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How to decide whether a condo or a landed property is suitable for you?

Recently, many come to me to ask me how to decide whether a condo or a landed property is suitable for them.

There are a few areas that we need to consider before we purchase the condo or a house:-

1. The direction of the balcony based on the owner's bazi with the birthday and hour. For a landed property, it will be the direction of the main door. 
2. The surrounding of the condo, especially the things that can be seen from the condo or the house. You can refer to my book

1.  一个要金的人,可常去打高爾夫球因为打高爾夫球为白圆色小球, 白与圆为金, 穿白色衣服到白雪皚皚的雪地去,到西方或西北方(属金)从事金融业. 名字里面有金.

2.  一个要水的人,可常去游水, 穿蓝色衣服,到北方(属水)开设矿泉水工厂。名字里面有水如’. 水是柔物,但内藏雄浑之力,水能弯曲其身,处于何种状态的器皿均能变改其形,是代表适应能力,水代表机灵,欠水的人多习水性,其实是增加这些水的的性格,改进自己的性格盲点。
3.  一个要木的人,可常去公园打羽毛球, 穿青色衣服,到东方或东南方(属木)从事种植业或医药业。名字里面有木.
4.  一个要火的人,可常去BBQ, 掛只骏马图在家里因为骏马火強动物, 穿红色衣服,到南方(属火)从事餐飲业, 电子业或电腦业. 名字里面有日.

5.  一个要土的人,可常去爬山因为山为土, 穿黃色衣服, 戴水晶或玉,到东北方或西南方(属土)从事房地产业. 名字里面有土.

我的顧客中有个要土的人, 他从事房地产业, 结果成了拿督. 更有个顧客要火, 从事电腦业, 结果成了百万富翁.

I have translated it into English:-

1.  For the person who desire element is gold or metal element, he or she may go playing the golf more often because golf is white color and round in shape. White color is the color for gold element and circular shape is the shape for gold. On top of that, go visit the white snowy area. Also, go to the West or the Northwest and engaging in the financial industry. He or she may wear a gold or silver ring or chain with him or her
2. For the person whose desired element is water, may go swimming more frequent. Also try to wear blue color clothes as is the color of water. Go to the north to open a mineral water factory.
3. For the person whose desired element is plant or wood, may go to the park to play the badminton, puts on the green clothes, East or Southeast are the directions of plant. He or she can engage in crop production or the pharmaceutical industry. Put more plants in his or her house.
4. For the person whose desired element is fire, may go to BBQ, , puts on the red clothes, South is the direction of the fire element, thus he or she can go to the South to work and sit facing the south in the office. He or she can involve the food and beverage industry, electronics industry or the computer industry.
5. For the person whose desired element is earth, may go and climb a mountain or stay near the hills, wears the quartz or the jade. The northeast or the Southwest is the directions of earth. He or she can involve in the real estate industry.

I have a client who require earth element and he is in the real estate industry, finally became a Dato. On top of that, there is another customer who requires fire and he is in the computer industry, he has become a millionaire.

 page 26 Selecting the Right Housing Location According to Your Favourable Elements 

Friday, April 17, 2015

How do we view Japan from the perspective of feng shui?

It was a great pleasure to travel around Japan last winter and experienced for myself the feng shui of Japan. Japan is at the Far East of the Earth and is the first country to see the Sun when the Sun rises, hence Sun is the auspicious symbol to the Japanese. You can find that the symbol of the Sun is at the national flat of the Japanese. In Later Heaven Bagua, East is plant and Sun, the grand fire. The plant produces and makes the fire of Sun stronger.

Mount Fuji (富士山 Fujisan) is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776.24 m (12,389 ft) is the 太极山 of Japan which forms 廉贞星 hill shape. 廉贞星 is with sharp tip and triangle shape. The shape is like fire and hence it is like an arrogant, strong and aggressive man. This makes the Japanese men arrogant, strong and aggressive. In the history of Japan, warrior, army, ninja and samurai make an important role in the development of the country.

