Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am Right!

When I posted in my earlier post that period 8 (2004 to 2023) is the period for young men to shine brightly, some criticised me that I was wrong in interpreting the 'later heaven baqua'.
Look at what is happening in India, Rahul Gandhi, a young man at age of 38 is in fact the most influential man in India nowadays!
Look at all relatively young leaders in the world and you will surprise that it is never in the history that there are so many young men that are ruling the world.

1. Najib is the youngest PM in the history of Malaysia.
2. Ong Tee Keat, MCA President.
3. Lim Guan Eng, 47, Penang CM.
4. Barack Obama, 47, President of United States.
5. Dmitry Medvedev, 43, President of Russia
6. Abhisit Vejjajiva, PM of Thailand
7. Xi jinPing, Vice President of China
China used to be ruled by some old men age more than 80 year-old and Xi jinPing is going to take over the leadership of China Government very soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Feng Shui of Tao Japanese Restaurant, e-Gate.

I always wondered why is the business of the Tao Japanese Restaurant so good even though its buffet dinner is not very cheap either, especially during this period of bad time. I think I found the solution to my question after I visited the restaurant last week.

Apart from locating at the e-Gate (the building which I said has auspicious feng shui earlier) the way the restaurant captures its auspicious qi at its main entrance is remarkable. You will notice, after entering the main door there is a big hole to capture the wealth from the sea. Water is wealth as what I always said. Look around the world and you will notice that those big renowned cities are located near the water, such as Hong Kong, Singapore City, Shanghai, New York, Bangkok, London and many more. On top of that, there is a water feature at the entrance with its water is flowing into the restaurant. This means it brings the excellent wealth from the sea into the restaurant. The restaurant is fronting the sea.

This illustrates that feng shui can be practised in a modern and scientific way without being realized by others. The clearer or deeper water a city has, the more prosperous the city is! Agree??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Fruitful Trip to KL

It was a fruitful trip to Klang Valley. Apart from meeting my old friends and conducting some feng shui site consultations, I managed to visit a few locations in Klang Valley and it made me understand why the Capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and not any other places in Malaysia. I understand why Klang Valley is the most outstanding business and commercial centre in Malaysia.

Look at the range of hills 峦头 which surround the Klang Valley. They capture all the Qi 山管人丁. This is an excellent place with excellent people. On top of that, they are like a jade belt around the waist of an officer in the olden days 玉带环抱 which means Klang Valley is hugged and protected by a 'person' i.e. is the range of hills. Apart from that, the plants on the hills are lush and flourishing. We call it 山灵人傑 or 人傑地靈 which means if the hills are fertile, the people around the hills will be excellent.
I am going to write about the feng shui of many other places in Klang Valley in my future book and I will share them too in my blog. Please stay tune.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday but I attended 2 funerals. If I am a superstitious feng shui master, I won't do that. But, I attended the funerals to show my last respect to those who have left me. I love to define myself as a scientific feng shui master. I love to verify all that I learned with facts and real-life-examples. I will verify all the theories before I accept it. It is like doing an experiment before you make a conclusion. I spent a lot of times doing the 'experiments'.
Tomorrow, I am going to take a flight to KL for some feng shui consultations in KL and at the same time, I am taking this opportunity to meet up a publisher in KL. Someone bought me an air ticket to go to KL for feng shui consultations.
Good news....I have completed writing my book with the title of "How to know a person through face reading?" as what I have promised. I am confident that it is going to be a book that all can be benefited when you read it. I was trying to make it EASY, SIMPLE AND RELEVANT! IT IS A PROMISE!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Treasure Box

This is my treasure box.

For those who have come to me for ba zi consultation, I would indicate to them the place of their wealth accordingly to their ba zi. What they have to do is to simply put their own treasure box at your own wealth place without have to spend lots of money to purchase an expensive wealth fortune item.

You can build your own treasure box by getting a beautiful box with cover and put your entire 'asset’ into the box! What does it mean? It means put all the papers that indicate your wealth into the treasure box such as your trust fund, fixed deposit, S & P agreement, cheque book, bank account pass book and all those that represent your wealth into the box. Remember to close the box as it symbolizes that you keep your money in proper order without leaking it out.

It is important to find your wealth place by studying your ba zi. Then, build your simple treasure box and place it at the right place. It is simple but believe me you can feel the difference after doing it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Chance for Practising Good-will....

This morning at 8.00a.m., a friend sms me and asked me to help her father who is still in ICU GMC after heart operation. I quickly spread the news around i.e. "Whoever wish to donate blood, please go directly to GMC and donote your blood to patient, Teo Seng Leong. He is an old man who has undergone heart operation in GMC."
For those who have come to see me, I always highlighted to them the importance of practising good-will to enhance our luck. Blood donation is the best type of donation and charity that one should practise if you have any opportunity to do so. PLEASE DO IT, MY FRIEND!

Monday, May 4, 2009

House Shifting & Earth Breaking Ceremonies

If you are going to shift to your new house, you have to select an auspicious date & time according to the bazi (time of birth) of the family members. After the date has been determined, a simple ceremony can be carried out. It is vital to conduct the ceremony to show our respect to the Earth and the surrounding.
1. Firstly, prepare 4 sets of fruits (apple, Chinese lime, banana and pear), some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea.
2. Put the things at 4 different locations i.e. North West, South East, North East and South West. Hence, there should be 4 sets of fruits, some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea at 4 different locations respectively.
3. For those who use joss stick, pray and put them onto the fruits until they complete burning. For those who do not use joss stick, just pray at the sectors.
4. The schedule of praying is from North West; follow by South East, then North East and lastly the South West.
5. The above steps are also to be done for the Earth Breaking Ceremony, accept there should be another additional step on top of the steps mentioned above i.e. break a small piece of the wall. However, for 2009, you should avoid breaking the wall at the North and East sectors of your house.
It is crucial to maintain a peaceful mind when the ceremony is being carried out. No argument should be taken place during the ceremony. Pray with a sincere and pure heart.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Tallest Building in Butterworth in Future

This jungle near the Penang Bridge at Butterworth is going to turn itself to become the area that locates the tallest condominium in Butterworth. There will be a project for approximate 1000 units with 3 blocks in this area. It is really astonished to be able to be part of the project and providing my advice towards the feng shui of the area. The landscape of the area is auspicious in term of the hills and water that surround the area.