Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No wonder the share market in China crashed recently

No wonder the share market in China crashed recently. Still remember the Dubai economy failure when the tallest building in the world was completed? I always against building skyscraper as human should not challenge the Heaven 人一定不能胜天。Don't play play.

Shanghai stocks drop 13% in a week;_ylt=AwrXnCJGgYlVSEkAtTTQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjR0MTVzBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

The World second tallest building, The Shanghai Tower is going to be opened soon

If you refer to my article Dubai Economy Crisis dated December 10, 2009 , I said I m very skeptical to see the world is racing to build the tallest building to ‘touch’ the sky. As what I said before, human being should be very close to the mother Earth. We should in fact touch the ground daily. Humans are born on the Earth since many thousands years ago and nobody can go against that. Therefore, we should love and respect our mother nature, instead of going against Her. We have to know who the BOSS is. We should not challenge Her by racing to build tallest building to touch the sky.

天人地三才, 各就其位, 人总是顶天立地, 天在上, 地在下, 何必跑到天上去呢?

In my article dated February 22, 2010
If you do a research, it is not hard for you know the impact of building the tallest skyscrapers:-
1. When the then world's tallest building, the Empire State Building, New York was completed in 1931, the United States fell into a great economic depression.
2. Chicago built the Sears Tower in 1974 and in the same year, the United States faced an economic recession.
3. When the Petronas Twin Towers were completed, Malaysia did not turn prosperous because of it. Instead, it fell into a slump. Today, Malaysia’s petroleum reserve is depleting.
4. When Taiwan built Taipei 101 in 2003, its economy suffered a severe blow from the global financial tsunami. Until today, it is not yet recovered.
5. Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building in Dubai and many people know that Dubai is currently facing a debt crisis.

In my article dated December 13, 2008 said:-why did every ex-Chief Minister in Penang lose their power in the election, and had never been able to easily or comfortably retire from their position?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

易经地山谦卦, 希望我们国家领导人共勉之.


山谦是易经中最好的卦, 无论是起卦与风水上, 都是最好的卦.这个卦六爻皆吉, 但是此谦卦却是六运卦(1964-1983), 虽然现在是八运(2004-2023) 山地谦仍被认为是好的卦. 但受这个卦退运的影响, 现在的人都不谦虚, 而是抢着炫耀, 争着做土豪. 六运(1964-1983)时社会提倡谦虚, 现在却不然.

谦卦中最好的卦线是311.5度和313, 因此如果您的屋子大门, 办公桌方的方向和公寓露台的方向是此方向, 那就能聚德的好卦.

谦卦是《易经》六十四卦之第十五卦。卦体中上卦为坤为地,下卦为艮为山。谦卦艮下坤上,为地下有山之象。山本高大,但此谦卦的山却处于地下,而非高高在上, 高大但却不显示出来,此在人则象德行很高,但能自觉地不显扬。


谦受益, 满招损; 一个人因为自满高高在上目中无人而炫耀, 就会招来别人的眼红, 历史上的乾隆皇帝, 爱炫耀的了前菲律宾总统夫人马科斯夫人都是败国的例子, 当然也不可不提中国的周永康和薄熙来, 高处不胜寒; 历史一直在重演, 希望我们大家与我们国家领导人共勉之. 越是高高在上的人越是应该提醒自已收敛谦虚, 不然别人会想方设法拉你下来.

易经说九五之尊过后如果不警惕, 接下来就是亢龙有悔, 大家都要提醒自已收敛谦虚, 不可以炫富, 更不可以因为权大而忘本炫权, 乐极生悲, 否极必反; 六千多年易经的智慧一直在重演.

易经说人类三十年将面对严重的五缺; 那就是缺水, 缺土, 缺粮, 缺人, 而这些都是因为第五缺, 那就是人类严重的缺德. 易经这人类最古老一本书强调所有东西都必须平衡, 人类现在把地下的资源都抛空, 放上地上来用, 那已经失平衡了, 地上的东西越多, 地下的资源就越少.人类的骄傲, 自以为是已经让这个世界失去平衡了When the Mother Earth is unbalance, She will give you the signals and hence earthquakes, volcano eruption, typhoon ……..

I always say in my talks that the keywords from the I-Ching are “Changes” and “Balancing” and we have to appreciate it and learn how to live with it.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

In the recent announced 11th Malaysia Plan, East Malaysia gains the benefit but not Penang.

Like many Malaysians who love this country and worry about its future with the recent high depression of the Malaysia Ringgit currency, poor performance of its share market, unstable politics situation, implementation of the unpopular GST and etc, it made me to start analyzing the future of Malaysia by applying the theory of feng shui.

If you understand what I have written in my earlier post, I said 7(1984-2003), 东马的东方没有水, 而是婆罗洲森林, 因此在那个时候东马没有财: 但是八运(2004-2023), 东马的西南方有水, 因此在这个时候东马有财. 7 Yun (1984-2003), The East sector of the East Malaysia has no water, but the forest of Borneo instead, hence the East Malaysia at that time is without much wealth ability. But eight Yun period 8 (2004-2023), at the southwest of the East Malaysia has water, so in this period of time, East Malaysia is a good place to gain wealth. It has proven again that in the recent announced 11th Malaysia Plan, East Malaysia gains the benefit but not Penang.

In the recent announced 11th Malaysia Plan, East Malaysia gains the benefit but not Penang.

I-Ching : Later Heaven Bagua

After period 8 is period 9 which is from 2024 to 2043 and from those who understand my previous post, during period 9, if there is water at the North, it means the ability for the place to gain wealth but the North of West Malaysia is Thailand and there is no sea, It worries me. However, the East Malaysia is still good.

West Malaysia

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sabah Earthquake , South Korea MERS and Chinese cruise ship disaster 东方之星, Worst star is there!

Extremely sad to see the earthquake 5.9 hit the Ranau Sabah and it caused the deaths of so many young lives. I checked the Tong Seng 通胜 and found that the monthly worst star no 5 yellow star 五黄凶星 is at the North East from 18 May 15. Sabah is the North East of Malaysia.

I pray that the young Bodhisattva s 菩萨 are with Buddha now. Amitabha.

Don't forget the MESR Virus that is attacking the South Korea and South Korea is at the North East of the world. Same happened to the Chinese cruise ship disaster 东方之星 and China is at the North East of the world too.

Monday, June 1, 2015

One of the reasons why the Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant is doing well?

One of the reasons why the Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant is doing well is because they have used well the principle of 5 elements in  the study of feng shui. Restaurant is a fire element industry. The main color for the Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant is green and it is the color of the plant. Plant/wood produces or grows fire hence it makes the fire stronger. Moreover, the word 荣 in the logo of the Sakae Sushi has 木 plant  in it. 草字头 if it is written in simplified Chinese or 火字头 if it is written in traditional Chinese.