Monday, March 28, 2011

Basic Feng Shui Class

A lot of people wrote to me and asked me when can I conduct a feng shui class for them and promised them that I will do it when I find time.

Here go the plan:-

1. Objective of the class: A lot of people have the same feeling like me that they are confused when they start to learn feng shui as there are many schools of thought. Different feng shui masters will tell them different version of theories. As a matter of fact, a lot of times I have to spend a lot of my time explaining to my clients why other feng shui masters told them differently. Hence, it is important we go back to basic and core of feng shui. We will not go wrong if we go back to the basic. It is similar to "If you do not understand a complicated mechanical engineering theory, then go back to the Newton Law which is the basic for the mechanical engineering." I will bring you to the right place to start by understanding the core of feng shui through the truth of I-Ching, Bagua, 5 elements, yin and yang, hardware and software of feng shui which are called the luan tou and the li qi. There will be more to be learned from me personally in the class than through my book if time allowed. I think this class is going to be a good start for those new feng shui learners and feng shui lovers. Also, you will learn from me how I have managed to predict the earthquakes in Japan and Chile, the crisis in the Middle East and etc.

2. Fee: RM128 per pax. My book with the title of “How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui?” will be given free of charge to you if you sign up for this class. The book will cost you RM36.80 if you purchase from the book shops.

3. Teaching material: My book with the title of “How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui?” - 240 pages of highly useful knowledge and wisdom in feng shui that will help you to improve the quality of your life!

4. Date: 17 April 2011 Sunday Max 20 students. It is on first come first serve basis. NO MORE THAN 20 STUDENTS. As of 4/4/11 1627, there are only 13 seats available.

5. Time : 2.00pm to 5.30pm.

6. Venue: My office at 65C, Lintang Angsana, Farlim, Bandar Baru Air Hitam, Penang. It can accommodate maximum 20 people in a class room.

7. Languages : English+Mandarin+Hokkien

8. How to enroll: email me at telling me you wish to enroll for the classe. Please inform me your contact no too. I will tell you what to do next.


-- Master Lee Cheng Hoe

1st Class Hon Mech Eng. University of Strathclyde,U.K.

Penang Feng Shui Managed by LCH Feng Shui (PG-0226553-U)

65 C, Lintang Angsana, 11500, Farlim, Air Hitam, Penang, Malaysia

Mobile Phone: 6012-4713983

Friday, March 25, 2011

Anwar in Sex Scandal again?

If you follow my blog and my feng shui talks when I did the predictions about what are we going to expect for 2011, you will see that there are many predictions became reality now. Other than the earthquake in Japan and the crisis in the Middle East, I did anticipate to see lots of political disputes and sex scandals as what I have quoted in my blog dated 13 Jan 2011 Also in the Star newspaper
ANSWER: CHANGE THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE because there is too much of unstable feeling within us......TREAT ALL EQUALLY AND NICELY, BUT ISN'T IT HARD?

We heal the world together.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saving Lives in Japan

Received an email from Mr. Yeoh Chee Beng and Ms. Lycia Yap of S. P. Setia that requested me to spread the message to my readers by posting about the ‘1 blanket 4 Japan’ program. Program aims at delivering new blankets to the survivors of earthquake disaster in Japan.

Below is an extract from an email from Dr Brendan J Gomez, a Director and Consulting Psychologist of Asian Research Center for Child & Adolescent Development (ARCCADE)
'It is heart wrenching to see on the news that thousands more lives of tsunami victims could be lost due to freezing temperatures in Japan. Thousands of families and children are in make-shift shelters with insufficient heating/blankets. .........
As what I always stress again and again that a man's life is determined by 5 factors. The 5 factors according to importance are: destiny, luck, feng shui, good-will and education.
Good will--Do good and perform good deeds to make your life better.

If you wish to donate, please pass a new blanket to the S. P.Setia Office.

For further details, please refer to .

This is the song I love to listen when there is a major disaster ....WE HEAL THE WORLD TOGETHER!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

West hits Libyan Gaddafi defenses, Who is next after Japan?

Western air strikes pounded Muammar Gaddafi's defenses and allied warplanes patrolled Libyan skies today, explained my earlier post last week whereby March 2011 is not a good month to the East and the Middle East as both the inauspicious stars (annual and monthly stars) are at the same place. This makes the things worse as the inauspicious energy is double at the regions. As what I said earlier when I predicted the crisis in Middle East, the annual and month flying star no 7, which is the ‘broken army’ star that causes instability, war, argument, terrorism as someone might come and take away things from certain place are all at the centre of the Earth. Let us pray that the damage is as least as possible. Taiwan has just hit and it shows that the worst inauspicious star 5 yellow is still showing its energy at the East

Many people asked me where is the next place after Japan that possibly to be hit by serious earthquake, my finding is actually in-line with what the expert said i.e. the California . If you understand the Pacific Ring of Fire, you will know that the serious earthquakes actually started from Haiti to Chile, then to New Zealand and now is at Japan. Hence, who is next?

