Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does feng shui help South Korea?

The Cheongwadae or Blue House
 South Korea Flag

Samsung Galaxy

I always like to share my findings about how does feng shui help countries like Singapore and South Korea. As a matter of fact,the influence of feng shui practice to both countries are obvious. 

Apparently, South Korea is doing very good now. Look at its Samsung Galaxy. It can even challenge the Apple i-phone. The technology know-how is superb and I remember well that when I graduated from United Kingdom and returned home to become an engineer approximately 20 years ago, South Korea and Malaysia are about the same. But, look at the country now. It has changed a lot.

I have shared many times in my blog that you could notice the i-ching or yi-ching yin-yang and kua symbol on the flag of the South Korea.

In fact, the executive office and official residence of the President of the Republic of Korea is located according to a very important knowledge of external luan tou 外峦头 is what we say左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武 zuo qing long, you bai hu, qian zhu que, hou xuan wu”. Please refer to my book page 54 - 68.

You can find the below mentioned information from wikipedia:-

The Cheongwadae (lit. a platform with azure-tiled roof) or Blue House (commonly syllabicated Cheong Wa Dae[1][2][3]) is the executive office and official residence of the President of the Republic of Korea and located in capital city Seoul

Geomancers have long considered the area in which Cheongwadae is located as an auspicious location. This view was backed up by an inscription on a stone wall that reads: "The Most Blessed Place on Earth," found behind the official presidential residence during the construction of a new building in 1990.

To the north of hugiwawa is the mountain Bukhansan, flanked by two mountains, Naksan, symbolizing the Azure Dragon, on the left and Inwangsan, symbolizing the White Tiger, on the right. To the south is Namsan, the protective mountain of the capital. In front flow the Cheonggyecheon stream and Han River.

P/S: I shall go to Singapore from 26/5/12 to 29/5/12. Hence, sorry if I delay in getting back to you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Cover Design of my New Book

What do you think about the design of the front cover and the back cover of my next coming bazi book which I used 2 years to produce? The total words count is 36600!

Please let me know what do you think before I give the approval to my supplier to print the book. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

See what can feng shui tell you before it happens?

I have compared my predictions earlier Master Lee's Prediction for year of dragon 2012 (article dated 25 Dec 2011)with what have happened recently and found that apart from seeing the earthquake in Sumatra, you will notice the following :-

I said : You will notice that there is no direct officer 正官 in the bazi four pillars 四柱of the li chun 立春. Direct officer 正官 in bazi refers to officer, government, and leader. It is also a tough year for governments to win the support from their people. The trust, support and confidence of the people towards their governments are generally low. Hence, we will expect to see some demonstrations against the governments. As many have said that this is a year of 'election' whereby there are going to have 59 countries in the world that are going to hold their general elections on 2012, I would predict there will be more ruling governments that are going to lose their power in the election or the number of seats that they will win may be decreased due to the mentioned fact.
Also, the presence of star no 7, the broken army, 破军 means war, robbing, serious argument will be at the 乾宫 qian master palace. The 乾宫 qian master palace is the palace for father, King, Head, President or Prime Minister. Therefore, it is not an easy year for male leaders and CEO of the companies.

You notice :-

I said : The li chun falls on 4 Feb 2012 1820. I have to remind you that ONLY those babies who are born on and after this time are considered dragon babies. The bazi four pillars 四柱of the li chun is with the day master 日元of yi plant 乙木. The bazi four pillars 四柱 are 壬辰年, yang water dragon year, 壬寅月 yang water tiger month, 乙未日 yi plant goat day and 乙酉时 yi plant rooster time. It is a time that is full of plants.
Basically, Bazi is similar to Einstein's theory of relativity, the balance point. If your day master is plant and you find that there are too many plant elements in the 4 pillars, then do not use that element anymore. Instead, when you find that there are too few plants, then use it.
In the case of the li chun 立春for the year of dragon, it requires gold / metal elements to trim and beautify the plants. Therefore, the world economy requires the support of gold-related industries such as banking and finance, gold trading etc. 金融市场主導经济.

You notice:-

I have said many times that bagua is a very powerful and auspicious feng shui tool. There are lots of knowledge that you can find in the bagua. If you miss it, please refer to my book

You can notice, the logo of the Public Bank is formed by putting two bagua together to form the number 8 We are presently in period 8 (period 2004-2023) number 8 is the King now in the flying star. On top of that, it is the wealth star.

I said : Star no 6 武曲 will enter to the center of the flying star chart this year. The star that is in-charge in the year of dragon is star no 6. 武曲. Star no 6, 武曲 means 武官army, 偏财 indirect wealth. Thus, this is a year that the army will control and this is good time for the gaming industry.

You notice:  
I should say this is a year for the army and police to show their power!

I said : We can notice star no 3, the argument star, enters into the Kun palace at the South West. The Kun palace is a place for lady master, mother and elderly ladies. Thus, there will be more arguments, bad-mouthing and back stabbings which involve lady leaders and elderly ladies.

You notice : 

I said : The year of dragon is 壬辰 which is strong water dragon. The dragon will bring a lot of water.

You notice :  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feng Shui Review of the One Residence, Sungai Ara, Penang

It has been some times that I have not shared my findings about any new property project in Penang.

I have just gone to the new property project, the One Residence, Sungai Ara Penang for feng shui audit and would like to share my review about the feng shui there.

Good Point:-

It is hard to find an air well in any new property project but we could find it in One Residence. I said in my book HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI? page 112 that:-

Air well is called 天井 heaven well and you could find it in the old type of Chinese houses 四合院where the sun could shine into the house and the rain could come into the house. Water is money.

Having the sun shining through the air well will increase the positive energy or ‘yang qi’ to the house, especially if your house is not bright enough. Thus, if you buy a house and there is an air well whereby the sun can shine into the house, please try not to close up the air well.

Even though the water cannot come into the houses of One Residence but the Sunlight increase the yang energy. I have said many times that feng shui is about how you balance out the yin and yang energy. Thus, this is a fantastic design.

Bad Point:-

1. A lot of people thought that those houses face the North West and South East that completed in period 8 (2004-2023) will have auspicious feng shui. As a matter of fact, not all North West and South East are good. I said in my book HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD FENG SHUI? page 28 that:-

If you are looking for a house, the direction of the main door is important. Please refer to the list below to find good main door directions.
Year of Completion: 1984 - 2003 (Period 7 Properties)
Door Facing Direction (face E & W)
W2 262.5 - 277.5
E2 82.5 - 97.5
W3 277.5 - 292.5
E3 97.5 - 112.5
SE1 112.5 - 127.5
NW1 292.5 - 307.5
Year of Completion: 2004 - 2023 (Period 8 Properties)
Door Facing Direction (face NW & SE)
NE1 22.5 - 37.5
SW1 202.5- 217.5
SE3 142.5 - 157.5
NW3 322.5 - 337.5
NW2 307.5 - 322.5
SE2 127.5 - 142.5

However, some of the units of the One Residence, the main door direction face :-
辰 SE1 and 戌 NW1 which is 损财伤丁 inauspicious for wealth and people. Hence you should alter the direction of the main door to:-
SE3 142.5 - 157.5
322.5 - 337.5
307.5 - 322.5
127.5 - 142.5
I would like to recommend you to change it to one of the 易经64:-
雷地豫卦 333/336 degree
地天泰卦 135.5/138 degree
地山谦卦 311.5/313 degree
天地否卦 315.5/318 degree

2. Like many other projects, the toilet of the master bedroom is right on top of the main door.