Monday, September 27, 2010

Why the Malaysian Government is trying to cool down the high valued properties?

In first half of 2010, it is good for those who engage in the profession of water (What are the profession of gold and water? Please refer to my book pages 13 and 14). Banking industry is the gold element. This is due to the fact, 2010 tiger year is Geng Yin Nian 庚寅年. Geng is yang gold hence the performance results of those financial industries are undoubtedly excellent

Yin (tiger) is plant and hence there is an adjustment in the earth element industry in the second half of 2010. The property industry is the industry of earth element. This is due to the fact that the plant is there to crush the earth. You will notice that the Malaysian Government is trying to cool down the increment trend of the high valued properties, especially in Penang Island and Kuala Lumpur. As the matter of fact, the policy to reduce the percentage of the bank loan to the property purchasers has been enforced by the Governments of China, Singapore and Hong Kong earlier this year. In fact, the period 8 (2004 -2023) is the period of earth element hence the property, beauty and cosmetic industries should continue to out-perform. Go for the stocks that involve with plant and fire elements such as medical, plantation, electronic and etc.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Feng Shui of South Korea

South Korea Flag
qian gua

kun gua

kan gua

Before Heaven Bagua

Tai Ji

South Korea Presidential Residence

Do you know that the South Korea had been influenced strongly by the ancient knowledge of I-Ching 易经? I-Ching is one of the great recoveries of men and it existed in this world approximate 6000 years ago. The word I易 is in fact a combination of the Sun 日and the Moon 月. In other word, it is a study about the yang or positive energy and the yin or the negative energy. It is a book about the philosophy of change as our Earth does not stop revolving; the magnetic energy of the Earth will not be the same all the time. Moreover, the gravitational force pull between the Earth and the Moon, Sun and other planets will keep on changing all the time. I-Ching 易经 is the core of the knowledge of feng shui, Chinese medicine, tai ji, qi kung and many more.
There are qian gua, kun gua, li gua and kan gua in the South Korea flag. On top of that, there is a tai ji in the middle of the flag. The qian gua represents the heaven or the sky; kun gua indicates the earth, li gua is the Sun and whereas the kan gua is the Moon.
Also, the South Korean Presidential Residence has been build on a piece of land which is according to the theory of the左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武zuo qing long, you bai hu, qian zhu qiao, hou xuan wu which mean the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Turtle. There is a hill at the back of the Presidential Residence. The land on the left of the Presidential Residence is higher than the right. There is a piece of ample land in front of the Presidential Residence. Please refer to my book, “How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?” page 37 for the theory.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Feng Shui of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Mount Kinabalu
Sabah Government Building

I went to Kota Kinabalu and I have managed to confirm my previous prediction again i.e. period 8 (year 2004 – 2023) is a better period for Sabah.
Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah state. The city is located on the northwest coast of Borneo facing the South China Sea. Whereas, the Mount Kinabalu which is the tallest mountain in the island of Borneo which is also the tallest mountain 太祖山 in the Southeast Asia is located at the North East of the Kota Kinabalu. In period 8 (year 2004 – 2023), the star 8 is located at the North East in the later heaven bagua and hence this is the place where the mountain should locate 坐山. The Mount Kinabalu is located at the North East of the Kota Kinabalu, therefore period 8 is better time for Kota Kinabalu particularly and Sabah generally.
On top of that, at the West of the Kota Kinabalu is the South China Sea. In period 7 (year 1984 - 2003), the star 7 is located at the West in the later heaven bagua and this is the place where the mountain should locate 坐山 but vice verse there is the South China Sea instead. Hence, there have not been too many developments in Sabah in period 7; but instead the political situation in Sabah was always in turbulence.
I said previously in my blog why all the previous Penang Chief Ministers did not have good ending to their political careers as CM. The answer is the 'Komtar'.
We seldom find many offices of the head of the state are located high in sky. The office of the Chief Minister of Penang is located at the 28th floor of Komtar. As a matter of fact, human being should have a very close relationship with our mother Earth. We should touch the ground daily. We are born on the Earth since thousands years ago and nobody can go against this. Therefore, we should love and respect our mother nature, instead of going against Her. We have to know who the BOSS is. Today, the whole world knows that it is vital for us to love the Earth and we will have to pay extremely high price if you damage the Earth. It is particularly important if you are the Chief Minister of a state who rules the piece of land. His office of course has to close to the ground and not high up in the sky.
Thus, why did every previous Chief Minister in Penang lose their power in the election, and had never been able to easily or comfortably retire from their position? The Penang Chief Minister should seriously think about this question if he wishes to have good ending in his political career. The same theory is applied to the Sabah Chief Minister as I was told that his office is located at the tallest floor in the Sabah Government Building and it is part of the reasons why the political situation in Sabah was always in the turbulence stage in period 7 and many ex-Chief Ministers of Sabah have not be able to stay in power for too long.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My e-feng shui products website

I have launched my e-feng shui products website. Please click this link to check it out.

For the member of the Penang Feng Shui Member Club, there will be a 40% discount.

Improve your fortune with your birthday!

你可以从你的出生日期或生辰八字来了解你的天乙贵人, 升职位,
添丁位和文昌位, 然后摆些风水物品来加持和改善自己的运气.

From your birthday or your BAZI, you are able to know your noblemen, career enhancement position and your intelligence position then put the fortune items to improve your fortune.

I am sceptical and always have an internal fighting within myself that whether should I sell some fortune items which will help the people who come to me. I always view the practise as a commercial practise and I am very reluctant to sell them. I told my clients but a lot of time, this is their answer, “Master Lee, we trust you and it is better that you seek the items for us as we are afraid that we purchase the wrong items.” Also, a lot of times, they have purchased the items more expensive than what I can get for them.

After much consideration, I have decided to recommend some powerful fortune items with some reasonable prices in my website. Some asked me, “Master Lee, is it true that the items will help?” My answer to them is “The fortune items will at least help to minimise the bad impact and to enhance the good qi, thus we better do it, instead of waiting the misfortune to come if we know it will happen. However, we should not pay tonnes of money to get the items”

我一真抱着怀疑的态度, 并且在我自己内心交战许久,我是否应该售卖可以帮助他人的风水物品。 我总把它看成太商业化了。 我把我的想法告诉我的顾客但是很多时后,这是他们的回答,“我们信任你,而且我们担心我们购买到的风水物品是错误的”。同时,许多时后,我发现他们所购买到的风水物品都比我能为他们所购买到的更为昂贵。

在许多挣扎之后,我已决定在我的网站中推荐一些有用处而且价格合理的风水物品。 一些人会问我,“这些风水物品真的可以帮助到我们吗?” 我对他们的回答是“这些风水物品至少将帮助减轻坏的影响和提高好的气场,相反的如果我们知道它将发生而什么都不做, 那是否是等待不幸的到来呢? 然而,我们不应该支付昂贵的价钱去得到这些风水物品”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Overdelighted to receive these SMS.

I am overdelighted to receive these messages from all over Malaysia and would like to share them with you.