This year, the flying star no 9 which is a fire star is at the West and this place might be too hot with volcanoes there. Please refer to . Furthermore, there is three killings ‘三煞’ there. If the volcanoes become active then it is possible that California will be hit. Anyway, I seriously wish that my prediction will not come true this time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The reading of feng shui has helped me to predict the Massive Earthquake in Japan (part 2)

Even though I have managed to predict the massive earthquake in Japan but I did not feel happy instead I feel depressed about the pain of the Japanese friends who have to suffer because of the unwanted tragedy. Thus, I was really sad when an 'anonymous' criticised me in my blog not to use the misfortune of Japanese to promote myself. However, I have managed to overcome my such bad feeling quickly when I received lots of support in my blog and Facebook. Thank you so much, my friends out there and the support is sufficient enough for me to stand up and say, "Nothing can stop me to share the great ancient knowledge with all!" Thanks a billion, my friends 无限的感恩在心中, 我此时此刻的心是最富有的!谢谢. Again, pray for Japan and hope that the worst has over!
Before I share my knowledge on how I managed to predict the earthquake in Japan, let me copy an email that I received from my friend i.e.
Please help Japan. Tzu Chi is sending food, medicine, ... etc to Japan. If you wish to contribute your donation, please bank in to

Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society
Account No: MBB 5070 1312 6489
Tel: 604-229 7021

then email to fax: 604-226 1013

Please provide below info when email/fax to Tzu Chi.

Cheque No (if any), Amount, Date bank in, or email the bank in slip. and mention 'donation to Japan' .

Regardless of whether you are a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, ... etc, you can also help by praying hard and sincerely that situation would not get worse.


I said in my book page 31 - 35, 古人说: 一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德就能改命运。According to our ancestors, a man's life is determined by 5 factors. The 5 factors according to importance are: 1st destiny, 2nd luck, 3rd feng shui, 4th good-will and 5th education. 4th Good-will, do good and perform good deeds to make your life better. In Buddhism, it is called cause and effect or 'karma', the preordained fate that is generated by a person's actions. Someone can also enhance their luck by having a strong willingness to help others. Your luck will become better eventually when one performs more charity. In short, we have to do something good and say something nice everyday.

OK, now let me share with you how I managed to predict the massive earthquake in Japan. If you refer to my book that I mentioned above on page 150, the worst annual flying star 5 yellow is at the East and Japan is the country at the most East of the world if you refer to the map of the world. On top of that, if you check the monthly flying star, you will notice there is also flying star 5 yellow there at the East. Both the worst stars (annual and monthly stars) are at the East on March, thus, there is basically hopeless for Japan. On top of that, the tsunami has occurred at the North East of Japan because both the annual and monthly flying stars 1 which is water are at the North East therefore there is heavy water there at the North East.

Apart from that, the month and year pillar are all 辛卯 Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. There is too much gold at Heavenly Stem chopping the plant at Earthly Branch. 辛 is yin gold and 卯 is yin plant.

As the matter of fact, I was hoping that the Japanese Government could read my blog dated 27 Jan 2011 and believed me so that they could carried out necessary precaution measures to minimise the impact of the earthquake but later realized that it is impossible for me to do so as the power of the 5 yellow is so strong that we could not do anything to stop it. Furthermore, I could not tell where is the direction of earthquake and tsunami exactly. Hence, I have to put more effort to learn more about the knowledge of feng shui which is the ancient treasure from our ancestors.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The reading of feng shui has helped me to predict the Massive Earthquake in Japan.

Oh my goodness, my prediction came true again! I was in fact praying that the worst has over when the 7.2 earthquake hit Japan on 9 March 2011 even though I knew I was just trying to cheat myself. I just told my friend yesterday that the worst has yet to come.
I posted my blog on 25 Jan 2011 that there will be serious disaster in Japan. However, in 27 Feb 2011, I saw a better picture and I said that Japan will get a more serious Earthquake

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bazi, a Fortune Telling Method

I can't wait to share with you all a bit about the content of my next book which is about the Bazi, a Fortune Telling Method. However, as what I have mentioned earlier, I have to write it in Chinese for accuracy purposes and this will be my first book in Chinese. For those who do not understand Chinese, please forgive me.....

从一开始要写这本书就感到很难, 因为第一, 我的时间不夠用; 第二, 要写一本深入浅出的有关八字的书并不简单. 老实说我发觉我真的很难在市场上找到一本深入浅出的八字书, 而我一向来的作法是希望把复杂的玄学知识以简单的方式与大家分享, 因此我告诉自已我一定要做到.

