Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Do you wonder why your friend and you are born on the same year with the same zodiac but do you have the same life, destiny and luck?

Later Heaven Bagua

Remember this best number now is 8? What is the worst number? But before I tell you which is the worst number, I want to ask why we call the emperor of China as 59. In Chinese is 九五之尊 and not any other number like 38 or 584? It is because 9 is the largest number. After 9 is 0. As you can see 5 is at the centre of the later heaven bagua. Thus it is a very powerful number. It controls. The one at the centre controls. You will notice we have 5 fingers, 5 elements, 5 happiness (many will have 5 fook 五福hang on their entrance), 5 Buddhist discipline, In Chinese we say the world is 5 states 五洲,five sense organs of ears, eyes, lips, nose and tongue. However, period 8, 8 is the most powerful star that control and in other word, it is in-charging now. 5 which is a very powerful star lost its control and hence it has become the worst number that will create trouble instead. Therefore the worst number now is 5. It means it has become evil.

Yi Ching was developed by 3 very important men and one of them is Confucius 孔子 and he is the latest man , who lived 2 thousands years ago.

Chinese is very good in counting and mathematics. We are very good in business. Our ancestors said everything can be calculated and Confucius said we can count everything, including one life, destiny and luck. Later, our ancestors developed a life, destiny and luck calculation system from Yi Ching which is called Bazi 子平八字, 8 characters. It means use your year, month, day and hour of your birthday to calculate your life, destiny and luck.

Take the year, month, day and hour of Jack Ma birthday to calculate his life, destiny and luck. He is strong Ren Yang water with a lot of gold elements in his bazi which produce the water for him. Ren Yang Water is waterfall, and there are lots of seven killings in his 4 pillar hence he is very smart, fast thinker, quick in action and very determined and energetic. Yi Ching said "everything in this world need balancing". Too much or too less of something is bad. If you have too less of something, you need more. If you have too much of something, you reduce it. Jack Ma has strong gold and water thus; he needs fire, earth and plant elements instead to balance out. His Alibaba is online internet industry which is fire element related industry helped him to excel.

For him, if fire element comes, wealth will come. If earth appears then his career will excel. Whereas if plant comes, he will be very reputable and he becomes famous.

 In Jack Ma 10 years life circle, 2004 he entered into his 10 years luck with strong plant, earth and plant that he needs. The plant comes and it helped. Therefore, in May 2003, he launched his which he made him now the richest man in Asia. He also launched it on May which is on summer, thus a lot of fire element for him. 2003 is the yin water goat will produce the fire he needs when yin water combine with his yang earth. Apart from that, goat is earth element zodiac. 

Lets us come back and talk about science. The Chinese calls the 5 planets that close to the Earth 5 elements planets, Venus (gold planet), Jupiter (plant planet), Mercury (water planet) , Mars (fire planet) , Saturn (earth planet). The largest planet is Jupiter and Jupiter takes 12 years to revolve around the Sun, means it takes 12 years to make a full round around the Sun. Due to the fact, it is the largest planet, its magnetic field is the strongest, thus, it affects us the most. This is how the 12 zodiac formed. The second largest planet is Saturn and it takes 30 years to complete a round the Sun. When both of meet every 20 years, the pulling force between them change the magnetic field flow 磁场(qi) of the Earth. Therefore, 1 period is 20 years.

When the Saturn goes 2 rounds around the Sun, it takes 60 years. In Chinese it is one 甲子 Venus (gold planet) , Jupiter (plant planet), Mercury (water planet) , Mars (fire planet) , Saturn (earth planet), and the Earth will be in almost in line every 60 years or so, within 45 degrees. In bazi calculation 1 circle is 60 years. Thus, it is mathematics and science.

Do you wonder why your friend and you are born on the same year with the same zodiac but do you have the same life, destiny and luck? It is due to the fact that you all have different month, day and hour of birth. Teach you a very simple way to calculate your own luck on 2018. Your year can predict your environment. Whether 2018 has favourable environment? Whether do you have helps available? Your month is very important. It represents your ability in 2018, your ability in your career and study in 2018. Your day is your personal relationship with others. Hour is your investment plan and grows for 2018. 

We have 12 months in a year and we have 12 zodiac. Hence, every month has its own zodiac. I have done an estimated summary of the month zodiac. It may not be 100% as some year have double lunar month with the same zodiac. Also, it is more accurate if you are born middle and end of the month. Apart from that, we have 24 hours in a day and we have 12 zodiac. Hence, 24 / 12, every 2 hours is a zodiac hour.

Please refer my post earlier to predict your luck in 2018
Zodiac Horoscope in Dog year 2018 十二生肖在2018戊戌狗 年的运气.

Jack Ma is born on the dragon year, dog month, rooster day and monkey hour. It is hard to teach the day zodiac here but at least now you can know additional 2 zodiac you have apart from the year zodiac that you knew all this while.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The feng shui of Cambodia

The world is formed by yin yang. One of the examples of yin yang is static is yin and dynamic is yang. The job of the feng shui master is basically to look at the yin and yang. Mountain is yin as it doesn't move but the water moves and thus the water is yang. Water governs the wealth and mountain controls the people. Places with beautiful mountains like Japan have talented and healthier people and Kuala Lumpur is located at Klang Valley, surrounded by beautiful hills has managed to attract many talents around Malaysia to make the city prosperous.

