Friday, August 9, 2019

落叶归根, 根就是我们的DNA.

落叶归根, 我们必须要想知道自己的根在哪里。 我们的文化, 中华智慧, 风水, 还有很多很多都必须要传承下去。 我们都有姓, 我们都知道我们的根在哪里. 

今天我才深深的体会到祖先的智慧会引导我们走向一条正确的道路。 '道理' 所指的就是那个道路和理论, 根据逻辑的理论来引导你一个明确的道路。

不要因为科技而忘记了历史,历史能够提醒和警惕我们别再犯错, 必须要前车之鉴。 但是人类往往都会迷失方向忘记历史的教训。

《老子》开篇即说:“道可道,非常道;道若可以言说,就不是永恒常在之道。 道理只能领悟不能言传。 因此有了尊师重道. 

如果中国本着5000年文化与智慧而不迷失方向, 不盲目追求科技, 中国将会超越美国而且现在已经在发生了。 孔子儒家思想将会引导中国走向正确的道路, 儒家所提倡的四书五经, 五经之首为易经。 儒家思想所提倡的孝道, 就是强调我们要必须知道我们的根在哪里, 根就是我们的DNA, 很多病如癌症细胞是原自以我们的DNA 因此在风水里面我们也强调阴宅, 也因此孔子提倡清明节 子孙们去祖先坟前扫墓, 缅怀先人.  你的世世代代子子孙孙其实是互相牵连着, 不能完全切割。

我们在民主的国度,每一个人都有选择权, 让它百花齐放吧, 别把自己认为对的东西强加在别人身上.

一命二运三风水四积德五读书, 读书教育是很重要的一环 ,读书教育可以改变你的命运 更可以改变你该走的路, 因此不可以不把教育这一环守住,一旦切口一开, 就难保有心之人得寸进尺。

Monday, August 5, 2019

What is the future of the world and Malaysia?

According to the Later Heaven Ba Gua, a period is 20 years. From 2004 to 2023 is period 8 and 8 is at the North East of the World and China is at the North East of the World and thus they has become so strong. Nevertheless, the element of the 8 is EARTH thus the property and real estate industry has been strong for the past few years but period 8 is going to be end very soon, therefore, the property and real estate industry is getting weaker now. 

Also, 8 is the palace for youngest son which means the young male is leading the world, thus, there are many young leaders such as the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Facebook founder, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and North Korea head, Kim Jae-ryong and many more. IT, internet and telecommunication industry, which is the key industry is mainly dominated by young men mostly. 

The Later Heaven Ba Gua in my book How to Enjoy Your Life with Good Feng Shui? page 135.

However, period 8 is going to be end soon and period 9 is going to take over very soon. From 2024 to 2043 is period 9 and 9 is at the South of the World. India, South part of Africa, Indonesia and Australia are close to the South of the World and thus they will become very strong. The future of the world is the fight for material resource as the world resource has been depleted. Therefore, those places that have lots of resource like Australia and Africa will see the benefits. Many Chinese and other businessmen have entered Africa for trading and business purposes. India will replace China to be the most populated country and Indonesia, one of the most populated country will shine like China now once these countries are improved. China has been called the sick man of Asia. Who dare to call them that now?

The same concept if you apply on Malaysia, you will see the same scenario. During period 7 (1984-2003), 7 in the West, hence West Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur took the lead, and nobody has really cared about the East Malaysia but when come the period 8, everyone treat them importantly as their votes will determine who will form the government. But, period 8 is going to be end soon and period 9 is going to take over very soon. The South has shown its muscle. Please go and count how many ministers are from Johor? Kedah developed to the South, where Kulim Airport will be there. Penang emphasizes on Batu Kawan at the South. Klang Valley developed to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya at the South. Johor has been improved fast than other states.

The element is the 9 is FIRE thus the internet, app, AI, telecommunication industries have started to show its strength and the property and real estate industry (EARTH) is getting weaker now. If you go to any shopping malls, the restaurants will be packed with lots of clients with long queue but the retail shops are likely to be empty as it has been affected badly by online retail app like Alibaba, Amazon, Lazada and etc. 

Also, 9 is the palace for second daughter which means the middle age female will lead the world, thus, there are many middle age females will start to shine. Who is the chief judge? Who is Malaysia Bank Negara Governor? 

I hope our country will have a capable lady to lead us!

Friday, August 2, 2019


谢谢大家来参加我在理科大学主办的风水分享会风水课程 , 让我有机会完成我的使命, 把这伟大祖先的智慧传承下去, 希望大家能够继续努力学习和应用, 去感受宇宙大自然风水的力量, 然后帮我把这伟大的知识传承下去, 谢谢大家, 希望我们还可以继续的探讨和研究, 互相学习, 感恩戴德🙏🙏
我深信一个原理, 那就是有舍得, 有舍就有得 如果你把正能量舍出去, 你将获得很多, 我把我所学我所懂的散播出去, 我将得到更多. 很感恩能够跟我的学生结这个善缘.