前几年见了一位女雇客, 我问她是否有自杀倾向因为在妳的八字中有’自缢煞’, 她回答说’有’, 在她的丈夫去世后, 她得了心理病, 有了自杀倾向. 我告诉她我也曾得了心理病, 当时的我最怕遇见熟人,我把自己关起来, 不能睡也不能吃,但我走出来了, 如果我能你也一定能.

回忆起当年的我, 到处求神問卜, 到处找答案, 但总不能得到我要的答案, 最后当我开始研究了东方玄學和风水, 终于让我明白了什么是命运, 什么是风水. 从中明白了我的人生, 所以我一再強调, 东方玄學的学问是先人高深而且宝贵的智慧, 它帮了我走出人生的低潮, 开始明白人生是什么. 它也改变了我的人生. 它并非迷信. 我也开始应用八字与风水学来助化他人. 我将继续做下去, 希望能助化到更多的人.

现在的我最高兴的并非是得到更多财富, 而是听到有人说”Master Lee, 谢谢你, 你让我明白何为命运, 何为風水, 你真的帮了我许多, 真的谢谢你.”

那天我连络上了之前想自缢的女雇客, 好高兴知道她终於走出了她的阴影, 真的谢天谢地. 社会的文明其实帶来许多文明病, 这世界壓力太大了, 我常遇到许多不了解如何处理自己壓力的雇客, 他们迷失了方向, 甚至于想自缢. 我要说”生命可贵. Life must go on. 如果我能你也一定能.” 当你走差运时, 一切都不如意, 当你走好运时, 一切都不一样了, 人有三衰六旺, 因此别悲观.

古人说: 一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德就能改命运.

1. 什么是八字?

八字又稱为四柱, 是根据一个人的出生的年, 月, 日和时辰来计算. 它可告诉我们许许多多的东西. 我们可以用它来推算一个人的命运. 它是我们祖先留传给我们的宝贵财富, 我爱把它稱为我们祖先留传给我们的宝贵知识宝库. 我常鼓励大家以理性的方式研究风水因为这门学问并非迷信, 它是我们祖先的偉大智慧和宝库.

八字的起源是4600多年前黃帝时代的伏羲氏所创的最先计算日子的方法, 稱为天干 stem与地支 root.

当一个人出生时, 当时的能量磁场便会被他所吸收, 而不同时刻的能量磁场将对此人产生排斥或吸引的影响. 以此原理来计算就可以推算一个人的命运. 如果当时的能量磁场是排斥, 那就对此人不利或他将行衰运, 反之, 如果是当时的能量磁场是吸引, 那就对此人有利或他将行好运. 这个原理与磁铁的原理是同道而行的. 当你掌握了自已的命运, 你将知如何去面对它. 当你行好运时, 你可要”衝”. 反之, 当你行衰运时, 你可要”守”.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Feng Shui Talk for RHB Bank

Thanks to RHB Bank for inviting me to present a feng shui talk for their premier clients recently.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You can find all my books here.

A number of readers wrote to me and asked whether can they come to my office to purchase my books but I m sorry that I always disappointed them. This is because I have to move about and you can hardly find me in my office.
Also, I m trying to cut down all the unnecessary overhead cost so that I do not have to charge high to sustain an elegant office with staffs who wearing expensive jackets. I m adopting the concept of AirAsia i.e. "Now everyone can fly". My slogan is "Now, everyone can afford feng shui" instead. Hence, I always encourage my readers to buy my books via my website. It will be even better if you will to purchase the e-books to save the World as we do not have to print them.
We have gotten an agent to distribute the books to all the book shops but if you ask me where can you find my books in any of the book shops. Honestly, my answer will be "I do not know." as I can control those giant and popular book shops. I m a small tiny fly and they are huge giant. However, I m very sure you can find all my books in SBC Pen Books Distributors Sdn Bhd as I put my books there personally. SBC is at the same street as my office and the detail of the location is as below. It is near to Ambank and opposite Maybank and Public Bank. However, you will have to pay more compare to what you can get via my website as I need to pay them for placing my books in the shop of course.
SBC Pen Books Distributors Sdn Bhd.,
45A, Lintang Angsana,
11500, Bandar Baru Air Hitam (Farlim),
Google map (Click the below link to know the actual location)
Another place where you sure will get my books are:-
Syarikat Sri Jaya,
46 & 48, Nordin Street,
10300, Georgetown,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My book will be the reference book for USM students

Interview Session with USM Students

I am over-delighted to be interviewed by a group of the University Science Malaysia (USM) students and made them understand that feng shui is a great ancient knowledge from our ancestor. It have nothing to do with religion or race. Also, it is my pleasure for them to take my book as their reference book (buku rujukan) for their coursework and my book will appear in their report.