Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have compared my prediction earlier Master Lee's Prediction for year of dragon 2012 (article dated 25 Dec 2011) with what has happened yesterday and I noticed that I wrote this:-

You will notice that there is no direct officer 正官 in the bazi four pillars 四柱of the li chun 立春. Direct officer 正官 in bazi refers to officer, government, and leader. It is also a tough year for governments to win the support from their people. The trust, support and confidence of the people towards their governments are generally low. Hence, we will expect to see some demonstrations against the governments. As many have said that this is a year of 'election' whereby there are going to have 59 countries in the world that are going to hold their general elections on 2012, I would predict there will be more ruling governments that are going to lose their power in the election or the number of seats that they will win may be decreased due to the mentioned fact. 

You may notice that I have never wear a yellow color shirt as yellow is not my favorable color according to my bazi. However, I strongly support BERSIH as 国家国家,有国才有家,我爱我的国家!I love my country, Malaysia . 大家都热血沸腾,因为我们热爱我们的国家因此我们走出来了.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Advice from Editor

Aaron wrote me this after completed editing my forth book and I really love it and would like to share with you all.....

由於自己过去的际遇而去了解命运,才发现到八字学才是最宝贵的古老传统智慧。市场上目前有很多刚兴起的現代数术,虽然可以简单的分析个人的性格,但是却无法科学及系统化的让你全面知命而掌运,反而誤害了大众,这些商家更以一些沒有东方玄学实践的風水物迷惑大众赚取厚利 ! 大家要知道,命可信,不可迷呀!
而李青和老师这本DlY八字算命书,经过两年时间呕心沥血的准备功夫,把复杂的八字学以简单的方式与大家分享,确实可以让更多人受惠,可以更了解自己,掌握命运。最重要是如何将命理生活化,运用在工作,事业和人际关系上, 帮助大众走出迷惘,找出方向。 感恩!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My first book in Chinese

Great! It is a good day to be written into my story as today I have completed editing my forth book. Also, it is in fact my first book in Chinese. It is ready to go for printing and permit application now.
After spending 2 years and surprised to find out that the total words has actually come up to be more than 35500 words. Total pages is 123 pages of A4 size paper size. It is really unbelievable that I and my team have done it! Wow....feeling great now.
The following is what you will find at the front and back covers of the book. Will design the book cover and may need your opinions on which cover design to be chosen, ok?

1.      我们的老祖宗最会算, 《易经》提倡什么东西都可以算, 包括可以用一个人的生辰八字來算命.
2.      用了两年的时间尽心尽力书, 写了三万五千五百多个字!
3.      要写一本深入浅出有关八字的书并不简单.要写一本简单易懂的八字书更难, 而我一向来的作法是希望把复杂的玄学知识以简单的方式与大家分享.
4.   有许多真实例子.
I)           为什么趙明福逃不过死神?
II)         为什么婚姻有问题?
III)       为什么一个女人要自杀?
IV)          为什么不适合当会计师?
V)           为什么中年可得子?
VI)         为什么一个男人可以发迖?
VII)       为什么身有残障?
5.  一本你不容错过有系统的生辰八字算命书.
6.      浅白的文字来告诉你什么是深奥复杂的易经和宝贵的古老智慧.
7.  人非圣贤,了解了自已的強处与弱处以后, 就能事半功倍了. 以自已的強处而”, 并以自已的弱点而.
8.      人有三衰六旺, 别悲观. 当你掌握了自已的命运, 你将知如何去面对它. 当你行好运时, 你可要”. 反之, 当你行衰运时, 你可要”.

作者: 李青和老师
·       英国史得凯大学第一级荣誉机械工程学士.
·       主持Penang Feng Shui东方玄学专长于风水学, 八字学, 姓名学及面相学.
编辑: 邱建鏵, 谢建成

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The first page of the book....

  1. 所有我敬爱的家人,
  2. 关心我和我关心的朋友,
  3. 直都默默地支持我的纲友,
  4. 我认识和不认识的读者,
  5. 先是我的顾客, 而后成为关心我和我关心的朋友.
特别感谢编辑邱建鏵和 谢建成. 他们花了许多的夜晚整理这本三万五千五百多个字的书. 非常感恩, 阿彌陀佛, 保佑你.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I-Ching explain the theory of the Universal.

