Sunday, March 30, 2008


马英九的名字里的’九’应该是帮他坐上台湾总统宝座的重要因素. 2004年至2023年是八运, 8,9,1是当令星, 因此他名字里的’九’发挥了优势. 而且如果你有注意到全世界当运的领导人一般上都比较年轻, 马英九比谢长廷年轻, 他又占了优势. 因为如果跟据八卦,八在艮位, 而艮代表着小儿子, 比较年轻, 因此他占了优势.

其实以姓名学的角度来说, 谢长廷的名字笔划都比马英九强. 但马英九名字里的马和英加起来为21划, 这在姓名学里是’人格’, 代表着他的主运, 一生的运和性格因此’人格’非常重要. 21划为独立权威卦, 代表着他可为首领, 受人尊敬, 可享尽荣华富贵. 如万丈高楼, 从地而起之成功运.

但姓名学里的’总格’代表着他35岁后的运是他的马英九三个字加起来. 他的’总格’为30划, 代表着他将大起大跌, 大成大败, 在于环境和天意. 但现在他占據天时地利, 因此他坐上台湾总统宝座, 恭喜他!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Video Clip on the Face Reading Talk at PISA.

If you wish to hear what I said about the faces of Bill Clinton, Britney Spears, Saddam Hussein, Jackie Chan and many more, please click

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Face Reading Talk at PISA

I was over-delighted to be able to share my knowledge on the face reading at PISA yesterday. As a matter of fact, the happiest thing was to find out that the couple that I helped previously by applying the concepts of baZi and feng shui are enjoying a better life now. They told me that they are much better now. This is the best thing to hear and it was more than what money can buy. Wishing them all the best.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

See you on Friday.

In conjuction with the i-Business Solutions 2008, I have been invited by MIRC to give a talk on the face reading, which is a very powerful tool in the oriental astrology. If you are interested, see you on 7pm, Friday at PISA.


昨日内阁大合照, 为什么阿都拉坐在白虎位? 白虎位将犯小人. 他让那吉坐青龙位?