Monday, April 28, 2008


如果我有时间, 我将与你分享一些故事:-

1. 一个曾自杀的同性恋者的故事. 从一个人的八字, 你可以知道他是否是同性恋者或有自杀的倾向.
2. 一个曾自杀的离婚女人的故事.
3. 一个曾被算命先生骗了几千令吉的故事. 真的可恶可悲呀!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am really angry with some 算命先生

Today, I need to write something, even though I am very busy as calls are flowing in for help in bazi and feng shui. I have to put all that aside because there are too many 'cheaters' out there that are awaiting to cheat people that need consultation about their life and destiny.
This morning, I received call from a blogger who came to me because of my blog and I could heard she cried through the telephone. This pity lady has been cheated by some 'masters' because of her emptiness and sadness. However, these so-called masters asked her for a few thousands Ringgit and promised to help her to change her life and luck but nothing happened after she gave the money. She told me that she has to borrow the money to give to these 'masters'. HOW CAN THEY DO IT? THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE LEARNED IS FOR US TO HELP OTHERS AND NOT TO CHEAT OTHERS. I am really mad with it.
If you are a master and you are doing that, I humbly wish that you to stop it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happiest ThingS

I always wanted to post a blog but always found that I am running short of time recently.

A few things to mention and would like to share my happiness with you:-

a) A young lady came to me with a miserable face and I told her that her luck in the past 10 years were bad and she was very negative minded, she answered in surprise "How can you know it?" with her eyes full of tears. I said I knew it from her bazi. But, the bad luck is over and the next 10 years, you are a lady with good luck and I noticed when she walked out from my office, her face was full with lovely sweet smile. I felt that this is the best thing to do i.e. to give the 'confident' back to a person and luckily her bazi told me that. The happiness that I gained is not money can buy.

b) A young man called me for help in the feng shui of his newly bought house and he told me that I have a good reputation in helping people. Am I? I guess so...... HAPPY

c) I met a lady police assistant superintendent. To my surprise, she is such a nice humble lady.


Thursday, April 17, 2008


我在三月二十日在这部落格说阿都拉坐错位! 他在内阁的大合照里坐在白虎位. 白虎位将犯小人. 他让纳吉坐青龙位. 青龙位就是较好的当权位. 那是不是代表他将让位给纳吉呢? 其实他的八字现在正走入另一个十年大运, 可惜的是那正是'伤官'运呀!请问他的官将会做多久呢?
其实当我看安华的八字时, 我也感到惊讶! 他的八字告诉我他什么时候当权(做副首相兼财长), 什么时候伤官(倒下来). One word to describe AMAZING!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am very busy recently.

I am very busy recently but I am delighted to be able to help friends with my knowlegde in the oriental astrology. Happy to see a very overwhelming responce from those friends that called me / came to see me for help. Thanks for their trusts and I would continue to try my best. I have assisted friends from the above organisations......

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Abdullah Badawi

I have completed the calculation of our YAB Dato Sri Abdullah Badawi's 6zi but my friends warned me from publishing it as it is a sensitive issue. Ok lah......wishing him all the best!