Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's Voice

Finally, I managed to finish my long overdue backlogs before I go to Hong Kong for feng shui consultation. I am glad that I was able to provide guidance to a desperate wife in Singapore who is encountering marital problem. Though, I always wanted to update my blog but could not found time. I wish to have 48 hours a day!

Again, I want to talk about Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s voice is wonderful but he has a feminine voice. The life for a man who has a feminine voice will be more challenging…
Here is an excerpt that I have taken from my book:-
A man should have a masculine voice and a lady should have a feminine voice. If it goes the other way round, then the luck of the person will be more challenging. For instance, the late singer, Anita Mui and the famous actress, Cecilia Cheung both have masculine voices!

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