山管人丁水管财,山灵人杰,山有灵气就会出现豪杰,古人曰:"山不在高,有仙則名; 水不在深,有龍則靈" , 有好水就会有财气. In feng shui, mountain governs the people and water governs the wealth. In Japan, it is apparent that the hills and mountains are beautiful and the water is clear. It is a country surrounded by beautiful hills and water. A clear example is the Osaka City. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and water. The hills produce talented people and water produces great wealth for Japan. Undoubtedly there are many beautiful mountains in Japan and mountain governs the people. It is good for the health of the people and thus Japan is a country which has many old and healthily people.  山灵人杰,山有灵气就会出现豪杰, this is also a place with many high talented and intelligent people.

Also, you will notice the influences of Chinese feng shui belief in the buildings structural in Japan. Many old temples and castles were build according to this concept whereby in the ‘Before Heaven Bagua”, South is Sky or Heaven, hence facing the South is considered a very auspicious direction. One of the good examples is the Forbidden City in Beijing is facing the South. Of all the temples and castles that I visited in Japan all face the South. They all try to follow the left green dragon, right white tiger, front red phoenix and back black turtle 四象: 左青龙右白虎前朱雀后玄武as their building landscape characteristics.  

Confucius said 面南而治天下 face the South to rule the World. Of course, in term of geography studies, it is always good to face the South as the cool wind during winter from the North will not flow into the house directly if a house is facing the South. For those whose desired element is fire element, it is advisable to get a house that face the South, especially, the world is going to period 9 soon (2024-2043) and flying star 9 is at the South of the 'Later Heaven Bagua'

In ancient times, before the eighth century, the then capital of Japan, Kyoto, were temporary settlements that were transferred to the death of their emperor. By accessing Buddhism to Japan from China. Kyoto, which was founded in the likeness of the Chinese ancient capital of Ch'angan. However, I visited many places in Japan but there is no record or recognition of the influence of China to Japan. Obviously, it is another evident of the feeling of arrogance of the Japanese.

1) The mountains are located the north, “like the seized head of the turtle-serpent, with undulations of the dragoon and bows of the tiger coming from the east and the west”. These mountains define a natural barrier and a space dominion that they protect.
 2) A body of water exists to the south, and the slope develops smoothly towards that direction.
 3) This configuration establishes a clear directionality according to the cardinal points and clearly is related to the solar movements, the resulting effects of light and the wind direction.

World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. However, I visited many places in Japan but there is no record of the Second World War. Apparently, it is another evident of the feeling of arrogance of the Japanese.

In term of feng shui calculation, that was period 4 to go into period 5. Period 4 was 1924 to 1943 and period 5 was 1944 to 1963. 

Flying Star Chart for Period 4, 1924 to 1943 which star no 4 enters into the center.

Flying Star Chart for Period 5, 1944 to 1963 which star no 5 enters into the center. This is the flying star chart for Later Heaven Chart or 元旦盘

As we know star no 5 yellow is the strongest star of all and it is a star of King. In Chinese, we address the King as 95 九五之尊 as you can find it in the Later Heaven Chart or 元旦盘 above. 5 is at the center and the star 9 is above the 5. Also 9 is fire to make the 5 earth stronger as fire grows earth as whatever you burn, the residue will become duct or earth. The King no 5 at the center and it takes charge of the chart.

In period 4 chart, the star no 5 yellow entered into Qian Kua which is the place for the master, hence the master was going to be very strong. Warrior star no 6 was at the West where the Germany is location and the second evil star 2 black was at the East where the Japan is. The argument star no 3 was at the South East and hence South East Asia was not peaceful.

Second World War started from 1939 and it was the year of rabbit 己卯 but it was a fierce rabbit and below is the annual flying star for 1939 with broken army 破军 no 7 entered into the center of the chart. The broken army 破军 no 7 is gold and it chopped the plant star no 4 of the Flying Star Chart for Period 4. For those who attended my feng shui classes, it is not too hard for you to find the crushes between the annual flying star for 1939 and the period 4 chart.

The annual flying star for 1939

1.       At the South East, 6 gold crushes 3 plant
2.       At the West, 9 fire burned and melted 6 gold
3.       At the East, second worst star 2 black earth made the 5 yellow earth stronger. 5 was the strongest star during that time and obviously it went to Japan in 1939.
4.       At the center, the broken army 破军 no 7 is gold chopped the plant star no 4 of the Flying Star Chart for Period 4.

