Monday, May 31, 2010

The Feng Shui Review of Setia Pearl Island S.P. Setia

I have gone to the Setia Pearl Island at Sungai Ara for a couple of time and today I have another opportunity to go there again. After going there for sometimes, finally, I am able to conclude my analysis and would like to share with you some of the feng shui tips that I noticed from this beautiful and comfortable living area.

Picture 1

The only thing that I dislike about this area is the ugly hills. If you stay at this side of the house (in the picture 1 above), the white tiger is stronger as the right hand side is higher than the left hand side. It is good for the women but not the men.

Picture 2
If you stay at the phase 1 Isle of Life (if I m not mistaken) the houses face the central park, the pond is at your East, it is auspicious in gaining wealth in period 7 & 8 (now until 2023).

Picture 3

Picture 4

The houses at the phase 2 Isle of Aroma are facing the North and South generally. The North is the direction of water and the South is the direction of fire. It is fabulous for those who require water element and fire element in their bazi to stay there, especially those require water because the residential area is located at Sungai Ara and Sungai is river, ample of water. Apart from that, there are water everywhere. Other than the water pond in picture 2, there is a water tank as per the pictures 3 & 4 above. However, if you require neither water nor fire, but earth element instead, then you should shift your main door to the direction of earth i.e. the South West or the North East. I have checked a few houses and their main doors directions are very close to the two mentioned directions. Please refer to my earlier post about the best directions of houses during period 8 (2004-2023)

For the houses in this residential area, shifting of the main door direction to the direction that (旺财旺丁) auspicious for the wealth and people can be easily done.

Picture 5

The flow of traffic at the main entrance of the Setia Pearl Island is the 玉带环抱 'yu dai huan bao’ a jade belt around your waist. It is like someone is hugging and protecting you.

Picture 6 : Main Entrance of the Setia Pearl Island

Picture 7
If your houses are in the phase 1 Isle of Life and are located facing the central park, then you have ample space in front of you which is the 'bright hall' and auspicious red phoenix. Also, the left hand side is higher as there is a hill hence no doubt the green dragon is strong. When the green dragon is stronger, the men will be more powerful and influential than the women. It also means there will be good support available.
Picture 8 : Ample space in front indicates that there will be ample wealth awaiting for you.
I also noticed that there are a number of construction taking place near the residential area. When there are constructions, the feng shui there will be ruined as the noise and dust will create very bad qi. Something need to be done in order to minimise the bad impact.
Apart from that, the setback about the layout design of the houses is there is a washroom right on top of the main door. Door is A key of Feng Shui of Premises. Main Door is very crucial. Door is the key of feng shui of any premises as it is the entrance of qi into the premises. It is like your mouth whereby whatever food that you consume will affect your health. If there is an auspicious qi enters your house, then your luck will be fantastic and if it is otherwise then it will be the other way round.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

北京故宮紫禁城之风水 Part 2 Forbidden City Feng Shui Part 2

万岁山(后改名为景山)Hill at the North of the Forbidden City

Bent and curved Golden Water River 金水河

I always feel that we cannot call ourselves that we understand feng shui until we learn the feng shui application in Forbidden City, Beijing. The feng shui application in the palace has been done to the maximum level and it applied the theory of I-Ching, yin and yang, before heaven bagua and later heaven bagua in the construction of the palace.

Prior to the construction of the Forbidden City, there was no water and hill in the palace originally and the then emperor 明永乐皇帝 decided to create water and hill in the palace. Thus, he ordered his men to create a hill at the back of the palace which is at the North, called 万岁山(后改名为景山). Water was brought in from the North West of the palace which according to the theory of the later heaven bagua is the sector of the King or Master 乾 (Qian) or heaven 天. The water flows from the North West to South East of the palace. South East is the sector of wind 巽. It means the water is the rain from the sky (heaven) and evaporates as air (wind).

The formation of hill and water in the Forbidden City is according to the theory of front red phoenix and back lack turtle 前朱雀后玄武. There is a support at the back and in front of the palace is ample of space which means bright hall 明堂.

