Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Feng Shui of Bayswater Condominium and Tesco, e-Gate

Google Earth shows the location of Tesco, e-Gate and Bayswater Condominium.

Why 'Jade Belt Surrounding Waist' is good?

The shape of the old type of money of China, gold ingot 元宝

Before I start to write this article, I would like to stress that nobody pays me for writing it. It is mainly for sharing purposes.

I have always written a lot about the excellent feng shui of e-Gate, Penang Island and you can read about it in my book page 59-63.

For those who are not familiar with Penang Island, e-Gate is a very popular spot in Penang Island. It is a meeting point for many of us because of its location. It is situated at the entrance of the island when you drive across the Penang Bridge to the island from the Peninsular Malaysia. You can read about the feng shui of e-Gate in my book mentioned.

Today, I would like to write about the surrounding of e-gate i.e. the Tesco Shopping Mall and the Bayswater Condominium.

The Bayswater Condominium is one of the properties which has appreciated almost 3x its selling price since it was launched. Do you know why?

Look at the shape of e-gate. What it looked like? ......It is in fact looked like the shape of the old type of money of China, gold ingot 元宝. Imaging that there is a gold ingot, 元宝 in front of your house, 不发也难呀! The money is awaiting for you if you are residing in the Bayswater Condominium.

You will find that Tesco Shopping Mall which is situated at the right hand side of the e-gate is a very popular shopping mall in Penang which really enjoys good business. Penangites that go there are for real shopping and not going there to see see look look only. Why?

I have mentioned many times about the 玉帶环抱 jade belt surrounding waist and how good is it if we are residing at the flow of traffic that forms the 'jade belt surrounding waist'. Please look at the Google Earth above that shows the location of Tesco, e-Gate and Bayswater Condominium. It has proven again that the power of feng shui that influence the good and bad of a place.

玉帶环抱 jade belt surrounding waist

Saturday, June 18, 2011


这几天看了张柏芝婚变的新闻就想起好多年前在一次偶然的机会遇见她, 她当时还很年轻, 还沒结婚, 也很感慨我曾在我的书这么写的.....


From what I observed from Barack Obama, I noticed that are a few good features through face reading that can be seen from the President of the United States of America, for example:-
1. His 'fang ling' i.e. the two lines beside his mouth are far away from his mouth and are very deep. People with this type of 'fang ling' are normally from high status group and they are very influential in society. Previously, I had commented that the ex-Malaysian Police Chief has a similar type of 'fang ling' too.
2. His voice is very strong and energetic too. It is good for a man to have this type of voice. A man should have a masculine voice and a lady should have a feminine voice. If it goes the other way round, then the luck of the person will be more challenging. For instance, the late singer, Anita Mui and the famous actress, Cecilia Cheung both have masculine voices!
3. His Qi is excellent. He looks extremely confident with wonderful Qi.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Feng Shui of Southbay Penang

Later Heaven BaguaHou tian ba gua’ 后天八卦 / ‘yuan dan pan’ 元旦盘

Southbay Project

In page 123-125 of my book HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI?, I said .....

"Every 20 years, there will be a change of period (yun 运). From 1984 – 2003 is period 7 and the number star 7, 8 and 9 are good, especially the number 7. 2004 – 2023 is period 8 and the number star 8, 9 and 1 are good, especially the number 8. Later Heaven Bagua or ‘hou tian ba gua’ / ‘yuan dan pan’ 后天八卦 / 元旦盘 can tell us a lot of things. No matter how you add up the numbers on the chart, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, the numbers will add up to a sum of 15. (please refer to Later Heaven Chart above) During period 7, i.e. from 1984 to 2003, the most powerful countries are at the west. The western world controlled the world. However, we are in period 8 now, hence the most influential part of the world is at the northeast of the earth which is Beijing, China. ",

The next one to come into power after the star number 8 will be the star no 9. If the star no 8 is the King now, the star no 9 is the Prince waiting for his throne. You will notice that star no 9 is at the South and I did mention many times during my feng shui seminars that with the completion of the Second Penang Bridge which will link the main land to the South of Penang Island, the South of Penang Island is the next up and coming area to be watched up. Also, you will notice that the country that has a lot of resources is the next very influential country and I think the most likely country is Australia as Australia is at the South of the world. Accordingly to I-Ching, Later Heaven Bagua, Australia is a country where we should put an eye on them because the country that has the most resources is the country that will control the world as the resources in this world is slowly depleting. I notice that a lot of my clients are migrating to Australia!

The houses in the Southbay Project are mainly facing either the North or the South. If your bazi require fire element, it will be marvelous if you choose to stay in a house facing the South (fire element) at the Southbay (fire element) at the South (fire element) of the Penang Island. It will be even better if you work in an electronic firm such as Intel, Dell, Motorola.......(fire element)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Feng Shui of Bangkok, Thailand (Part 2)

King Bhumibol Adulyadej , King of Thailand, Rama IX

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Forbidden Palace in Beijing, China

Bhumibol Adulyadej is the current King of Thailand. He is known as Rama IX Having reigned since 9 June 1946, he is the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history.

Page 73, A good cheek should be meaty and moderately high. This indicates that the person will be in control of what he or she has in possession and he or she is a very powerful man or woman. One of the examples that I noticed is the King of Thailand who is one of the most powerful man in the world. His cheeks are fleshy and good.

There is a similarity in between the Grand Palace and the Chitralada Palace with the Forbidden Palace of Beijing i.e. all the palaces are facing exactly South. Please refer to

the first Gua of the 64 gua is Qian Heaven Gua 乾为天卦and Qian Heaven Gua is a period 1 gua which is gua of the King.