Thursday, November 8, 2018

What to expect in the Year of Pig 2019?

Continuing my earlier posts on the predictions for 2019 pig year,
1.       November 4, 2018
Fortune Reading for Malaysia in 2019.

2.       October 19, 2018
2019 Pig Year Prediction

From the calculation of the bazi of the Li Chun, the competition among people, countries, and companies is going to be high. The economy war in between the 2 giant elephants, USA and China will continue.

立春八字偏财旺 Li Chun bazi ‘indirect wealth’ strong, hence this is a year of speculative speculation 投机炒卖especially in the stock market.  It is a year of opportunities and risky investment. You will either gain fast or lose quickly. Thus, a lot of times and attentions when you are involving in business investment especially share market. Basically, it is a year for “fast gain money” with high risk.

From the Annual Flying Chart 2019, Star 1 and 9 are at the West and North West, hence USA and Europe economies are going to be good especially the USA. Same theory is applied to the economy performance of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang.

The bazi of Li Chun is full of【驿马】hence it is a year of travelling or moving, it is good year of automotive and aviation industries汽车航空业. Hence watch up for the stocks related to the automotive and aviation industries汽车航空业. However, it is year of transportation problem as well. It is advisable to purchase more insurance especially travel insurance and be careful on the road and during travels.

Star 6 is at the East, it is good for the economy for the countries at the East such as Japan and Taiwan. Sarawak State Election is soon and hence the Sarawakians are expected to gain benefits.

Star 7 is the South East, it is not good for South East Asia.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fortune Reading for Malaysia in 2019.

On the morning of 31 August 1957, more than 20,000 people witnessed the independence ceremony, which began at 9:30 a.m. Tunku proceeded to read the Proclamation of Independence, which culminated in the chanting of "Merdeka!" seven times with the crowd joining in. The ceremony continued with the raising of the National Flag of Malaya accompanied by the national anthem being played by a military band and a 21-gun salute, followed by an azan call and a thanksgiving prayer in honour of this great occasion.

Using the 31 August 1957 9:30 a.m. to read the bazi of Malaysia and found the following:-

1.       The Day Master of Malaysia is weak yin plant 乙木which is:-
A yin plant – from the appearance, you look modest and you are agile and flexible. Yin wood is like flower and potted vine grass. You have a strong ability to tolerate.
The appearance of humility, heart possessive, gentle and subtle, responsive, resourceful, easy to adapt to the environment, feeling strong, considerate, friendly and trustworthy, like stability, do not like to take risks. Although yin plant is tolerance but need the protection of a greenhouse, so difficult to withstand setbacks and stress.
Yin plant loves yang plant as yin plant can climb a wooden body to get the Sun in order to grow lushly.
yi yin wood, like a flower pot cane grass. You are flexible enough, a very strong tolerance. Normally, yi yin wood is good and soft looking. You are gentle, subtle, and sensitive and should be able to easily adapt to environmental changes. You have consideration for others, a friendly and trustworthy. You like stability, and do not like adventure. You should be a passionate person.

2019 Pig Year Luck Pillar.
2.       One of the unfavorable elements for weak yin plant is earth and the year of pig 2019 is Yin Earth stem with pig water root. If Earth element comes then plant will break the earth and the weak yi yin plant using its weak energy to do it will weaken its energy, hence the 1st half of 2019, there is leak of wealth for Malaysia. Stock market and economy performance may not be as good.

3. However, when comes to the second half of 2019, the pig water root gives the energy that the weak yi plant needs, it means helps will be given. Furthermore, the 10 years pillar tiger combine with the pig root 2019 to produce plant. Hence, 2nd half of 2019, Malaysia economy will get stronger with helps and wealth available. It is time for stock market to climb up.

4. Also, there is a 'run about horse star' 骇马 which means the government has to work really fast to turn the bad things around.

5. New Harapan Government will be very strict towards law breakers. A lot of VIPs will have to face the justice of law.

6. A lot of learning opportunities for the New Harapan Government.

7. The hour pillar of Malaysia is snake which clashes the 2019 Pig, hence generally 2019 is not a very easy for Malaysians especially to the young lady female politicians. 

8. Also, pig is 'run about horse star'骇马 which means there will be many transportation problems such as planes crushes and trains accidents. You can see it will happen to the Li Chun bazi as well, therefore, it is advisable to pay extra cautious when you travel and should buy travel insurance.

2014-2023 10 Years Luck Pillar.

5.       2014 Malaysia is 57 years old and it is at the change of 10 years luck (传运年) and normally for the change we will notice there will be a change人生的传折点. It is like you are taking a train from age 46-56 and when come to age 57, you reach a train station. You have to get off from the train and take another train to continue your journey. Hence, imaging yourself is at the train and when the train wants to start its journey, it has to overcome the initial friction and hence it is always harder during this time. Hence, we have the MH370 and MH17 incidents which have never happened before to our country on 2014.

From the month root, we found the star of argument 亡神 which is its unfavorable element gold, hence that means a lot of unwanted argument.

4.       This 10 years luck (tiger), we see it crashes with the month root (monkey) which considered inauspicious in bazi reading but luckily the Ren water and yang plant (tiger) are favorable to us.

·         (tiger) crashes (monkey), we anticipate the government has to work harder to gain more support from the people even they try hard and there is leak of wealth too.

·         劫煞 have to work very hard.

·         寅害巳, 10 years luck (tiger) harms the hour root of snake means a lot of unwanted political argument.

If we take positively that the 10 years luck of Malaysia the Ren water and yang plant (tiger) are favourable to us and there is noblemen 月德贵人 , Ren water , there is hope even though there is clash and harm.

The Annual Star Chart 2019

Happiness star 9 goes to the Qian Palace (North West) which is the palace of the King, Male Master, Father, Grand Father or Oldest man at house which matches the 93 year old Tun Dr Mahathir. Thus, he can happily do what he wishes to do in 2019.

Worst star 5 goes to the Kun Palace (South West) which is the palace of the Queen, Female Master. Hence, it is not a very promising for Wan Azizah or some top Corporate lady CEO.