Monday, November 25, 2013

Auspicious Feng Shui Dates to start operation / work on Chinese New Year 2014 开市吉日

4/2/14 初五 Tuesday 9am - 1pm . Those who are born in the year of 'rat' should avoid this date.
5/2/14 初六 Wednesday 9am - 3pm . Those who are born in the year of 'ox' should avoid this date.
7/2/14 初八 Friday 9am - 3pm . Those who are born in the year of 'rabbit' should avoid this date. (Best Date)
13/2/14 初十四 Thursday 1pm - 3pm . Those who are born in the year of 'rooster' should avoid this date.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feng Shui : Zodiac Horoscope for Rabbit in 2014 生肖兔在2014马年的运气

生肖免在2014甲午, 马年运气不错, 是开心有助力的一年.
‘福德’ 和‘福星’是主福禄双全的星宿,代表你在工作上有很大的发挥,而且不须你花太多心思和精神去筹谋,自然会有贵人为你安排一切,让机会出现在你的面前。若你能掌握流年的机遇,尽力把公司派下来的任务做到最好,则老板将会对你刮目相看,让你担任和负责更多更重要的项目;你知道吗?这个就是他部署提升你的第一步,是否能够达到他的要求,就要看你自己的造化了。
‘天德’入命,主福分深厚,长寿,不犯官刑。天德是阳德,其功效明显. ‘天德’是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,而祂跟’解神’、’地解’等吉神不同,因为后两者需要先见凶而后化吉,但’天德’却是直接阻止不吉利的事情发生,使你可以专心完成老板委派的工作。
今年有’天喜’星出现, ’天喜’星为快乐的星, 主有喜事和愉快事情发生.
’咸池’出现代表今年桃花运旺. 要小心令你意乱情迷的不好桃花.
 Fu De’ and ‘lucky star’ are two superb fortune stars. They indicate that you have great potential in your career. You do not have to work too hard but the helps that you require will come naturally. The opportunities will appear in front of you. If you can grasp the good fortune in time and take all effort to accomplish the tasks assigned by your boss, your boss will appreciate what you have done. He will let you take charge and provide more responsibilities to you by letting you managing more important projects. You have to cherish it as this is his initial step to promote you.
This is a very good year to move forward. ‘Tian De’ is a very good fortune star. It means long life and do not commit any offence. Its virtue is positive virtue and its effect is obvious. ‘Tian De’ will turn all the bad luck into good luck. It is different compare to other good stars such as ‘Xie Shen’ and ‘Di Xie’, because these two stars need to see misfortune first before turn them into good luck. However, ‘Tian De’ will directly prevent any bad luck matter from occurring. This enables you to concentrate in completing the work that your boss delegates to you.
The star of ‘Tian Xi’ is happy star. You may expect to enjoy some happy events.

The appearance of ‘Xian Chi’ make you to have strong romance, thus, please be watchful of undesired romance with confused feelings.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evaluate the accuracy of the feng shui methods to anticipate the outcome of 2013

Let us do an evaluation to evaluate the accuracy of the feng shui methods to anticipate the outcome of 2013 that I have done early this year.

  1. The most inauspicious flying star no 5 yellow enters to the annual flying star chart caused lots of dismays, tragedies and disasters such as the Typhoon Haiyan and , thunder storms and earthquakes everywhere.
  2. It also caused the instability in Syria, Egypt and the Middle East.
  3.  The argument star no 3三碧, coupled with 3 killings 三煞 at the East, hence there are ceaseless arguments at the East between China, Taiwan, Japan and Phillipine.
  4. It also caused the attack of the Sulu Army at Sabah, East Malaysia.
  5. From the bazi of the Li Chun (the birthday of the year of snake 2013), it indicates that 寅巳相刑, will cause major accidents like airplanes crush, collapse of bridges and serious road accidents.
  6. Also, from the bazi of the Li Chun, it is with strong earth and hence it helps the property and construction industries.
  7. Luckily, my prediction on serious earthquake at Turkey does not occur at the time when I m doing the evaluation. God bless Turkey and happy to know that my prediction on this does not come true.

Thank you so much.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Feng Shui Talk at Straits Quay Popular Book Fair

All are welcome to my up and coming feng shui talk:-

Venue:-  POPULAR bookfair at Straits Quay Convention Centre

Date : 29 Nov 2013 Friday

Time : 7:00pm to 7:45pm


Language : Chinese.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feng Shui Prediction for 2014 (part 1)

The annual flying chart for 2014 shows the below:-

  1. The most auspicious wealth flying star 8 is at the South and hence it is good for the economy performance for Singapore and Australia.
  2. The most inauspicious star is at the qian palace 乾卦 which is the palace for master or king; hence there will be some very important male leaders that will step down, challenged by other or pass away.
  3. The most inauspicious star is at the North West, it shows there will be earthquake or land slide at the North West of China and it is no good for Penang and Kedah which are at the North West of Malaysia.
  4. The warrior star no 6 is the West. It means the West and the United States may declare war against other countries.
  5. The argument star no 3 is at the South East. It means there will be some disputes or conflicts in the South East Asia in country like Thailand.   
Please stay tuned for more predictions for the year of horse 2014. Thank you so much.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feng Shui : Zodiac Horoscope for Tiger in 2014 生肖虎在2014马年的运气

老虎 Tiger
生肖老虎在2014甲午, 马年运气不是很好, 除了一个吉星, 凶星有白虎’主背后小人,对你造成严重伤害在暗地里窥伺你,一旦见你犯错或疏忽,便会马上对你作出批评。目的就是要令你在同事和老板面前失威。

When come to the year of horse 2014, the tiger will not be very promising. Bai Hu’ which  is lying in wait for you secretly. Once seeing you committing any mistake or negligence, it will appear and criticize you immediately. This will make you look bad in front of your colleagues and boss.