Those who have been following my blog will know that I love I-Ching 《易经》 so much and a lot of knowledge we are using today is originated from I-Ching including bazi fortune telling. Thus, I m trying to explain this complicated knowledge in my next coming bazi book in a lay man way and the following is part of it......
孔子深受《易经》的影响, 他在老年才读《易经》, 他对它爱不释手, 他曾遗憾为何老年才接触了《易经》. 其实今天我们所用的文字好多原自于《易经》. 而《易经》不仅是本占卜的书, 它包罗万象. 它是本数理的书,  因此《易经》提倡什么东西都可以算, 包括可以用一个人的生辰八字來算命.
《易经》的上古(6000-7000年前)的代表人物是伏羲氏, 他创立了<八卦>.
《易经》的中古(3500年前)的代表人物是周文, 他创立了<六十四卦>.
《易经》的下古(2500年前)的代表人物是孔子, 他撰写了<十翼>.

《易经》在讲解宇宙一个不变的道理, 那就是顺乎自然, 老子所说的道法自然”, 河和山都是弯弯曲曲, 告诉我们一个人不可以太阳太刚烈,不要直直的, 应柔的时候要柔. 物极必反, 其实<物极必反>这个成语也来自《易经》.
《易经》说无极生太极, 就是说万物从无至有, 宇宙太阳系里的太阳和星球不是由一个尘开始吗? 万物从无至有; 接下来是太极生两仪, 就是说万物生而后有阴阳, 两仪生四象, 四象生八卦, 八八卦六十四卦.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earthquake at Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Amitaba, hope that the impact of the 8.7 earthquake at the Aceh, North Sumatra, Indonesia is at the minimum level and let us pray for the victims.

I hope nobody will blame me for using this tragedy to promote my accurate prediction again. It is never my intention to do so!

The earthquake happened at 16:38:37 11 April 2012. This is the hour that fall under the time of 2 dragons at the year of yang water dragon and the month of dragon as well. In Chinese it is defined as 双龙出海 double dragons come from the sea. You could felt another shake later which was reported with rate at 8.2! Also, It was happened on the day of yang water tiger and the hour of monkey. Tiger and monkey is a clash and monkey and dragon is 辰申二合为水 the combination of dragon and monkey will become water. Thus, there are a lot of water. The Mother Nature is giving us a wake up call. DON'T DESTROY THE WORLD BUT SAVE IT!

Furthermore, the day pillar is yang water tiger which is the horse star that block the road and horses always move about and cannot stop or stay calm easily, coupled with the crush, and hence earthquake 壬寅日是截路空亡驿马星, 申寅都是四长生驿马, 马常动, 停不下来, 申寅又相冲, 因此地动.

The big water dragon is showing its power at the South East whereby the most auspicious star five yellow is there as what I had predicted since last year.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Basic Feng Shui Class 3.0

A lot of people wrote to me and asked me when can I conduct a feng shui class for them and promised them that I will do it when I find time.

Here go the plan:-

1. Objective of the class: A lot of people have the same feeling like me that they are confused when they start to learn feng shui as there are many schools of thought. Different feng shui masters will tell them different version of theories. As a matter of fact, a lot of times I have to spend a lot of my time explaining to my clients why other feng shui masters told them differently. Hence, it is important we go back to basic and core of feng shui. We will not go wrong if we go back to the basic. It is similar to "If you do not understand a complicated mechanical engineering theory, then go back to the Newton Law which is the basic for the mechanical engineering." I will bring you to the right place to start by understanding the core of feng shui through the truth of I-Ching, Bagua, 5 elements, yin and yang, hardware and software of feng shui which are called the luan tou and the li qi. There will be more to be learned from me personally in the class than through my book if time allowed. I think this class is going to be a good start for those new feng shui learners and feng shui lovers. Also, you will learn from me how I have managed to predict the earthquakes in Japan, the crisis in the Middle East, flood in Australia and Kuala Lumpur and etc.

2. Fee: RM128 per pax. My book with the title of “How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui?” will be given free of charge to you if you sign up for this class. The book will cost you RM36.80 if you purchase from the book shops.

3. Teaching material: My book with the title of “How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui?” - 240 pages of highly useful knowledge and wisdom in feng shui that will help you to improve the quality of your life!

4. Date: 29 April 2012 Sunday Max 20 students. It is on first come first serve basis. NO MORE THAN 20 STUDENTS.

5. Time : 2.00pm to 5.30pm.

6. Venue: My office at 65C, Lintang Angsana, Farlim, Bandar Baru Air Hitam, Penang. It can accommodate maximum 20 people in a class room.

7. Languages : English+Mandarin+Hokkien

8. How to enroll: email me at telling me you wish to enroll for the classe. Please inform me your contact no too. I will tell you what to do next.


-- Master Lee Cheng Hoe

1st Class Hon Mech Eng. University of Strathclyde,U.K.

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