Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Explain the Haze Problem from the angle of feng shui study?

From the angle of feng shui, the serious haze problem that hit our country can be explained in such a way i.e. the annual flying star that enters into the middle of the 2013 annual flying star chart is the worst star 5 yellow which is a EARTH element star. From 8 June 2013 to 7 July 2013 is 戊午 month which is YANG EARTH and YIN FIRE summer month. Thus the fire creates lots of earth (haze). There is lots of EARTH available.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Penang UMNO Building

Do you know the design of the Penang UMNO Building based on the shape of a KERIS is very bad in term of feng shui as it is like a knife chopping the surrounding? Look at the progress of the TIME SQUARE BUILDING which is hit by the KERIS then you may agree with what I said. 

Same theory actually is applied to the TM Tower in Kuala Lumpur which affect the buildings that hit by its sharp edge. Please refer to my feng shui book page 84-87.

(Please bear in mind that this article is solely for feng shui knowledge sharing purposes and does not have any intention to criticize any party. Thanks.)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thunderstorm in Penang

It is obvious that it is not a good month for Penang with many disasters in a week. First we have the collapse of the flyover links to the Second Penang Bridge. Now, we have the sudden thunderstorm hit Penang . For those who followed my predictions in the beginning of the year, I did said that 2013 is not a good year with many disasters as the worst star no 5 yellow enters into the middle of the annual flying star chart. Also, we would expect the collapse of bridges and buildings. Let us pray for a better 2013 ahead.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Illegal Hill Clearing at Bukit Gambier and the Collapse of the Flyover links to the Second Penang Bridge

As what I have always highlighted that hills are very important to the feng shui of a place. The recent illegal hill clearing at Bukit Gambier is really a concern. Please compare the development of Ipoh with Penang Island by comparing the hills there with Penang Island. Thus, never simply clear a hill without proper planning. Thanks.

As what I mentioned that one of the entrance gates to Penang Island is the Penang Bridge, thus, it is a concern to see the Collapse of the Flyover links to the Second Penang Bridge!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reflections Condominium and Ming Xiang Tai

 The Second Penang Brigde taken from the Reflections Condominium at Setia Pearl Island, Sungai Ara Penang. The feng shui of the condominium is pretty good with the main entrance faces NE1 丑 (八运阳宅, 旺财旺丁), period 8 building with is good for the people and wealth. 

Need to clarify that SP Setia does not pay me a single cent for doing the publicity for them and it is solely for knowledge sharing purposes. 

 The Bayan Lepas Airport taken from the Reflections Condominium, which is one of the entrance gate 纳气口 to Penang. Thus, it is an important for Penang in term of feng shui. 

Picture taken with friends from Singapore and the owner of the Ming Xiang Tai.  Ming Xiang Tai is popular for its Cantonese pantries. Ming Xiang Tai has just opened its newest outlet. All the best to them and I m sure they will progress well.