Sunday, November 15, 2015

Master Lee new ebook is here.

Master Lee new ebook is here. 

You just have to click this link with ONLY RM17.20 , you can understand the feng shui of the major cities in Asia EASILY by just a click. 

It is a simple and interesting book for leisure reading.

Illustrated with helpful diagrams and pictures, this book gives you the knowledge on:
    • The good water creates good fortune for Klang Valley.
    • The hills in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.
    • Understand the five elements.
    • Understand why was there a change of dynasty in China.
    • The flag of South Korea.
    • Later Heaven Bagua 'Hou tian bagua'/ 'yuan dan pan'.
    • Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Turtle.
    • Does Feng Shui help South Korea?
    • Why areas around Gurney Drive in Penang are always in good value?
    • The flow of Rivers and Roads.
    • The bow at the Forbidden City of Beijing, China.
    • Mid Valley Mega Mall.
    • The Feng Shui of Brunei.
    • Gunung Keriang at the North-West of Alor Setar.
    • Feng Shui War in Hong Kong.
    • The Feng Shui in Singapore.
    • The Feng Shui of Guangzhou, China.
    • The Feng Shui of the Forbidden City.
    • The Feng Shui of Taiwan President Building in Taipei.
    • The Feng Shui of Japan.
    • How do we view Japan from the perspective of Feng Shui?
    • The Feng Shui of the Macau Lisboa Casino.