Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Feng Shui Talk and Happy Chinese New Year

I will hold my free feng shui talk at the Public Bank, Relau Branch, Penang at 18 Feb 2012 Saturday 10.30am to 11.30am. If you are interested, please kindly write to me informing me your full name, no of seats that you would like to have and your telephone no. Thanks and see you there.
I wish to wish you a very happy new year with my own writing and one of the wishes is 飞龙在天 is from the I-Ching 易经 which means the dragon is flying at the Heaven. It is to describe someone who has achieved highest success!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. Thank you so much for your support all this while. Also, I would like to apologize to those who I have failed to provide a better service due to my tight schedule. Of course, I m not a perfect man and there are times that I do mistakes. Please forgive me.

Year of rabbit is a very special year for me. This is a year that I have many opportunities to meet up with many great people either in Malaysia or overseas. I appreciated my encounters with all of them who I considered as people that I have the fate to meet up. I have met up with people from all walks of life and different races. Nevertheless, it never failed to give me pleasant surprises from time to time. I have meet up with some important people in the government, rich people, someone that bought the house that Mahathir once stayed, someone related to the Sultan of Brunei, nice doctors, handicapped, poor and many more. However, due to my professionalism, I would like to ask for your forgiveness as I cannot follow the will of some individuals and perform some actions that are not in-line with my principles.

Even though this year I have managed to do many accurate predictions but there are time that I failed to read things accurately too. Of course, as an ordinary man, I do make mistakes. Thus, I always tell those who come and see me not to set very high expectation on me. I would always tell them that I will try my best but I m not God. I would try to provide my best consultation within my mean. I will apply all my knowledge and experience to help you but I cannot change things overnight.

Very often I receive encouraging email, sms or comment in my blog or Facebook. This is enough to cheer me up for a whole day. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments from those that I have not even met before.

Again, nothing is perfect and I did encountered some sad moment too. I was really depressed when someone told me that her handicapped friend was cheated and molested by a so-called feng shui master and eventually committed suicide …sigh! I know that I cannot do anything to stop thing like that from happening but life must go on. Do not lose your hope, focus and direction when you encounter problem. Think positively and the positive energy will somehow lead you to find the way and your noblemen. Hence, I would encourage you to learn about the valuable ancient knowledge such as I-Ching, flying stars feng shui theory, bazi 4 pillars reading and astrology in a rational and scientific way. Learn what our ancestors said and you will find the right path toward your life. Remember, never be a superstitious guy and lose your focus and direction.

Pardon me for not be able to produce my bazi reading book in 2011, but I m sure it is going to be my first priority in the year of dragon. Even though it is not an easy job but with the help of Kean Seng and Aaron, we will make it happen in 2012.

There are many people that I wish to thank and I do not think I can list them all out. Once again, wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year and Buddha bless you. Remember this, say good, positive and encouraging words to others everyday and it will bring positive energy or qi to you.

我想藉此机会祝福大家新年快乐, 万事如意。谢谢你在这一段时间的支持。除此以外,我想在此向那些我因为行程繁忙而不能提供更好服务的友人说声抱歉。当然,身为一位凡人, 我也会犯错误的时候。请您原谅我。

对我来说, 兔年是很特别的年。这是一年,我有很多机会接触到许多在马来西亚或海外的优秀的人. 我都很感谢有机会与你们结个善缘, 阿彌陀佛, 感恩感恩。每次与来自各阶层和不同种族的友人相遇都会给我不同的惊喜。有些是重要的政府高官,有钱的,購买前首相住过房子的,与汶莱苏丹有关连的、心地善良的好医生, 更有些可怜的, 残疾的和更多更多。但是,请原谅我, 基于我的职业道德, 我不能顺着某些人的欲愿而违背我的做人原则。

虽然今年我有做出很多精确的预测, 但我也有无法准确预测的时候。当然,作为一个普通的人,我确实会犯错。因此,我总是告诉那些人过来找我的友人不要对我设置了很高的期望。我总是会告诉他们我会尽力但我不是神。我会设法提供我最好的帮助,将我所有的知识和经验来帮助你,但是我无法在一夜之间做出完全的改变。