The river in the Forbidden City is called the Golden Water River 金水河 and the flow the river is bent and curved and it is auspicious as if the flow of the river is bent and curved then it is passionate. Whereas, straight flow of water is ruthless instead.

The shape of the Golden Water River 金水河in front of the Hall of the Supreme Harmony (the main hall in the Forbidden City) 太和殿 is known as the 玉带环抱 ‘yu dai huan bao’ a jade belt around your waist. It is like someone is hugging and protecting you. Jade belt was a belt worn by ranking officials in the old China. Hence, if you have a house located at the auspicious sector then your relationship with family members and people around you will be remarkable and your luck in terms of wealth will be excellent. However, if your house is located at the opposite side, then it is defined as 反弓水 bend bow water, which is an inauspicious location, then your luck in terms of wealth and relationship with others will not be prosperous.

You will notice the application of the bow concept in the Forbidden City of Beijing, China whereby the men-made river is build like the shape of 弓 bow is designed at the entrance of the palace which is a design to protect the palace against any undesired qi. The palace is located inside the bow, so it is protected by the bow.

明永乐皇帝定京师于北京,按风水营建紫禁城,原来没有金水河和万岁山(后改名为景山),基于风水格局之考虑,无天然河水就要风水工力改造,成“背山面水”之格局。紫禁城正北也就是后方设有玄武门(后改名为神武门),其后需建山为屏障增靠山。这也是我们所说的左青龙右白虎前朱雀后玄武. 前面是一片大广场为好的明堂. 后面是靠山.

万岁山与十三陵天寿山遥相呼应,将天寿山龙脉之气引入紫禁城,既成为紫禁城的镇山,又可阻挡北风穿堂。金水河从万岁山西北方而来,沿万岁山西麓注入紫禁城护城河中,河水再由西北角楼下引入紫禁城内,流入太和殿前。在后天八卦中西北方属乾位,为天门,来自天河之水,通过金水河的流动,将天上的“生气”源源不绝地引入紫禁城. 再从东南流出紫禁城, 东南在后天八卦中为巽卦, 易经 巽卦代表风, 象徵水从天上来而化为气.

紫禁城内金水河之水从护城河西北角引入,曲曲弯弯地流经武英殿、太和殿、文渊阁、南三所、东化门等重要建筑和宫门前,既将“生气”导入,又形成风水中的“水抱有情”之势金城玉带。曲曲弯弯的金水河到东南角又流入护城河, 曲曲弯弯为流水有情。直沖的水或路反而无情.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why was there a change of Dynasty in China?

By applying the theory of the 5 elements, we can explain the change of dynasty in China. Ming Dynasty with the name Ming 明 is a Sun with a Moon. The Sun represents strong fire. Whereas, the Ching Dynasty is with the name of clear water 清. The water of the Ching Dynasty 清朝 put out the fire of the Ming Dynasty 明朝.

Prior to the Ming Dynasty, China had been ruled by the Mongolians 成吉思汗Genghis Khan 元朝who came from northwest of China and Mongolians are called golden people 金人 and the northwest is the direction of gold therefore fire dissolves gold! Hence, the Ming Dynasty 明朝 had managed to defeat the Mongolians.

Ching Dynasty 清朝 was in fact destroyed by Sun Yat-sen 孫中山as Sun Yat-sen’s name is a mountain which undoubtedly is the earth element. Earth crushes the water as the huge stone stop the smooth flow of water.

On top of that, Mao Zedong 毛澤东eventually managed to defeat Chiang Kai-shek 蒋介石 because 东 is east and it is the direction of the plant element and the plant crushes the earth. From the name Chiang Kai-shek 蒋介石, we know that this is a name of earth as shek 石 is stone and it is a hard earth. In fact, there is another name for Chiang Kai-shek 蒋介石 is called 蒋中正 means square and square is the shape of earth. Thus, plant crushes the earth.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Feng Shui Seminar at Public Bank Relau Branch Penang

I had a wonderful a feng shui sharing session in Public Bank Relau Branch Penang this morning.
Thanks a billion Public Bank Relau Branch for inviting me to their branch and thanks Ms. Yeoh, the Branch Manager of Public Bank Relau for giving me a beautiful and lovely souvenir.

