Monday, August 24, 2009

Fire in Greek and Worst Drought in China

Look at what is happening in Greek and China has surprised me again that the theory of feng shui told us exactly the pattern before it happens.

a) The very serious fire that hit the Greek.

b) The worst drought to hit parts of north China in six decades has left nearly five million people short of water.

I did mentioned earlier that the year of Ox is generally a turbulence year with critical economy crisis, political dispute and diseases. Star no 9 is at the central of the annual flying star chart. As star no 9 is a star that bring happiness, hence, we might expect to have some good news from time to time. It could be the incentives from the government, toll incentive and etc. However, star no 9 is a star of ‘fire’, there will be fire disasters and drought. At the beginning of the year, Australia was hit by the most serious fire and now is the turn for Greek and China.
However, I have spend sometimes to analyse the horoscope of 2010 and glad to say that there are many bright stars in 2010 and I am going to share more in my blog in future. Please stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happiness Sharing and KL Visit

I would like to share my happiness here after receiving some positive feedbacks from my clients recently:-
1. Mr. Tan Peng Soon told me his family noticed positive result after my feng shui audit to his house.
2. Ms. Gooi found her true love after I showed her the necessary feng shui remedies.
3. Mrs Wong managed to conceive after my visit to her house.
4. Mr. Sek saw the power of the feng shui and it started to work positively to his centre after my visit.
5. Mr. Lee gets his promotion to be the bank assistant manager after my feng shui consultation to his house.
All these are sufficient to bright up my days.
To my friends in Kuala Lumpur,
I have been invited to Kuala Lumpur on 12 Sep 09 (Saturday) to 13 Sep 09 (Sunday) for feng shui consultations and I have planned to extend a day in Kuala Lumpur and will only fly back to Penang on 14 Sep 09 (Monday) at 5.50pm. For those who wish to meet me on Monday, please kindly contact me. Thank you very much.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to enhance the relationship with your spouse?

I came across a lot of requests from ladies that they have encountered marital problem with their husbands. They came to me for help. It is of vital to enhance the relationship with your spouse by practicing the feng shui remedies as below:-

1. According to the Later Heaven Bagua, North West is the place for the master of the house. If there is a missing corner in the North West, which means the husband will either, does not like to stay at the house for too long or there will be no male master in the house. In short, the house is inauspicious to the man. Besides, it is crucial to remove all magazines or pictures of any ladies from the North West and they will boost the romance luck of your husband as there may have many ladies around him all the time. Instead, the wife should put her picture there. If there is a picture of your family picture, please place it there. This will help to make your husband loves you and the family. North West of your house is important to your husband.

2. Do you still hang your marriage photograph in your bedroom or do you hide it somewhere else? You have to hang it back to your bedroom to enhance the relationship with your life companion. I always noticed that a lot of clients like to hide their marriage photograph somewhere else especially those who have married for many years. This will deteriorate the relationship in between the couples.
3. Put away all flowers from your house whether they are real flowers or fake flowers. Flowers induce romance. Same apply to the Chinese vase. If there are Chinese vase with flowers or picture of flowers at the North West or South West, please remove them now.

4. Do not place a mirror to face the bed and stove. There should be only a stove in the kitchen instead of two stoves as the stove represents the lady master. If there are 2 stoves in the kitchen, it means there will be 2 lady masters in the house.

5. South west is the region for lady master. Also, please remove all magazines or any pictures of any men from the South West. Instead, you should put your picture there. If have a picture of your family, put it there too.

6. Mandarin Ducks, which are referred to by the Chinese as Yuan-yang 鸳鸯, are featured in Oriental art and are regarded as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity. You can place a pair of man-made mandarin ducks near your bed to enhance the relationship with your life companion as mandarin ducks are regarded as faithful and lovely couples.

