Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How can I be more clever?

For those who have attended my feng shui seminars recently, I have informed you all of one of the methods to enhance your intelligence. It is particularly important for those students, R&D engineers, programmers, designers and etc. As a matter of fact, there are many methods to determine the 文昌位 place of intelligence:-

1. Most accurate method and it does not change is according to the bazi of a person. Thus, no matter where the person goes to, it can be applied.

2. Look for the star no 4 (根据坐山方而非向水方因为坐方为丁而向方为财) of the house according to the direction of the house.

3. Look for the annual flying star no 4, but it always changes annually and hard to apply as you cannot change your place of study every year, right? This year, it is at the East sector.

Place your working table / studying place there and enhance it further with an ancient studying tools as shown above

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The River of Singapore vs The Sungai Pinang

River of Singapore now

River of Singapore before 1977.

Sungai Pinang (River of Pinang) looks black from the Google Earth.

It is true that Sungai Pinang is black, oily and dirty.

Abandoned buildings near Sungai Pinang.

I have just shared a very crucial term in feng shui in my recent feng shui seminar at PISA which we say 山管人丁水管财 which means the mountain governs the people and the water governs the wealth. In fact, I have shared it many times in my blog, books and seminars. In Chinese, we say 山灵人杰 which means if there are wonderful mountains in a place, then there will be wonderful people from the place.

However, if you look at Singapore. Singapore is in fact an island on a very flat land. the tallest hill is Bukit Timah which is only 537 feet and Penang Hill is 2450 feet. You need to put 5 Bukit timah together in order to make a Penang Hill. Lee Kuan Yew knew exactly that he could not depend on the hills of Singapore, hence he used water.

In 1977, Lee Kuan Yew started to clear up the River of Singapore. Singapore started to attract talents around the world with their wealth as Singapore has wonderful water now. As a matter of fact, my friend, a senior lecturer from a popular Singapore college told me that many top students in her higher education institute are from Malaysia. Also, my daughter told me that many top students in her school have been offered scholarship to go Singapore even before they graduate from school. We have to admit that 人才外流 (talents go overseas) is a serious problem in Malaysia!

Look at Sungai Pinang (River of Penang). It is black, dirty and oily river. But, good to see that the State Government under the leadership of YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng has worked hard to clear the Sungai Pinang but I would say there are many rooms for improvement.

Go to Sungai Pinang and you will notice there are many abandoned buildings there as per the pictures I showed above!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Feng Shui Talk at PISA

Wow, the response was overwhelming! I have to apologize to those who did not get my name cards as I did not expect to have so many audience who approached me at the end of the talk. Thus I did not bring enough name cards with me. I hope that the audience can still find me via my blog, website or Facebook.

Once again, thank you so much, KH Event Management Sdn. Bhd. for inviting me to the Mega Home Electrical and Home Fair 2012 at PISA Penang Indoor Stadium. I hope that the audience could gain some knowledge about feng shui from my sharing. Thank you so much.

Someone asked me what have I talked about during the sharing session and I told him that I have talked about 四書五經, I-CHING 易经, Earth, Universe, Atom, Flag of Korea, BUDDHA 佛, CONFUCIUS 孔子, 孙子兵法, human being, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Yellow River, Bukit Timah, e-gate, Komtar, Penang, Gurney, The Palace of the Sultan of Brunei, King of Thailand, Taiwan, Forbidden City, 永乐皇帝, Mid Valley, Korean Presidential Residence, 秦始皇, 刘備, 诸葛亮, 刘邦, 项羽, Tibet, Lee Kuan Yew and many more.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Free Chinese Feng Shui Talk at PISA.

Wow, I have to start preparing for my next feng shui seminar but works still keep on coming in......really exhausted.

I have been invited to present a feng shui talk at the Mega Home Electrical & Home Fair 2012. Again, it is FREE and this time the talk will be in Mandarin. For those who have missed my talk at Public Bank or want to listen more, see you there!

Date : Sunday, March 18, 2012.
Time : 3:00pm until 4:00pm..
Venue: P.I.S.A, Penang

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sun Tzu, Dragon and I-Ching …….CHANGES孙子兵法, 龙, 易经………变

Fuxi 伏羲

Korea flag韩国国
There is a I-Ching bagua in Korea flag and the blue and red at the center of the flag are the yin and yang of the I-Ching bagua.

不丹国旗Bhutan flag
There is a dragon in the Bhutan flag.

During my feng shui seminar recently at Public Bank, I asked the audience a question that is why there is a three-line in the gua of the bagua (Eight Diagrams) and not two, four, five or six lines.

Let me explain what is the line in the bagua Eight Diagrams again. In Chinese, we call it “Yao”, I said before that I-Ching has existed approximate six thousand years ago by Fuxi when mankind during that time did not know how to write or read and hence there was no text. There are only symbols. Some call the I-Ching as “a book from heaven without words” because there was no word.