我经常在我的电子邮件、电话, Facebook中收到令人鼓舞的留言, 而这些留言足以使我开心了一整天。非常感谢你们。

同样,没有什么是完美的,我也遇到一些悲伤的时刻。我当时真的郁闷因为有人告诉我她的残疾朋友被一些所谓的风水师骗了,调戏了, 非礼了,而这位残疾朋友最终却自杀了 …可悲 !我知道我不能做任何事来阻止这样事情的发生,但生命必须继续下去。当我们遇到问题时请不要丢失希望、 重点和方向。积极去面对, 正面的能量将以某种方式来引导你找到方向和你的贵人。因此,我鼓励大家多以理性和科学的方式去了解易经、九宫飞星风水学、四柱八字算命等宝贵的古代知识。了解我们的祖先所说的话,你将在你的生活中找到正确的道路. 请记住,永远不要迷信和失去你人生的重点和方向。

原谅我不能在 2011 年把我四柱八字算命书弄好,但我相信它将会是我在龙年里的首要任务。尽管它不是简单容易的事,但有建成 和Aaron的帮助,我们会让它在 2012 年发行。

我要感谢很多人,但我不能一一把他们列出, 还请大家原谅。再次,愿你有个幸福快乐的一年, 佛保佑你。请记住这一点,说好话, 做好事会为你带来积极的能量与气。

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Horoscope for Rat in 2012

Horoscope for Rat in 2012

今年肖很好, 要好好把握机会的向前冲.




Jin Kui’, represents there is a good opportunity to start a business. If you always dream of becoming a boss yourself, in this year you will have the opportunity to implement your plan. ‘Jin Kui’ is a wealth star. It is a businessman wealth star, also illustrates your business will run smoothly and turnover is steadily on the raise.

‘Jiang Xing’ is a star of authority and power. However it is a military general star, which means you have to fight in order to achieve the outstanding record.

‘Bai Hu’ which will cause injury to you, is lying in wait for you secretly. Once seeing you committing any mistake or negligence, it will appear and criticize you immediately. This will make you look bad in front of your colleagues and boss.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Horoscope for Ox in 2012

Horoscope for Ox in 2012


天德入命,主福分深厚,长寿,不犯官刑。天德是阳德,其功效明显. ‘天德是一颗贵人星,主逢凶化吉,而祂跟解神地解等吉神不同,因为后两者需要先见凶而后化吉,但天德却是直接阻止不吉利的事情发生,使你可以专心完成老板委派的工作。


‘Fu De’ and ‘lucky star’ are two superb fortune stars. They indicate that you have great potential in your career. You do not have to work too hard but the helps that you require will come naturally. The opportunities will appear in front of you. If you can grasp the good fortune in time and take all effort to accomplish the tasks assigned by your boss, your boss will appreciate what you have done. He will let you take charge and provide more responsibilities to you by letting you managing more important projects. You have to cherish it as this is his initial step to promote you.

This is a very good year for pig to move forward. ‘Tian De’ is a very good fortune star. It means long life and do not commit any offence. Its virtue is positive virtue and its effect is obvious. ‘Tian De’ will turn all the bad luck into good luck. It is different compare to other good stars such as ‘Xie Shen’ and ‘Di Xie’, because these two stars need to see misfortune first before turn them into good luck. However, ‘Tian De’ will directly prevent any bad luck matter from occurring. This enables you to concentrate in completing the work that your boss delegates to you.

Ox may feel lonely this year too. The appearance of ‘Mo Yue Xing’ star, symbolizes that there will be a breakthrough because your favourable power has increased and your position in your company may rises. But actually, ‘Mo Yue Xing’ star is a very special lucky star; its strength can urge you to become arrogant. Thus, it affects your development and advance on cause.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Horoscope for Tiger and Rabbit in 2012

Horoscope for Tiger in 2012


'文昌星入命, 主聪明过人, 又主逢凶化吉. 气质雅秀, 举止温文, 好学新知, 具上进心. 一生近官利贵. 今年肖虎者头脑清醒, 特别聪明, 有利于考生.

