Thursday, September 18, 2008


To answer to Michael's question below on numbers......
No 8 is in fact the most powerful auspicious star in period 8 (2004-2023). In period 8, the favorite numbers are 8, 9 & 1. Use them more.
No 4 is actually a romance and intellectual star but it turns to become bad number simply because its pronunciation in Chinese does not sound good. But, if we use it in boosting your luck in attracting more customers , it is actually a superb number as it is a romance star.

Milk Powder Scandal in China - Wrong Brand Name

More than a 1,000 parents anxious over tainted milk powder on Thursday rushed their infants to hospitals for health checks as the Chinese government announced that a fourth baby had died in the spreading scandal.
The milk company has used the wrong brand name, San Lu (Three deer). This is because 'three' in term of feng shui is argument and lawsuit. Thus, the company is facing tremendous problems and pressure now. Please avoid using number 2, 3, 5 and 7 now in period 8 (2004 to 2023)especially the number 5 which is 5 yellow, the most powerful inauspicious star.
在风水的角度, '三鹿'的名字已犯了大忌, 因为三碧星是主争议官非之星因此三鹿牛奶粉公司正面对前所未有的大问题. 请注意2, 3, 5 和7 都不可在八运 (2004 - 2023) 里用, 尤其是最凶的五黄星.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comments from New Zealand

I am glad to receive the below email from New Zealand and after getting the green light from the writer, I decided to share it with you......

Warm Greetings Master Lee,
Being a frequent visitor to your blog, something that really caught my attention was the 'Following' that you have developed in Penang and no doubt across Malaysia in due time.
I can see a lot of people recognising your Feng Shui prowess and have been supportive in what ever you do, especially by turning up to your Seminars and having Popular and bookstores alike arranging Seminars for the public! Great start Master Lee! I can see this leading you to become a wanted 'Commodity' or 'Speaker' for the more festive seasons coming up!
What more can i say about you publishing your book! Again, i believe in starting small and starting from somewhere. Zooming in your attention into Penang is a smart choice, given that the book would possibly sell well in Penang to begin with.
Over these days, i have found my much needed break, not having to frequent university classes and my additional commitments to business competitions and conferences of the like, so i thought i write you an email.
I like the way how you are reading Feng Shui as i mentioned before, you are Different. During my short stay in Malaysia for the Harvard Business Conference, i had the chance to meet Lillian Too, and guess what - She was a graduate from a Harvard Business School in the USA, which explains a lot about the Commercialisation of her Feng Shui products. Again, no doubt, she is a celebrity in Feng Shui, but sometimes, i am confused with the way she marketed. Sometimes it made Feng Shui look rather superficial. But by seeing how you are starting off Master Lee, i am sure your techniques and talks are more to the 'Roots' of Feng Shui.
I find your style perhaps more Traditional and Genuine? I am in no position to make comparisons as i know little about Feng Shui, but those are my views, and personally, i would prefer the Traditional more 'Down to Earth' way that i think you are practising Master Lee.
I have been busy, travelling from one business conference/ competition to the next. Before i returned to Malaysia, i was at Wellington for a Business Competition. Took the flight from Wellington and immediately flew back to Penang for 3 days and then down to KL for the Harvard Business Conference and back to NZ - Less than 4 days, i was off again to the North Islands for another Business Competition. With the weeks coming, i would have 2 more weeks, before i need to leave to Singapore and Hong Kong to represent NZ twice in two global business competitions.
Hence, i apologise for not being able to reply your emails sooner in the past! But i am really keen to hear from you especially with so much development going on!
AND, i added you on Facebook! Do approve me!
P.s. I apologise for the super long email. Its a great catch up with someone i so look up to! And you are making a Difference!
Cheers,Michael Teoh

Friday, September 12, 2008

How is Lim Eng Huat?

Remember my student, Lim Eng Huat? He is a standard 5 student who have to drop his schooling due to the reappearance of his cancerous cells. The picture above was taken last week. He was okay when the picture was taken but according to his mother, his condition is up and down.
The happy news is we have managed to collect approximate RM6000 for him and I would like to thank everyone that helped up. Again, I wish to repeat "you can enhance your luck if you help somebody."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Feng Shui Book in English

Old Multinational Factory in Prai

Finally, I have completed my book with the title of 'How to Enhance Wealth with Feng Shui'. ..... WE ARE READY! The book illustrates the effects of exterior feng shui, interior feng shui and
the flow of magnetic energy.

It is at the final stage whereby I am getting legal advices from my lawyer friends so that I will not get sue for writing the truth of what I noticed around me from the view of feng shui studies. I wrote a lot of real examples of the feng shui practices and locations in Malaysia, particularly in Penang. I wish to share one of the real examples here which I am not sure whether will I get sue for writing it in my book. Can anyone advise me?


Old Multinational Factory in Prai

I noticed that an old multinational factory in Prai has been left empty for a long time. The factory is fronting a number of flyovers. The flyovers also form the shape of snakes in front of the factory. The flyovers are particularly bad if a building is located at the area of 反弓水 bend bow water (Please refer to the topic, The flow of rivers & roads). In fact, it can be overcome by planting a lot of plants in front of the factory to block all the undesired qi.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Feng Shui Talk in Popular Gurney Plaza

I have delivered my feng shui talk in Popular Book Shop, Gurney Plaza on last Saturday. The response was amazing and I am pleased to see that there are many young generation who show great interest in this valuable knowledge that passed down from our ancestors. I called the knowledge a 'treasure'.

Special thanks to Madam Ch'ng, Keun Wei, Sue Ching, Soon Chai and Seng Wei for their supports. It is really a great momentum for me to move forward further.