7. Often, you can notice there are flower plants that grow over the fence of a house. It symbolizes that the husband will have undesired romance outside. Please make sure you trim the flowers if they grow across the fence.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Worst Month

I should have written this article earlier but sorry I could not found the time to do so. According to the Chinese Lunar Calender, this is the worst month in this year. This is because from 22 July 09 to 19 Aug 09 is the month of the goat and it crushes with the year which is the year of ox. Parents of those babies who are born during this period of time, please take additional precaution in term of the stomach and intestines problem of their babies. I would like to advise those that can delay or postpone their travelling trip, signing business agreements and carrying out any important tasks to do so if possible. Of course, do take extra care of your health and the health of your love one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These few days I have a strong desire and temptation to speak more about Perak as when I went further to analyze about Perak, I noticed that there are more that I can say about Perak.
Perak is the Malay word for silver which is belonging to the gold or metal elements in the 5 elements 五行. Thus, Perak became strong and prosperous when there was a lot of tin found in Perak and tin is metal element. However, fire melts the metal and hence when strong fire appears, Perak is in trouble!
In fact, the Chinese name for Perak which is 霹雳 which mean heavy discharge of lightning accompanying thunder is not very suitable for Perak. This is because strong fire burns and melts the metal.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Feng Shui of D.U.N. Dewan Undangan Perak

I did mention that I do not like involve in politic but out of curiosity and by coincident, I have an opportunity to pay a visit to the Assembly Hall of Perak, hence, I did a study in term of the feng shui of the Assembly Hall. The study is mainly in the field of feng shui solely for reference purposes.

All will agree that this is a very turbulence year for Perak. Perak is silver in Malay word and it is belong to the gold or metal element. In term of the annual flying star for this year, star no 9, the star of fire is at the middle of the chart and thus it is a year that is full of fire. For those who have a copy of my book "How To Enhance Your Wealth With Feng Shui", please refer to page 110. I did mention early this year, this is a HOT year and you can see fire disasters everywhere in the world Therefore, the fire burns and melts the gold of Perak.

Also, this is a year of 'double May month' 闰五月 in Chinese Lunar calender and May is a summer month and there were very HOT months.
If you go to the Assembly Hall of Perak, you will notice that the shapes of the roof of buildings are in the shape of sharp triangle and triangle is the shape of fire. This is because when you burn something, fire is in the shape of triangle and it will not be in the shape of square or circle, right?

On top of that, there are a lot of lamp posts pointing to the direction of the Assembly Hall of Perak. As a matter of fact, these lamp posts create more ‘fire’ to the assembly hall. Besides, the DAP office which carry a big sign of rocket is located just opposite the assembly hall, this no doubt creates more fire to the assembly hall.

Also, if I am not mistaken, the main door of the assembly hall is facing the North. I measured it with my ‘luo pan’ 罗盘 but I am not very sure whether is that the main door, hence, please correct me if I am wrong. The North is where the worst flying star, star no 5 is at for the year 2009, this no doubt has created more turbulence to the Assembly Hall of Perak. This is because the most inauspicious star is actually at the main door of the assembly hall.
I believe all these have added together and formed BIG FIRE to Perak.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Dear Friend across the Ocean (England)

I still keep my original principle of practicing feng shui i.e. I love to share my knowledge. It is treasure from our ancestors and it is powerful. We should utilize to live a better life.

In fact, I enjoy more joy if my clients told me they have benefited from my consultation. I am glad to see that many of my clients eventually have become my close friends. Yes, we need money but money is not everything. You will gain more joy if your help to others is appreciated and you enjoy the respect. The respect that you gain is not because of your money but is because of the help that you have offered to others.

I always told my clients that I still believe in fate. If we are fated, then we can find each other even though it is across the ocean.

Recently, I found a lady all the way from London, England and after calculating her bazi, I knew that she is a nice and passionate lady. She is Maya, a Romanian who is staying in England. Eventually, we became good friends. I am pleased that I am able find a good friend even though she is thousands miles away from me and across the ocean. I cherish it and appreciate the friendship in between us. Wow! Amazing!

Below is her email to me……..

Subject: Re: To my friend across the ocean
To: "CH Lee"
Date: Saturday, August 1, 2009, 2:31 AM
Dear Lee,

Being interested in Feng Shui I discovered you through the Internet pages. Reading your blog, I though what an inspiring life story, long way from Malaysia to the UK! Now helping people bring harmony in their lives. I liked your insightful commentaries about Obama, Michael Jackson, and the wealth of cities. I thought by myself I can in confidence ask you for advice! From my personal experience, Master Lee, you are accurate in the predictions; you are witty, full of positive energy and great humour. You have showed me that you are very happy to share the gift of life wisdom.