Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Good to receive these emails and the emails always make me to move forward confidently. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

37 dead in Genting bus crash

Sad to read the news but if you would to follow my prediction earlier at the beginning of the year. I said the the Li Chun Day (Birthday) of the year of snake 2013 癸巳年, there is a 相刑, which will cause serious accident, bridges collapse, buses, trains or planes clash and of course injuries. 

The lunar month 7th month is 庚申, the 庚 clashes the month stem 月干of the Li Chun Day . Furthermore, 申 and the year root 年支, 巳, together with the month root, 月支, 寅 forms the 恃势之刑 , which means accident will occur easily. 

On top of that, today 21 August 2013 is Lunar Calender 15th day 农历十五 is 已未, the 未 clashes day root of the Li Chuy Day 丑. Hence, it is not an auspicious day.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Face Reading

My old article about face reading has been published by the 'flash', the half yearly newsletter of a fund managing company.

Friday, August 9, 2013

为何槟城假日处处都是塞车? Why people from other states flood Penang during the holidays?

山在风水学里是相当重要的因素所谓山管人丁水管财, 有好山就有好人才. 有好水就有好财富.

为何城如此欣欣向荣, 假日的车辆涌济而入,行道上塞车的指数偏高,不难见到处处都是外坡而来的车辆. 车水马龙都是因为槟城有好山好水. 槟城的山形多为水形因此对医药业有助力, 你有发现近年来槟城的各大医院如GMC, Island Hospital, Loh Guan Lye Hospital 等等都在大兴土木吗? 它们成功的吸引了许多外地人,尤其是印尼华侨来寻求医药服务.

怡保曾经因为锡业而发达,但现在所留下来的山只是破山, 所以它的繁荣如早暮的黄昏,不能比美现今槟城的欣欣向荣.

吉隆坡在巴生谷因为有好山包围因此吸引各处外地人才到吉隆坡来发展. 以前的锡矿湖已变成美丽的湖泊, 那是好水, 有好水就有好财富.

新加坡没有什么高山因此要靠水. 新加坡的水相当好, 虽然不至于清澈见底但却给人一种灵秀的感觉. 因此新加坡政府能成功的增加它的财富,以吸引人才来兴旺这个国家。

山灵人杰, 山有灵气就会出现豪杰. 吉打亚罗士打的西北方出现形似大象的象豫山独坐在广阔的平地, 西北方是乾位即是皇帝位,因此吉打亚罗士打历年出现了丙位首相.

槟城大山脚的山也是非常的青葱翠丽,因此造就了阿都拉和安华. 槟城大山脚山和吉打亚罗士打的象豫山的共同点是两者都独坐在平地, 没有其他山连着它们.因此人才济济,在任何领域都是独占鳌头.

Hill / Mountain

Hill / Mountain is an important factor in the study of feng shui.  The mountain is believed to be able to produce talented people while the water is to govern the wealth. We believe if the area has good mountains, the area should have talented people. Whereas if the area has good water, it will produce abundant wealth to the people in that area.

Why Penang is so prosperous until people from other states flood the city during the holidays and forces the locals to stay at home and does not dare to go out? That is because Penang has both the fertile hills and clear water. Most of the Penang's hills shapes are in the shape of plant or wood element shape therefore has the boost to the pharmaceutical industry. It is not hard for you to discover that in the recent years, Penang's big hospitals like GMC, Island Hospital, Loh Guan Lye Hospital and so on all are expanding. They managed to extract a lot of patients from the oversea especially the Indonesians.

Ipoh was used to be prosperous because of its tin industry but what remain now are some broken hills hence its present achievement is unable to compare with Penang.

Kuala Lumpur is in the Klang Valley and hence it has good mountains that surrounding it, therefore it is able to attract talented people to come to the city and develop it. The previous tin ore lakes have turned into the beautiful lakes, which are the good water. Again having good water means to have the good wealth.

Singapore does not have mountains or tall hills and therefore it must depend on its water. Singapore's water is remarkably good.  Singapore Government has managed to increase its wealth to extract talented people to grow the country.

The mountain is believed to produce outstanding hero. The Gunung Keriang which looked like an elephant appears at the Northwest of Alor Setar. Northwest is the region for the Qian Kua which is a place for the King, hence it produced two prime ministers.

Bukit Mertajam is also a beautiful and fertile hill which produces Abdullah and Anwar. The common ground in between The Bukit Mertajam and The Gunung Keriang is both of them all sit alone on a flat land without any hills to link to them.