Friday, June 11, 2010

Who killed the son of Loh Boon Siew and the grandson of Yeap Chor Ee?

Figure 1
I have been to the Skyhome and Miami Green at Tanjung Bunga for feng shui audits last month. When I passed by the bungalows of the late tycoons Loh Boon Siew and Yeap Chor Ee, it reminded me of the tragedies that happened to both the son and the grandson of the late tycoons. The son of late Loh Boon Siew was killed in the bungalow and the grandson of Yeap Chor Ee was shot dead when he was on his way to his office. Correct me if I m wrong as both the incidents had happened many years ago. Could the feng shui play a role in these cases?

As what have mentioned in my book, "How to enhance your wealth with feng shui?", it is in fact not a good idea to have your house located at the area of the 反弓水 bend bow water. Scientifically and logically, if the driver of a rapid moving vehicle will to lose control, the vehicle will hit into the direction of the 'bad' area in the figure 1 and not the 'good' area, isn't it?


Kean Lim said...

It is indeed very sad to listen their death because of bad Feng Shui upon their residence. If they were to be aware of Feng Shui at that time, they may still alive today.

This article does not only tell us one of the reasons of their death, but also teach us a moral value of being vigilant of Feng Shui negatives.

Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This enter helped me in my school assignment. Thanks Alot