Thanks to all the clients of Public Bank Relau and my feng shui 'supporters' and friends for listening attentively to my talk. I m delighted to meet Kevin and Pang who I have chatted via Facebook for sometimes but do not have a chance to meet them in person. Of course, I m pleased to meet up Mr Chew, Kevin, Lily and Family who came all the way from Bukit Mertajam and Butterworth. Last but not least, I have Jesse, Tan Kim Heng, Jackie, Swee Chneh, PY, Dr.Kang, Alex and many more there to support me. Also, do not forget to thank some familiar faces who always come and attend my talks whenever I have a talk but they have never approached me to say 'Hai'. To those who I could not have a chance to talk to you personally due to the large turn up, please accept my apologies.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Young Philippine President and the youngest prime minister of the United Kingdom in 200 years

I always say in my blog and seminars that period 8, 2004 to 2023 is a period for the young men to shine brightly as star no 8 is at the Gen gua in the Later Heaven Bagua. Gen gua is the gua of the youngest son.
Once again, it has proven me right. Please read the news below and you will agree with what I said.

Young Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Cojuangco Aquino III has been elected to be the next president of Philippine

Age 43, the youngest prime minister of the United Kingdom in 200 years, David Cameron is making the history

If you study the history, you will notice that China used to be ruled by very old men aged 70 – 90++ but things change as the qi changes because the Earth does not stop revolving.

The below are all my previous posts about the young leaders in period 8, 2004 to 2023:-


Friday, May 7, 2010

My Free Feng Shui Seminar at Public Bank Relau Branch Penang.

Update on 13 May 2010 10.40am.
Due to the overwhelming response, the organizer of the event, Public Bank Relau Branch Penang has requested me to inform you to come early. This is because they will prepare seats for you but it is not convenient for them to fit the seat no. Thus, the seats will be on first come first serve basis. After my talk, there will be an investment plan sharing session by a professional analyst from Public Mutual, Mr Ong. On top of that, light refreshment will be served.
I m going to take the opportunity to share with you the wonderful application of feng shui in the majestic palace of China, the Forbidden City in Beijing. I always feel that you cannot call yourself that you really understand feng shui until you learn the feng shui of the Forbidden City.
See you on Sunday.

I cordially invite you to my short feng shui seminar at Public Bank Relau Branch Penang. It is free of charge. I am going to share with you how to practice feng shui in a scientific way and not superstitiously with many real life examples. Also, I wish to tell you why feng shui is a treasure that passed down by our ancestors.
Venue: Public Bank Relau Branch Penang
Date : 16 May 2010 Sunday
Time: 11.00am
Tell me if you can attend so that I can reverse a place for you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I love what Sam said about my e-feng shui class

I quote what he said:-

The e-fengshui class starts with basic understanding of the fengshui and move on to describe the space location; internal and external as well as the flow of Qi. Examples given are based on some of the residential and commercial area in Malaysia, which makes this e-fengshui class more practical and easy to understand.

To me, this e-fengshui class is as easy as ABC and you will not have difficulties to understand Master Lee’s explanation on fengshui.

Arm with this knowledge, one can try to DIY your house or office fengshui though the best way is to engage fengshui master like Master Lee to give you an in depth understanding and explanation of your property fengshui.

So if you are curious on what is green dragon, white tiger, red phoenix, black turtle, flying stars, where is the best location to sit in office, how to enhance your living room, kitchen, bedroom and numerous fengshui practical steps by steps – then don’t wait…

Just sign up as a member for free of charge and pay only USD 4.99 for 36mins e-fengshui class. So much of information and yet worthwhile…

Hence, try it out and share with me your view on Master Lee’s e-fengshui class at


"To me, this e-feng shui class is as easy as ABC and you will not have difficulties to understand Master Lee’s explanation on feng shui.”