Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Feng Shui Talk for Eco-World

For those who wish to listen to me before the coming Chinese New Year, this is a good chance....See you there at Eco-World.

Venue : Eco Meadows Sales Gallery
Address : Lot 730 ,Mukim 14, Jalan Paboi ,Daerah Seberang Perai Selatan ,14100 Simpang Ampat.
Time : 2.00 pm
Date: 3 Jan 16 Sunday

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

开市/开工吉时吉日 Auspicious Dates to start business or resume work

12 Feb 2016 Friday 初五 7am-9am 忌马 Horse should avoid.

15 Feb 2016 Monday 初八 11am-1pm 忌鸡 Rooster should avoid.

22 Feb 2016 Monday 初十五 9am-11am 忌龙 Dragon should avoid.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The feng shui of Perth, West Australia.

Just came back from Perth, Australia. In feng shui, we always say that "water is money".

Many thousands years ago, men hunted for living in the forest. Then, men started to do farming and fishing, thus they started to depend heavily on water. The four human earliest civilizations are all next to rivers. After that, men started to learn doing trading and where is the best place to do trading, it is near the water i.e. at the river bank and near the seaside. Men migrated from the forest to flat land and then to the river bank. You will notice that many popular cities are all built next to water such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

Do you know why Africa is the poorest continent among all other continents? It is because comparatively Africa does not have a lot of good water compare to the rest. It is in quite a dried land. However, being the driest continent in the world, Australia is doing well because the water there is really clean.

The Swan River at the City of Perth forms a clean water flow protecting the city. If you refer to my book page 39, I said the houses are located in an auspicious sector known as the 玉带环抱 yu dai huan bao, a jade belt around your waist. It is like someone hugging and protecting you. Jade belt was a belt worn by ranking officials in the olden China. Hence, if you have a house located at the auspicious sector, your relationship with your family members and people around you will be remarkable and your luck in terms of wealth will be excellent. If you study carefully, the center of the City of Perth is surrounded by the Swan River which ample clean water and it forms玉带环抱 yu dai huan bao.

Being a biggest country at the South of the world and south hemisphere of the earth, Australia is a super star as the up and coming star 9 that is going to take over star 8 now is at the South of the later heaven bagua. Period 9 is 2024-2043 and now we are at period 8 2004-2023. Australia is a country full of resources and the world is running short of resources hence it is going to be the time for Australia to shine even more brightly in future.

Also, the star 8 is going to be at the South West in 2016 and Perth is located at the South West of Australia is going to be good in 2016.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2016 火猴年将会是怎祥的一年? What are you going to expect for the year of monkey 2016?

27 Oct 2015与大家分享2016 年丙申火猴年的预测 还感到言之未尽, 因此再大家说说丙申火猴年的预测.
2016 2 4 1814酉时为立春. 立春为24节气之首, 为春天的第一天, 大地回春, 喜气洋洋. 24节气里有立春, 立夏, 立秋和立冬也就是春夏秋冬的第一天,  立春就是新的一年了因为大地已回春了, 其实很多人都搞错2016 2 4 1814酉时立春出生的孩子已经生肖为猴了虽然2 8日才是农历初一. 立春之后各方面的吉凶也随着变动了.
为一个人批命可以用他的生辰时间, 因此有八字推算. 要为那一年来推算就要用立春来记算, 因此我们可以用2016 2 4 1814酉时立春时辰八字来推算这一年的吉凶.
2016 2 4 1814酉时立春的八字四柱是丙申年, 庚寅月, 丙辰日, 丁酉时.
金最强对金的行业有利, 比如说金融业, 银行, 五金, 金融市场, 金银买卖. 如果你有投资股票可以考虑金的行业.
丙申年要注意交通的危机因为年柱地支与月柱地支形成驿马相冲, 通常猴年的交通事故会比较多, 交通秩序和交通系统也会比较乱糟糟, 出远门特别小心, 最好把交通保险买好.
猴子天生是山头主义者, 因此国与国的兢争也依然激烈, 区域保护主义强. 猴子也很狡猾, 因此丙申年很多骗案和贪污盗窃案. 猴子也很敏捷, 因此投资者必须要快去快回, 别留念一个股票太久.
2016 年九宫飞星, 二黑小病星入中宫, 除了我之前说的2016 年要提防病毒散播, 也可能有火山爆发和土崩. 九紫喜庆星飞到东方对日本台湾有利不要忘记在东马的砂劳越会很快大选了,因此政府将会给很多好处。四绿文昌星飞西方, 美国和欧洲将有重要的科学发展. 三碧是非星飞入西北, 对新疆一带将不安宁, 加拿大必须提防恐怖组织攻击, 槟城和吉打的政局将不平静. 在北方的俄罗斯有匕赤破军星也将刀光剑影.
八运当令星当然是八白财星. 2016 年八白财星飞入西南方, 西南方为坤宫, 是母亲, 妈妈, 女皇, 皇后, 女领导者之宫, 因此对兢选台湾总统的蔡英文和兢选美国总统的希拉利有利. 凶星五黄飞入东北方除了我之前说的2016 年对世界东北方的中国与韩国不利, 影响经济表现之外, 中国可能有天灾人祸, 韩国朝鲜可能刀光剑影. 东北方也是艮宫, 艮宫为少男宫, 少男问题将很多. 沙巴在马来西亚东北部,因此会有地震.