'天狗星主有超支和失预算的现象,代表今年你的财政情况有点不济, 经常会因为消费过度以致收支失去平衡。如果长时间不只自律,则难保会有经济陷入困境的一天。吊客同临,主有奔丧事,必须留意家人的健康,出入小心.

In this year, the appearance of ‘Yi Ma Xing’ in your life palace represents that you will have to move about or there will be changes in environment. It is an intermediate lucky star. You may have to travel due to work and will encounter some happy events during your travel. In this year, the frequency for you to travel is more than the previous years and the time for you to stay in other places is also longer.

'Wen Chang Xing’means intelligent and good fortune. It is helpful for students in their studies. You are smarter this year. For those who need to think about for the work or those who involve in designing or creation works, it is a star that can assist you in your works.

The appearance of the Star God of ‘Tian Gou’ demonstrates there will be phenomenon of having overspending and thus this year your financial condition is a little not that promising. You may consume excessive and there will be lose balance in between your income and expenses. If you do not control your expenses, you may fall into deep difficulty in your financial condition.

Horoscope for Rabbit in 2012

'病符是一颗主有小病的凶星也出现, 因此请注意饮食起居.

However, ‘Disease Star’ appears; therefore please take extra care of your health. You should ensure that you consume healthy food and do regular exercises.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Feng Shui of Resort World Casino, Singapore (part 2)

As what I have promised earlier, here goes the other part of my findings about the Resort World Casino in Singapore.

The Space Elephant (Please refer to my earlier post on 28 Nov 2011)

Water is money and gaming or gambling industry is an industry of water element as per I have mentioned earlier. You will notice that at the entrance to the casino where the Space Elephant stands, there is a landscape of beautiful water flow and the water of the water flow is flowing towards the entrance. Thus, money is flowing into the Resort World Casino. The Space Elephant is helping to 'suck' the water.

The waving shape of the Resort World's logo is a symbol of water irregular shape and you can find an alphabet 'M' which stands for MONEY! It is an Excellent feng shui design for a logo!

Do you notice the shape of knife on top of the escalators that lead you to the main entrance of the casino? They 'chop' you before you enter into the casino.

The blades look like knives as well.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Horoscope for Dragon in 2012

Horoscope for Dragon in 2012


'华盖主才华因此今年从事艺术创作, 写作或娱乐事业者将有机会发挥优势.


踏入龙年, 你犯上本名太岁. 要在立春日前到太岁庙作福,有助驱散凶星的缠扰。宜守不宜攻 一切隨缘吧! 一命二运三风水四积德五读书. 要积德和改善家居和办公室来改命运.


剑锋主有刀光和斗争, 因此在公司里有一番龙争虎斗.

The talent of dragon will be excellent this year. If you are engaging in artistic creation such as writing, drawing, singing or other talent, you will have more advantage this year.

However, you will feel the loneliness too. For those married couple, your spouse may always not at home. For those who are still single, it is unlikely for you to find your lover this year.

When you step into the year of dragon, your luck may not be very promising. It is advisable for you to go to the temple or church in the beginning of spring to pray for good fortune and it is helpful to dispel the disturbance of the fearful star. There might be some changes in your life this year. You should stay conservative and do not make unnecessary changes if possible. Apply feng shui and practice good deeds to enhance your luck.

Addition to that, there is ‘Jian Feng’ and a fearful star of ‘Fu Shi’; they will affect the concentration of students in their studies. It will be hard for them to concentrate in their studies, hence, if you are the parents, please go to temple in the beginning of spring to pray for good fortune of your kids.

The appearance of the ‘Sword edge God’ indicates that there will be arguments in your company.

Friday, January 13, 2012

House Shifting and Earth Breaking Ceremonies after 4 Feb 2012立春

4 Feb 2012 6.20pm立春 li chun is the actual day and time for us to enter into the year of dragon, not the 1st day of Chinese New Year 23 Jan 2012 正月初一. Thus, the baby who is born before 4 Feb 2012 6.20pm is a rabbit not a dragon.