All these basically explained why Japan and Germany became so strong during that time and they wanted to be the King of the World.

In period 5, the king star no 5 entered into the center and became very strong. Argument star no 3 entered into the East where Japan is and the broken army 破军 no 7 went to the West where the Germany is. That explained why there was the Second World War !

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如何以马来西亚的风水格局来看马来西亚的局势? (如果你对马来西亚的局势有兴趣, 这篇文章你不容错过)

我常在我的风水讲座会上分享我如何以马来西亚的风水格局来看马来西亚的局势, 听得大家津津乐道.

首先为什么东马在这个时候那么重要? 国阵政府此时无疑地很需要东马的选票, 此时的马来西亚政府内阁是史上拥有最多来自东马的部长, 最近反对党领袖林吉详更邀请东马政党一起组织联合政府, 为什么他们那么重要?

在风水学上这个时候是八运(2004-2023), 八在后天八卦在东北, 世界的东北是中国和韩国, 因此他们在这个时候得天厚待. 那马来西亚的东北是什么州呢? 是沙巴. 因此沙巴在这个时候得天厚待.




还有在风水学上, 我常说山管人丁水管财”, 风水师都研究山和水, 7运的7在后天八卦在西方, 世界的西方是西方国家, 因此他们在那个时候得天厚待. 7(1984-2003)的山在西方, 水就在对面的东方. 因此在那个时候如你的家西方有美丽的山, 东方有清洁的水, 那就旺财旺丁.

但是八运(2004-2023), 八在后天八卦在东北, 山在东北方, 水就在对面的西南方. 因此在这个时候如你的家东北方有美丽的山, 西南方有清洁的水, 那就旺财旺丁.

7(1984-2003), 东马的东方没有水, 而是婆罗洲森林, 因此在那个时候东马没有财: 但是八运(2004-2023), 东马的西南方有水, 因此在这个时候东马有财.


后天八卦的乾卦在西北, 乾卦为皇帝位, 男主人位, 父亲的位子. 因此在中国历史上中国的西北是每个朝代的皇帝必争之地, 秦始皇的秦国在西北, 他后来统一了当时的中国; 刘邦的蜀国在当时中国的西北, 因此他后来打败了楚霸王项羽建立了汉朝, 现在我们都称自已为汉族, 因为汉朝是第一个代表当时中国的中原人, 是老百姓在战国和残暴的秦朝后过的第一个太平日子; 三国的曹操, 孙权, 刘备, 当时的刘备势力最差, 后来诸葛亮教导刘备必须占有当时西北的蜀国, 才有后来的三强鼎立; 毛泽东也是用易经才能打败蒋介石, 毛泽东把他的军事基地放在西北的延安而后来打败了蒋介石.

现在的西藏在中国的西北, 因此中国政府很难控制西藏.


亚罗士打在马来西亚的西北, 我们的九五之尊也在西北. 亚罗士打是米都. 是在平原上, 但是很奇怪的亚罗士打的西北可以看到唯一一座像大象的山, 当地的人称了之为象豫山, 在风水学上, 我常说”山管人丁水管财”, 山灵人杰, 有灵气的山就会有豪杰, 大象在西北的皇帝位, 因此此地出现了九五之尊. 但是亚罗士打是个平原, 此九五之尊必须离开到位于灵山环抱的巴生谷才可以一统天下.

亚罗士打的西北可以看唯一一座像大象的山, 象豫山

请看我在 15 March 2010 写有关亚罗士打的风水


我说2015年凶星五黄和三煞都在西方, 对西方不利, 马来西亚首都在西方因此2015年马来西亚的经济展望并不理想. 随着消费税的征收,民众的不满情绪是普遍偏高。三碧, 是非星飞入中宫, 肯定是非不断, 因此政局也动荡不安.

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Thanks UOB, Standard Chartered Bank and Prudential Assurance for inviting me to Kuantan.

Thanks UOB, Standard Chartered Bank and Prudential Assurance for inviting me to Kuantan to conduct feng shui talks to their premier customers. I m glad that they all like it and enjoy the talks. Also, I really appreciate to be given the opportunity to share the great knowledge with them.