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The dragon that changes colour 蜥蜴 变色龙

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I Ching or Yi Ching 易经

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Bhutan Flag carries a dragon on it.

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The dragon that changes colour 蜥蜴 变色龙

The oldest book in the world is not any books related to any religions. It is I Ching or Yi Ching 易经 from China. It has existed 6000 years ago. The word Yi is actually from the Chinese word which is the dragon that changes colour 蜥蜴 变色龙. Nobody see dragon but ‘The dragon that change colour 蜥蜴 变色龙”, chameleon exist and it has existed before mankind. What it wants tells us? It wants to tell us that the world will not stop changing. This small dragon 变色龙 is the mini size of the 恐龙 dinosaur which existed million years during Jurassic before man kind existed on Earth. 

There is no dragon 龙 existed before on earth. Otherwise, we will to find the remain of the dragon 龙. Nevertheless, we have found the remains of the 恐龙 dinosaurs which have proven to be existed million years ago on Earth. Have we found the remains of dragons? Then, why we see dragon every where? We even see dragon on the flag of Bhutan. As the matter of fact, dragon represented the emperor in the Oriental countries. It is a symbol of power and auspicious.

If you analyse it thoroughly, Human made up an animal that can do everything which cannot be done by human. Dragon is the only animal that can go to either the sky, land and water 海陆空. Amphibious can only go either to water or up to the land, but they cannot fly. Whereas, birds can either fly in the sky or go to land, but they cannot swim. However, none of the animals can go to all  sky, land and water except dragon. 

If you look at dragon carefully. It is a combination of all animals. The body is snake's body. Its tail is like fish's tail. Its claws are assemble the eagle's claws. Its horns are like deer's horns. Its eyes are very fierce like tiger's eyes. 

In Chinese, we say "神龙见首不见尾". It means when a dragon fly in the sky, you cannot see or know where is the head and where is the tail. It means dragon CHANGES. The dragon changes.

Now, you can see in Malaysia, our current Prime Minister has changed. He realized that he has to change. He has changed from a dictator to a 93 year old Prime Minister who wish to correct the mistakes that he have done in past. Our future Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim has changed from a racist and extreme leader to a leader that say "no matter whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian or Iban, you are a Malaysian."

We are seeing a better Malaysia!

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Our Earth does not stop revolving.

Our Earth does not stop revolving. When it revolves, the magnetic field changes from time to time hence the world changes.

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It is in-line with Buddha teaching i.e. “Impermanence” as nothing is permanent in the world. Hence in feng shui we say all things changes and as the matter of fact, we can know and study the changes scientifically and mathematically.

The Chinese word is actually very special. It is the only language in the world that one word can explain many different things. One of the things the word “Yi” means in Changes. Many professors when they analyse this oldest book in the world, they call it “philosophy of Changes”. It is a book about changes.

If you know Chinese, the word Yi is formed by a Sun on top and Moon at the bottom. It means the world is formed by positive energy and negative energy. Yin is negative energy and yang is positive energy. Scientists today have proven the world is formed by positive energy and negative energy. How did men 6000 years ago know that the world is formed by positive energy and negative energy without any scientific instruments?

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The biggest thing in the world is Universal. Universal is formed by positive energy and negative energy. Take our Solar System as example, the Sun has positive energy and the 9 planets have negative energy hence the 9 planets can revolve around the Sun.

The smallest is Atom and proton has positive energy and electron has negative energy.

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八卦bagua, 8 trigrams

From Yi Ching, we have the 八卦bagua, 8 trigrams. The bagua is formed by a straight full line which is yang, positive energy and a broken line which is yin, negative energy. 6000 years ago there was no a proper developed language or written words. The Yi Ching was passed by the symbols of the straight full line which is yang, positive energy and a broken line which is yin, negative energy.

Everything in the world can be explained by positive energy and negative energy, or yin and yang. Yin negative is soft and yang positive is tough. The natural character is female is soft and the natural character or the build of men are always more touch and stronger than female. Human being is formed by positive energy and negative energy, or yin and yang. Body is yang, positive as you can see it but soul, spirit and thoughts are yin which you cannot see. The hardware of smart phone is yang but without electricity which is yin which you cannot see, it cannot work.

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Our fingers tell us the secret of the Universal. In Yi Ching, Odd number is yang or positive and even numbers are yin, negative. Our hands have 5 fingers and the four fingers have 3 joints in them. In 4 we have 3. In even numbers we have odd numbers. In yin we have yang. In negative we have positive. Whereas, we have 1 thumb with 2 joints. In 1 we have 2. In odd number we have even number. In positive we have negative. It means the positive energy and negative energy have to work together and balance it up. Yang, positive also means bright and yin, negative energy means dark. Your house, there are places that need to be bright, which are the places to you need positive energy which are you are your halls, dining room, kitchen and study room. The place that needs to have negative energy is where you rest which is your bedroom. Can you switch on your bedroom brightly and sleep 

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Our head is 1 (ODD, YANG, POSITIVE). Our legs are 2 (EVEN, YIN, NEGATIVE). IT MEANS BALANCING. Balance up the yin and the yang.