2016 年行业盛旺排行为金火水木土, 其中金火行业比较可观, 其他行业都没有可取之处.

I have shared my 2016 forecast as per link on 27 Oct 2015 but I feel that it is not sufficient. Let’s talk more about it.
February 4, 2016 1814 is the beginning of spring or we call it LI CHUN立春. It is the first day of the 24 solar terms and the first day of spring. In the 24 solar terms, there are beginning of spring, beginning of summer, beginning of autumn and beginning of winter立春, 立夏, 立秋和立冬. They are the first day of the seasons. Thereafter the beginning of spring is the entire New Year. In fact, many people have mistaken about it. They thought the first day of the Lunar New Year is the new year day农历初一. This year on February 4, 2016 1814 the child that born that time onwards is a monkey zodiac child instead of goat although February 8 2016 is the start of the Lunar calendar. After LI CHUN all aspects change accordingly.
To read the fortune of a person, we use bazi which mean we calculate his or her destiny and luck by using his or her time of birth. The same theory applied i.e. we use the birthday time of the year i.e. the LI CHUN time to study the good and bad about that year.
The four pillars or the bazi of LI CHUN February 4, 2016 1814 is丙申年, 庚寅月, 丙辰日, 丁酉时.
Strong gold can be found in the four pillars. Thus, it is good for the gold industry, for example financial services, banking, metal fabrication, financial markets, gold and silver trading. If you are investing in stocks market, you can consider the stock of the gold industry.
Bing shen year, we have to pay attention to the traffic crisis because of the clash in between the year roof monkey and the month roof tiger. Usually during Monkey year there will be more accidents, messy traffic and transport systems. If you are going for a long journey travelling, it is advisable to have a transportation Insurance bought.
Monkeys are naturally born sectarianism, and thus therefore countries contestant is still strong and of course, regional protectionism will still be there. Also, monkeys are very cunning, so there are a lot of deception and corruption and theft cases. Monkey is also very agile, so investors must react real quickly and do not hold on a stock too long.
In the 2016 Flying Star chart, two black sickness star enters into the center of the chart. Other than what I said before, beware of virus spread, there may be volcanic eruptions and landslides. Nine festive purple star will fly to the east. Thus, it is good for both Japan and Taiwan which are at the East of the world. Don’t forget, the Sarawak at the East Malaysia is going to have their general election soon, thus there will be lots of goodies available from the government. 4 intelligent star will be at the West, hence, there will be some important scientific developments from the United States and the Europe countries. The three argument star will fly into the northwest area, therefore NW will not be peaceful. Canada must prepare against terrorist attacks. Penang and Kedah will not have calm political situation. The 7 broken army star is at the north. Russia will continue to be at the battle with other countries.
The best star during period 8 (2004-2023) is the 8 wealth star. In 2016 it will go to the Kun Palace. The Kun Palace is the palace for the mother, the Queen, the female leader of the house, so the favorable candidates for the presidential election in Taiwan and US will be 蔡英文and Hillary respectively. The worst star goes into the Northeast, thus, other than what  I said before, in 2016 the world's northeast China and Korea will have not very promising economic performance. The North East of China may have some natural disasters. The tension in between the North Korea and South Korea might continue and may become worse. Northeastern also the Palace of young boys, hence, boys will cause a lot of problems or criminal crisis. Sabah is at the Northeast of Malaysia and hence there will be earthquake at Sabah,

The ranking of industries performance is gold, fire, water, plant and earth elements related industries. Other than gold and fire element industries, other industries do not have any promising sign of improving.