During period 7 (1984 - 2003), the 7 at the West and if opposite, East you see water, then the place has potential of gaining wealth, but the East of Cambodia does not have water thus there was no money available.

However, During period 8 (2004 - 2023), the 8 at the North East and if opposite, South West you see water, then the place has potential of gaining wealth, the SW of Cambodia has water, which is the sea thus there is money available.

The same theory is applied to East Malaysia. During period 7 (1984 - 2003), the East of East of Malaysia is the jungle of Borneo which does not have water thus there was no money available. However, During period 8 (2004 - 2023), South West we have the South China Sea, then the place has potential of gaining wealth. 

Please read my previous article that I have written on 2010 about the feng shui of East Malaysia,

The 7 wonder of world, Ang Kot Wat is at Siem Reap which is NW of Cambodia is a very important historical city of Cambodia which used to be the capital of Cambodia and there was the time when Cambodia Kings were very strong. Accordingly Bagua, NW is Qian place which is place for the Master and King. Please read my article about Alor Setar, the origin of our Prime Minister, Dr Tun Mahathir Mohammad. Alor Setar is at the North West of Malaysia and it is place for the Master and King. The same theory is applied.  

Please read my previous article that I have written 8 years ago about the feng shui of Alor Setar, the North West of Malaysia

Hun Sen (2016) cropped.jpg

Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, one of the longest served Prime Minister in the world since 1985. His residence house is located facing 178 degree facing South which is 8x8=64 Yi Ching Bagua 乾为天, basically is the direction for the King in feng shui.

His house is build with a strong back as the buildings are getting taller when you walk to the back, which mean he is going higher and higher eventually with stronger support. In Chinese it is called 步步高升, step up。In feng shui, it is the auspicious black turtle ,后玄武 as support.

In front of the his house there is nothing to block it which in feng shui is called the auspicious Pheonix 前朱雀 bright hall 明堂. 

The Huangpu River brought up Shanghai

Currently, all the important buildings and skyscrapers are all located at the East of Shanghai which is Pudong.

Again, water is money and obviously the Huangpu River brought up Shanghai. 

Since thousands years ago, men went to places with water for agriculture and fishing and as well as trading. 

The four ancient civilizations, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient India, and the Yellow River of China are the earliest areas where human civilization was build. The four ancient civilizations were built near the river terraces because of the fixed water sources that made it easier for agriculture and commerce to develop. Human beings, of course, are inseparable from water. Humans always go to live in places where there is water. Water is the wealth of mankind. Since ancient times, men have used water to obtain wealth. The world’s four ancient civilizations are built next to water. The world's most prosperous cities such as New York, Hong Kong and Singapore are all built on the beautiful waterside. Where there is good water, there is a lot of wealth. Therefore, water is money.

Currently, all the important buildings and skyscrapers are all located at the East of Shanghai which is Pudong as the Huangpu River forms "JADE BELT PROTECTING WAIST' theory in feng shui. The West side has more old valuable buildings instead, which was once the so-called 'cowboy town', the era of 上海滩许文強时代.

The world most populated city has the mixture of new and old buildings which are very well maintained and preserved. It is awesome to see that.

I have written many articles previously in my blog about the benefits of land located at the 玉带环抱 yu dai huan bao a jade belt around your waist. It is like someone is hugging and protecting you. The palace of the Sultan Brunei, the Grand Palace of Bangkok, the popular shopping mall of MidValley Kuala Lumpur and many more are all located at the玉带环抱 yu dai huan bao’.

In my article about the Forbidden City, Beijing, (the palace, being the home of 24 emperors – 14 of the Ming dynasty and 10 of the Qing dynasty in the recent history of China and last emperor)
I said “The shape of the Golden Water River 金水河in front of the Hall of the Supreme Harmony (the main hall in the Forbidden City) 太和殿 is known as the 玉带环抱 yu dai huan bao a jade belt around your waist. It is like someone is hugging and protecting you. Jade belt was a belt worn by ranking officials in the old China. Hence, if you have a house located at the auspicious sector then your relationship with family members and people around you will be remarkable and your luck in terms of wealth will be excellent. However, if your house is located at the opposite side, then it is defined as 反弓水 bend bow water, which is an inauspicious location, then your luck in terms of wealth and relationship with others will not be prosperous.”

The figure explains the theory or the back ground why the land located at the 玉带环抱 yu dai huan baois auspicious. It is because of if you own a land at B, the flow of the river water from the mountain will make the land opposite which is A smaller but your land at B becomes larger instead.

In feng shui, the water of river is money and today the road in front of our house represents the river which is wealth to us.

Marvelous feng shui of Melbourne

Water is money. Since the earliest civilization of men, men go for the places with good water for living. Chinese started from the Yellow River and so did Indians. 

All the popular cities of the world all next to good water like New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Same theory is applied to Melbourne which has voted the most livable place in the world, is next to the Port Phillip Bay. The Qi that comes into the bay is well captured. The bay protects Melbourne against strong storms and wind. Melbourne is a city with good water and Qi.