If you are going to shift to your new house, you have to select auspicious dates & time according to the bazi (time of birth) of the family members and facing of the house for two very important dates i.e. Earth Breaking Date and House Shifting Date. After the date has been determined, a simple ceremony can be carried out. It is vital to conduct the ceremony to show our respect to the Earth and the surrounding.

Earth Breaking Date

1. Firstly, prepare 4 sets of fruits (apple, Mandarin orange, banana and pear), some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea.

2. Put the things at 4 different locations i.e. North West, South East, North East and South West of your house. Hence, there should be 4 sets of fruits, some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea at 4 different locations respectively.

3. For those who use joss stick, pray and put them onto the fruits until they have completed burning. For those who do not use joss stick, just pray at the sectors. Say your wishes when you pray.

4. The schedule of praying is from North West; follow by South East, then North East and lastly the South West.

5. Break a small piece of the wall.
However, after 4 Feb 2012, you should avoid breaking the wall at the below locations:-
1. South East sectors of your house – 5 yellow
2. South sectors of your house – 3 killings
3. 112.5 – 127.5 degree of your house (in sector of the South East) – Grand Duke
4. 292.5 – 307.5 degree of your house (in sector of the North West) – Year breaker

In short, you should not ‘touch’ the South East, South and North West prior ‘touching’ other places. This is to show that we ‘respect them’. After breaking the small piece at the correct place, you can proceed to renovate any other places. For the year of dragon, you can break the small piece of wall at the East, North East, West, and South West. In another word, you can ONLY start the renovation after the ceremony.

8. It is crucial to maintain a peaceful mind when the ceremony is being carried out. No argument should be taken place during the ceremony. Pray with a sincere and pure heart.

Shifting Ceremony

1. Firstly, prepare 4 sets of fruits (apple, Mandarin orange, banana and pear), some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea.

2. Put the things at 4 different locations i.e. North West, South East, North East and South West of your house. Hence, there should be 4 sets of fruits, some sweets and 3 cups of Chinese tea at 4 different locations respectively.

3. For those who use joss stick, pray and put them onto the fruits until they have completed burning. For those who do not use joss stick, just pray at the sectors. Say your wishes when you pray.

4. The schedule of praying is from North West; follow by South East, then North East and lastly the South West. (Step 1-4 is the same as the earth breaking ceremony but you can pray to the ancestors and altar for the shifting ceremony)

5. After the prayers, you should place
柴米油鹽酱醋茶 cooking material such as rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea leaves into the kitchen. Subsequently, boil a kettle of water or cook something to symbolize that you have started to occupy the kitchen and the house.

6. Activate the qi of the house by switching on all the lights and fans.

7. It is superb if you can hold a house-warming party to gain more qi of the human when there are lots of laughter and children praying around the house.

8. It is crucial to maintain a peaceful mind when the ceremony is being carried out. No argument should be taken place during the ceremony. Pray with a sincere and pure heart.

Please refer to my book, “How to Enjoy your life with Good Feng Shui?”

page 208 - 212 for details.

Again, It is crucial to maintain a peaceful mind when the ceremony is being carried out. No argument should be taken place during the ceremony. Pray with a sincere and pure heart.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Horoscope for Snake 2012

Horoscope for Snake 2012

肖蛇 Snake

流年见太阴星出现.太阴星出现是一颗强力的贵人星. 今年有贵人相助尤其是女贵人.

今年有天喜星出现, ’天喜星为快乐的星, 主有喜事和愉快事情发生.



'天空为 小凶星.

There is a ‘Tai Yin Xing‘ appears for the Snake. This is an auspicious star which mean that you will have good help especially from the female.

The star of ‘Tian Xi’ is happy star. You may expect to enjoy some happy events.

Furthermore, there will be helps 天乙贵人 available this year.