The three lines in the Eight Diagrams represent <天人地> heaven (sky), human and earth (land). We, mankind is staying in between the sky and land. We are in between the “change’” and “no change”. This is because the sky on top of us is constantly changing. Now is sunny day but later it may be a raining day. But the piece of land that we stand does not change. Human being in the middle of the heaven and the Earth, we must know how to face the “change” and “no change” and that is the most difficult thing for human being to learn. Basically, the natural nature of human being, we do not like changes. Do you like your lover to leave you? But in fact we cannot control it as life is impermanent. One day, your loved one will leave you or you will leave them earlier.

In the history of mankind, humans are to find the answer in between “change” and “not change”, struggling in making decision on whether to develop and not develop. If we develop; the beautiful natural surroundings will be undermined by humans. However, without development; the world would stop.

A lot of knowledge that we learn today is originated from the I-Ching <易经>, include has Feng Shui, Chinese Medical Studies, Taiji and even the Sun Zi Bing Fa, Art of War of Sun Tzu. 孙子兵法. Sun Tzu said right time, right people and right place is originated from I-Ching <天人地> (heaven, human and earth).

I-Ching is in fact a philosophy about changes and it is the fact of the universal that never change and it is always there.

The word I 易in I-Ching is the Chinese word of lizard or chameleon and it means “Changes” as chameleon always change its color. It is in fact in line with the Buddhism belief <无常> impermanence; transiency. Chinese love the dragon and it is considered as the most auspicious animal. In the olden day, the Emperor was considered to be the avatar of Dragon. Only the Emperor is allowed to use the items with the shape of dragon. In the I-Ching <易经>, the words dragon also always appears such as <飞龙在天>, <潜龙勿用>, <群龍無首>. As the matter of fact, Dragon is actually the representative of <变> changes, because Dragon always vagrant, change and move about.

In the actual fact, does the Dragon exist? No one has seen Dragon! In fact, Dragon is combination of a various animals. Dragon’s horns are the horns of goats. Dragon’s ear is the ear of ox. Dragon’s eyes are the eyes of Tiger. Dragons claw is claw of eagle, Dragon’s nose looked like the nose of Lion. Dragon’s teeth are like the teeth of horse and nevertheless, dragon’s tail is the tail of the gold fish.

我最近在我的风水讲座会上问听众一个问题, 那就是为什么《易经》的八卦都是由三个爻形成, 而非二, 四,五或六爻形成?

让我再解釋何为爻yao, 我曾说过《易经》原自于整六千年前的伏羲 氏, 当时人类并没有文字, 他们靠的是符号. 《易经》里的阳爻__和阴爻- -就是那样来的. 因此有人稱《易经》为无字天书, 因为开始时它只有符号. 而《易经》的八卦都是由三个爻形成是因为它代表着<天人地>三才.

人是顶天立地, 我们站着这片土地上, 而天就是在我们头上; 天是无时无刻都在变化的, 现在天晴, 等一會就下雨. 但我们站着的这片土地没有变, 人在天和地的中间, 我们必须知道如何面对变和不变, 那是最艰难的学问. 人类的天性并不喜欢变, 试问你喜欢你心爱的人离开你吗? 但很无奈的生离死别, 生命无常,有一天, 你心爱的人会离开你或你会先走一步. 在人类的历史里, 人类也在变和不变中找寻答案, 在发展和不发展中挣扎. 如发展;那美丽的大自然就会被人类破坏. 如不发展;那世界就会停頓下來.

很多学问是原自于<易经>, 包括了风水学, 中医, 太极拳, 甚至于孙子兵法, 孙子兵法里的天时, 地利, 人和就是原自于《易经》的八卦的三个爻, 它代表着<天人地>三才, 缺一不可行也.

<易经>就是在讲解一个自古以來不变的道理, 那就是所谓的<变化无常>.

易由蜥蜴而得名, 而蜥蜴能夠变色,俗稱「变色龙」,指天下萬物是常变的, 和佛学里的<无常>是同样的道理. 华人喜欢把龙当作最吉祥的动物. 古代皇帝就是龙的化身, 只有皇帝可以使用龙. 《易经》也常有龙的出现如<飞龙在天>, <潜龙勿用>,<群龍無首>等. 《易经》的龙其实代表<变>, 因为龙总是变化莫测. 神龙见首不见尾!

其实龙有存在吗? 没有人见过龙! 其实龙是由各种动物来形成, 龙角是鹿角,龙耳是午耳, 龙眼为虎眼, 龙爪是鹰爪, 龙鼻是狮鼻, 龙齿为马齿, 龙尾更为金魚尾.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Faces of the Richest Men in Malaysia.

"Forbes" has just published the ranking of the richest in Malaysia and you will notice there are a few similarities among the tycoons in term of their faces as per my book "HOW TO KNOW A PERSON THROUGH FACE READING?"

1. Their ears are long and close to their heads. Also, there are fleshy earlobe.

2. Their foreheads are board and high. This indicates that their analytical abilities are excellent. It is of vital for businessmen to have such feature on their faces as they have to make the right decision in their business investments.

3. Fleshy noses as noses are the wealth places for men.

4. Most of them look younger than their actual ages.