Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Cute Baby Girl

As what I promised in my earlier blog that I will post the picture of the cute baby whose name was named by myself after getting the permission from her mother. The above picture of the cute 4 month-old baby is 骆蒽郴. Please click to see how she has been growing up. Isn't she beautiful? Wishing her healthy and happy always. God bless her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Happy Day 25 Nov 2008

Hi friends,

Would like to share my happiness with you. Today 25 Nov 08 is my happy day as:-

1. I received an email from a lady who shared the photographs of her 4 months old baby girl with me. The name of the baby girl has been named by myself. Wah, I would like to use the word "overdelighted" to describe my feeling now for seeing a baby whose name was named by myself to grow up to be a very cute and healthy baby. I am getting the permission from the lady so that I can show the photographs of the baby with you in my blog.

2. Today finally, I have received my first book in feng shui. All books have been printed and ready to be marketed. I will also share with all about my book in the Popular Book Shop. There will be 2 'New Book Sharing / Autograph Sessions' in Popular Book Shop as per This book was written by a Penangite who love Penang so much who spent a lot of time in analyzing the feng shui of Penang. I am showing my pure love to Penang by written this Penang, my love.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

为babies取名 vs 为来自印度的理科大学的博士生算命


总觉得为babies取名是件伟大和富有意义的事. 近来, 有幸为好几位新生babies取名, 总是战战兢兢, 小心翼翼因为如果取错名将影响babies的一生.

这世界真小, 近来, 通过纲站, 重新遇到几位以前的学弟, 其中一位学弟更是已经成为骨科专科医生, 真的有幸为他的baby取名, 恭喜恭喜!


好奇妙, 有位来自印度的理科大学的博士生通过纲站希望我为他算命, 由此可见, 东方玄学已经没有肤色, 宗教和文化隔阂, 真是兴高采烈呀! Everything is possible!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Island Plaza

I have been invited to the Island Plaza for a feng shui consultation at a shop lot in the Island Plaza recently. In fact, it was a brilliant opportunity for me to find out what is wrong with the Island Plaza as it used to be one of the most popular shopping complexes in Penang. Nevertheless, it lost its attraction in these few years.

Eventually, I found the problems. There is now a road pointing at the plaza. The main entrance of the Island Plaza is fronting the road. On top of it, there are five posts in front of the main entrance of plaza. Five is the worst number as five yellow is most inauspicious star in the feng shui flying star.
I have written a number of similar real life examples from view of feng shui in my book You are welcome to have one and read through it. I am sure you will get numerous benefits from the book.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

恭喜, 你结婚了

今天收到一个简讯. 这简讯是这样写的 “谢谢您, 我将在12月注册结婚. 我希望您可以参加我的婚礼, 如果没有您的鼓勵和帮助, 我相信我弁不能成功找到另一半.”

这简讯是由一位卅多岁的女生传给我的. 当时她来找我时, 我知道她是多么希望可以找到另一半. 我也诚心诚意的希望可以帮助到她. 我很兴奋可以再次证明我可以以东方玄学来帮助人. Great!

Feng Shui Consultation at Selangor

Recently, I have been busy with some feng shui site visits to many places. I have done quite a wee bit of traveling. Last weekend, I was delighted to be invited by an English – Punjabi couple for a feng shui consultation to their house. They bought me a Flyfire air ticket to Subang then picked me up from there. I would like to thank them for their trust.

I like the Firefly aircraft even though it is small but it is new and the service provided was superb. I enjoyed my trip very much. Also, what made me felt great was I managed to bring some good answers to their concerns in building a bungalow for their love one. The lady master of the house is such as a caring mother.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Young Leaders

As per my earlier blog which I wrote about the world now is in period 8 whereby more and more young leaders will be the leaders If you look around the world, a lot of the older leaders will have to give way to the younger generation as this is period 8 (2004 to 2023) and this is the period time for the young men to shine according to the Baqua.

The same thing is happening in our beloved country too. Comparatively, Najib stands a better chance if compare to Anwar because he is younger. Please read my earlier blog and The same concept I applied to the President of Taiwan

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulation Obama

Since the beginning of the United States Presidential Election, I always feel that Obama should be the next president. Please read my earlier blog on what I have writen about him in the election However, if you look at his face carefully, there is protruding piece at the bottom of his right cheek near the nose. It is to show that he might face great difficulties at his 50, including the possibility of gun fatality. Good luck to him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eng Huat’s Mother

Do you still remember my student who is suffering from cancer in my earlier blog The above newspaper shows the news about his mother. She is such as a great mother. I salute her! Wishing her and her family always in good health and happy forever. God blesses her and Eng Huat. Please continue to help them.