However, Snake may feel lonely this year too.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horoscope for Horse and goat in 2012

Horoscope for Horse in 2012

'天解星是一颗逢凶化吉星,它的功用能化解一切灾难.官非和疾病. ’天解出现在你的命宫,当能为你化解是非缠绕。




囚獄代表失去自由, 可能被囚在医院.

‘Tian Xie Xing’ is a good star. Its function is to dissolve all disasters and diseases. On top of that, the appearance of ‘Tian Xie’ in your life palace can help you in dissolving the arguments that may occur.

Having the fearful star of ‘Xue Ren’ to appear in life palace, it is a star that illustrates one will suffer unexpected personal financial losses star and disasters as well. You have to make any investment with careful consideration. On top of that, please take extra care of your health and your safety. Do drive carefully and ensure that you do regular exercises and consume healthy food.

For Horses, there is a ‘Sang Men’ which mean the old person will fall ill. ‘Di Sang’ indicates that those elderly horses should control the diet and food that they consume, and also they have to care good take of their safety in order to avoid any accident. Young horses will have to take care of the body condition of old person at home. If there is any health problem arises, immediate medical attention need to take place.

Horse may lose your freedom and may have to stay in a hospital.

Horoscope for Goat in 2012

流年见太阴星出现.太阴星出现是一颗强力的贵人星. 今年有贵人相助尤其是女贵人.

There is a ‘Tai Yin Xing‘ appears for the goat. This is an auspicious star which mean that you will have good help especially from the female.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Prediction for the year of dragon 2012 (part 4)

Star no 6 武曲 will enter to the center of the flying star chart this year. The star that is in-charge in the year of dragon is star no 6. 武曲. Star no 6, 武曲 means 武官army, 偏财 indirect wealth. Thus, this is a year that the army will control and this is good time for the gaming industry. Watch out for situation in Thailand and North Korea. Also, when the economy is bad, people tend to put their hope in gaming.

Also, comparatively, 2011 is a year for lady leaders but 2012 is a year for elderly male leaders as 6 is乾 qian master. However, because the current period is period 8, 6 is not a very favorable star 失令星 compared to stars 8, 9 and 1. Thus, there will be more money scandals which might involve the leaders. Some might have to step down due to money scandals as star no 6, 武曲 means偏财 indirect wealth.

We can notice star no 3, the argument star, enters into the Kun palace at the South West. The Kun palace is a place for lady master, mother and elderly ladies. Thus, there will be more arguments, bad-mouthing and back stabbings which involve lady leaders and elderly ladies.

Star no 8, the wealth star, is at the West. It helps the economy of the United States and Klang Valley in West Malaysia. The economy of the world is 先苦后甘, 宜退守 i.e. suffer first and enjoy later. We have to act conservatively and cannot be overly aggressive 步步为营. The United States needs the support from the noblemen or mentors 美国要贵人扶持. The weak economy needs some time to become better and it cannot turn well in just over night疲弱经济会躭延一段时间. I feel that The United States is more ready compared to the economy crisis that they faced in 2008 and 2009. They are more prepared to face the challenges this round compared to other countries in Europe as star no 8 is there.

Star no 9, the happiness star, is at the North East and hence China should be OK. But, since star no 9 is a star of fire, thus there might be drought and flood disasters in China.

Star no 1, a water star is at the South and hence I predict that there will be water related problem in Australia. Johor will be flooded too.

The property industry will also go down a bit in 2012. As the bazi of the li chun is strong plant, the strong plant will clash the property industry which is earth element. The stock market should be better in the months that have more gold elements i.e. August and September.

The favorable directions or areas in the year of dragon are South, West and North East. The industries that are expected to perform well are the water and plant-related industries. Water industry refers to those who are involved in the areas of sales, marketing, trading, transportation, tourism, gambling etc. The plant industry involves those who are in the fields of education, medicine, fashion, plantation etc. From the stock market investment point of view, you can consider buying stocks that are involved in these industries.

As I said before, 2012 is a year of strong water dragon. As, the water stem clashes the earth root, we can expect to see more undesired disasters and diseases compared to the year of rabbit in 2011. This is particularly applicable to the South East area where the most inauspicious star 5 is there, especially in the month of October.