Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Know A Person Through Face Reading?

It is amazing to read the review of a blogger / a client / a friend, Sam Yeap about my face reading book. Please click this link to know what are his thoughts about my book : I feel that I have achieved what I wanted to i.e. TO SHARE WITH WHOM THAT I MAY HAVE THE FATE TO MEET AND TO SHARE.....

It is delighted as well to read an email from Ipoh:-

Subject: interesting.
To: "CH Lee"
Date: Saturday, November 28, 2009, 12:19 AM
hi master lee,
have read ur 2 books with interest. certainly helpful for reference. r u into the property and share market? any seminar for the coming new year?
s. im

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping Malls in Penang

My Feng Shui Seminar at the Quennsbay Mall last month.
The sea at the East Sector of the Island Plaza has been covered by the reclaimed land.


Gurney Plaza

Queensbay Mall

I did mention in my book with the title “How to Enhance your wealth with Feng Shui?” that according to the Later Heaven Bagua, if we are able to see clear water at the East of your premises for period 7 (1984 – 2003) and period 8 (2004 – 2023), it is good for wealth.

Also, during my feng shui seminar at Queensbay Mall last month, I showed the reason why e-Gate, Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza are doing good as you can see water at the East of them. However, unfortunately, the sea at the East of Island Plaza has been covered by the reclaimed land!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Horoscope for Horse in 2010

肖马 Horse




可惜,流年命宫同时出现’五鬼’, ‘官符’. ‘官符’主有官非诉讼,代表流年与人合伙业不利,易有口舌和官非之灾。

For Horse, you will find that there is an appearance of 'San Tai' and it is your powerful helper star, which means you can achieve what you aim for. 'San Tai' is good for career promotion and excellent achievement in the examination. Thus, this is a year that you will have the opportunity of promotion and getting flying colours result.

'Jiang Xing' is a star of authority and power. However it is a military general star, which means you have to fight in order to achieve the outstanding record.

'Jin Kui', represents there is a good opportunity to start a business. If you always dream of becoming a boss yourself, in this year you will have the opportunity to implement your plan. 'Jin Kui' is a wealth star. It is a businessman wealth star, also illustrates your business will run smoothly and turnover is steadily on the raise.

Unfortunately, there are also 'Wu Gui' and 'Guan Fu'. 'Guan Fu' is a star of argument and may have some legal problem.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A German Artist Who is Keen about face reading

Despite my hectic schedule; it is my pleasure to meet up with Angelika Böck, an artist from Germany who came to Malaysia for her artistic research on portrayal. She found my book on face reading in Kuala Lumpur and eventually we managed to meet up each other at Malihom, Penang. She is currently attached to the Residence Program of the Wawasan Open University. She is keen to learn about the oriental face reading and she told me it will be part of her project in the dialogical portraits. We spent some great time together whereby I have given her some consultation regarding her fate from her face and she in return has advised me on how to improve the artwork of my book. Thank you very much, Angelika Böck.
You can read more about her excellent artistic works from her website

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feng Shui Audit in Thailand

Another busy week! Nevertheless, my heart is full of happiness as the hard work that I put in have been reciprocated. I have to say that the works have been appreciated. Most importantly, I am able to meet good people all around the country. Thanks to all who have shown brilliant hospitality wherever I have gone to.
Betong is a small town which has been build very near to the border of Malaysia and Thailand. It is located at the hilly land. Hence, the green dragon and white tiger are clearly distinguished. Surprisingly, the shops that have excellent green dragon whereby there are taller buildings or higher land at the left hand side always enjoy good business. However, the places that have higher land at the right hand side often encounter with some argument problems. Please refer to my book "How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?" about the theory of green dragon and white tiger.
Apart from that, there are many lamp posts and wires around the shops will create a lot 'fire' around this area thus, there are ceaseless arguments in this town.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trip to China

I was in Shenzhen on 31 Oct 2009. I am glad to have the opportunity to be there for feng shui audit.
Shenzhen was designated as a special economic zone by the central government in 1980. The special economic zone has created an economic miracle in China, growing from a small fishing town to a prosperous modern city over the past 20 years. The fast pace of the city touches the life of everyone living there, whether s/he is a farmer, a fisherman or someone who has emigrated there in search of a better life. All of them have witnessed remarkable changes in a city where everyone is given an equal chance. Shenzhen is a city of hope, a city full of opportunities, a city drawing thousands of talented people from across the country and around the world, and a city with modern skyscrapers, and shopping malls.
Looking down from a high class condominium which cost more than 1 million Malaysia Ringgit in order to own a unit.
Our van passed through a bridge and I could see the deep sea by the side of Shenzhen. Again, this is another city which is build next to to the deep sea which has a lot of wealth as water is wealth in feng shui. I do not want to repeat the theory here and you can refer to my old post on "Water is money and use it in the right way will bring you ample of wealth"

I Wish I Can Spend More Time in China but I have to come back to work. I hope to have the opportunity to be able to study more about the feng shui in China.