Saturday, March 28, 2009

Intensive Basic Feng Shui Class by Master Lee Cheng Hoe

Hi friend,
A lot of friends have approached me and requested me to become their ‘si fu’ so that they can learn more from me. I have seriously thought about of it. This is because even though I have tried hard to share my knowledge via blog, seminars and book, but I still think there are rooms for further enhancement so that I can share my knowledge ‘face-to-face’ more effectively with you. Thus, I have an idea of conducting an intensive basic feng shui class that use my book with title of “How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?” as the teaching material and going into it more in-depth.
Detail about the class:-
1. Title of the class: How to Enhance Your Wealth with Feng Shui?
2. The book will be given free of charge.
3. Venue : YMCA Penang (near to Island Hospital)
4. Date : 14 June 2009 (Sunday)
5. Time : 3.00pm to 6.00pm
6. Fee per person:
RM118.00 (group enrollment of 3 persons)
RM138.00 (individual enrollment)
7. Language used of the class : English (primary), Hokkien & Mandarin (secondary)
8. The class is limited to 25 pax only (on first come first serve basis)
Please let me know whether do you interested or you may want to forward this message to your friends who might be interested so that I can plan accordingly.
Thank you very much,
Master Lee Cheng Hoe

Friday, March 27, 2009

Temple Horn

Earlier, I have been invited to Jawi for feng shui site consultation. The owner of the house has encountered tremendous problems in his career, business, wealth and also there have been constant dispute between he and his wife. When I went there, ALAMAK.....the main door of the house is facing a road with back bone water 反弓水. On top of that, there is a lamp post right in front of the main door of his house. Furthermore, there is a temple at about 100 meter away and the roof of the temple is like a horn pointing to his house. All these contributed to the problems due to the inauspicious feng shui. On top of all these, the house was very messy.
My advice to the owner was to tidy up the house to capture the good qi and use some fortune items to minimise the inauspicious impact. Thus, it is very important to analyze the feng shui of a house before you decide to purchase a house. It is of vital importance before it is too late! PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! My opinion is "The house is a very ill patient and medical support is only to prolong his life!" What you can do is to minimise the impact and you cannot stop the inasupicious qi completely.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rivers in Penang are Dirty

I was very upset to read the news that Penang has one of the most dirty rivers in Malaysia. As what I have said in my book that water is money. The ability to obtain wealth depends a lot on the water as feng shui is wind and water in Chinese. Good feng shui basically means that good feng (wind or qi) and good shui (water). I also have shared my view why is Penang far behind financially compared to Hong Kong and Singapore. It is because of our water. Look at the pictures above which show the Sungai Pinang. The pictures have been taken by myself when I visited a factory for feng shui consultation. Tell me how possibly Penang is able to enjoy good wealth?? I doubt so........

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Half of the Stock has been Sold Out!

Thank you very much for your support. I have just been informed that half of the stock of my books have been sold out. It is really an encouraging news. Thanks to all the readers.

I have begin to write another book with the title "How to know a person with powerful face reading?". There will be numerous examples with the faces of VVIP but I will cover up their faces and only to show the parts that I like to show such as their ears, eyebrows or etc.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tension and Potential War at Korea

I have predicted earlier that according to the Flying Star, the argument star no 3 is at the North-East this year and there will be war at the region. I have also predicted that it will not be a peaceful year in Korea. The friction and tension in between the South Korea and North Korea will capture the attention of the world. Please refer to my previous article After reading the news today, again the Flying Star told us the True Prediction.
Thus, a lot people have mistaken thought that 'three' is a good number as it is pronounced as 'san' which means 'grow' in Chinese but as a matter of fact, it is actually the argument star in feng shui. I applied the same theory to the issue of the milk powder scandal in China which the brand of the milk is 'San Lu' which means 'Three Deer' Please read my previous blog
My advice is "Do not use any number, color or thing that you like, without knowing what is the impact they will cause to you, especially when they will be used on something that will influence you permanently, such as your company name, company logo, company signboard, name card or even your blog or website."

Monday, March 2, 2009

自杀 Commit Suicide

前几天又见了一位女雇客, 我问她是否有自杀倾向因为在妳的八字中有’自缢煞’, 她回答说’有’, 在她的丈夫去世后, 她得了心理病, 有了自杀倾向. 我告诉她我也曾得了心理病, 当时的我最怕遇见熟人,我把自己关起来, 不能睡也不能吃,但我走出来了, 如果我能你也一定能.
回忆起当年的我, 到处求神問卜, 到处找答案, 但总不能得到我要的答案, 最后当我开始研究了东方玄學和风水, 终于让我明白了什么是命运, 什么是风水. 从中明白了我的人生, 所以我一再強调, 东方玄學的学问是先人高深而且宝贵的智慧, 它帮了我走出人生的低潮, 开始明白人生是什么. 它也改变了我的人生. 它并非迷信. 我也开始应用八字与风水学来助化他人. 我将继续做下去, 希望能助化到更多的人.
现在的我最高兴的并非是获得财富, 而是听到有人说”Master Lee, 谢谢你, 你让我明白何为命运, 何为風水, 你真的帮了我许多, 真的谢谢你.”
那天我连络上了之前想自缢的女雇客, 好高兴知道她终於走出了她的阴影, 真的谢天谢地. 社会的文明其实帶来许多文明病, 这世界壓力太大了, 我常遇到许多不了解如何处理自己壓力的雇客, 他们迷失了方向, 甚至于想自缢. 我要说”生命可贵. Life must go on. 如果我能你也一定能.”