that everything is about balancing. Therefore the Chinese culture also deeply under of influence of I-Ching. Actually many Chinese characters or words are from I-Ching. I-Ching is not solely for fortune telling purposes. It covers many aspects.

The word I 易in I-Ching is the Chinese word of lizard or chameleon and it means “Changes” as chameleon always change its color. It is in fact in line with the Buddhism belief <无常> impermanence; transiency. Today we know <易名> is change name, <交易> is trading which is done by exchange of things in the olden days. That is <变> change. I often said that our Earth does not stop revolving; hence things always change including Feng Shui. Once, European, British Empire ruled world, Soviet Union and United States were the leaders of the world, United States was insufferably arrogant, but what now?

The word I 易in I-Ching is form from the Chinese words yin and Yang日 Sun and 月 Moon. 6,000 years ago Fuxi knew everything in the world is form by the positive and negative energy. Later scientists discovered that the distinction between yin and yang, everything in the world, by the smallest of the proton and electron in Atom to the largest in the solar system the Sun and the planets of the universe, are all made up of the yin and Yang. Because of yin (female) and yang (male), there is reproduction in human being.

In I-Ching, the singular numbers are regarded as Yang, even numbers as yin. I was told that the last number of the identity card number of the Malaysian is singular for man, while even number is for a woman. Does Malaysian Government apply I-Ching too? Hahaha….

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Wrong Date

Aiya, sorry. I think I did a mistake in my previous blog. I should be in Brunei from 14/10/11 to 17/10/11 and not 14/9/11 to 17/9/11. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks.

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My Feng Shui Class in Brunei

I m going to Brunei again and this time is for my feng shui class. If you are residing in Brunei or if you have a friend there, please do inform them about my class.

Date : 15th October 2011 (Saturday)
Venue : River View Hotel
Time : From 2pm till 5pm.

Title : Learn Feng Shui Scientifically.

Participants will be given a book written by myself entitled “HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI?”

Cost per person will be Brunei Dollar $60.00. Light snacks will be served.

All interested participants can email me before end of September 30, 2011, for confirmation. We look forward to your participation.

Since I m there from 14/9/11 to 17/9/11, if you are residing in Brunei and require my feng shui audit service, please do let me know as well.

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I took a Rapid to the Penang Airport

Rivers around Penang Island are still not clean.

i-phone app, Rapid Penang

I took a Rapid Penang to Penang Airport

Two weeks ago, I decided to take a public transport to Penang Airport so that I could fly to Kuala Lumpur for feng shui audits. My friend, Albert Khaw encouraged me to take a Rapid Penang and he taught how to use the Rapid Penang website, i-phone app and hotline. Surprisingly, after using it, I m now kind of addicted to it as it is very convenient. What you have to do is just to visit its website and key in the location that you want to go and it can help to plan your trip. It will provide the information about the schedule of the bus, bus stop, fare and many more. It has reminded me of those old school days when we used to use 'Seng Seng' bus.

I really love it as I m doing at least a bit to save the Earth. We should encourage public transport as it is more environmental friendly and we save our money too at the same time. I only paid RM2.70 for the bus fare. On top of that, most importantly, I can see many things along the way which I cannot see if I travel in my car. I can see the water in Penang on my way to the airport. As what I always stress that water is important factor in feng shui study and water is money. But, I could noticed that the water in Penang is still far away from what we can define as 'CLEAN'. Hence, more works need to be done to clean up our rivers.

If you visit my official website , you will find the above i-con in almost all the pages. YES, I M DOING MY PART AS PART OF THE COMMUNITY TO SAVE THE EARTH. I always encourage online bazi consultation, e-Chinese name study, e-class and e-books whereby you do not have to travel to meet me which save your time, money, petroleum, car maintenance and etc. There are so many benefits that we can list out. But, many still say that they like to meet up with me so that they can understand in more detail. I agree but I WISH YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MY PROBLEM AS I AM WORKING ALONE TO MINIMISE ALL THE OPERATION COST SO THAT I CAN CHARGE MY CLIENTS THE MINIMUM FEE. THIS MAKES MY SCHEDULE TIGHT.


Now, let us talk about why in feng shui, we always say that "water is money" in a logically manner.

Many thousands years ago, men hunted for living in the forest. Then, men started to do farming and fishing, thus they started to depend heavily on water. After that, they started to learn doing trading and where is the best place to do trading, it is near the water i.e. at the river bank and near the seaside. Men migrated from the forest to flat land and then to the river bank. You will notice that many popular cities are all built next to water such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

Do you know why Africa is the poorest continent among all other continents? It is because comparatively Africa does not have a lot of water compare to the rest. It is in quite a dried land.